10 NEW Games of June 2021 To Look Forward To [PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Switch, PC]

After a fairly packed May, June offers even more big releases, from exclusives to exciting new IPs. All eyes may be on E3 2021 and what the future holds but in the coming weeks, these 10 games will be worth checking out. Without further ado, let’s get into each one.

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  1. It’s wreckfest ps5 june 1st for me June 11 ratchet and clank June 18th 4 new ps5 controllers and metro and June 25th Alex the kidd on my ps5 and series x 🙌

    1. sony direct is the way to go and u can thank apple who amongst the chip shortage, decided to buy up everything. add to this that scalpers are about to go crazy for the switch pro and there is going to be furthering console drought. And GPU drought.

    2. @Dariyan Valentine name the last time any big console that’s new stayed in stock when it first came out…. don’t worry, I’ll wait..

      Funny how there’s ALWAYS some sort of issue with something. 🙄

  2. Who writes these and why do they seem to only have a passing knowledge of what they are talking about? «Dark Alliance makes its return, but this time as a Dungeons and Dragons title». It was always a Dungeons and Dragons title. It’s Forgotten Realms instead of Baldur’s Gate. But both of those fall under the D&D umbrella.

    And, if Ratchet and Clank are traveling between dimensions, what makes you think that they go into the future instead of just another dimension with a competent villain?

    1. Because they are a knockoff channel that takes notes from everyone else without doing any research themselves on the things they cover hence their lack of knowledge

  3. not to be that guy, but dark alliance was always a dnd title, believe it was under forgotten realms before. which is dnd- since adnd.

  4. so no good games got it I guess I’ll just sell my xbox series x what a waste of money just to play old games and have to wait years for any good games to come out this really sucks…o well I knew this day was coming the good old days of good fun games from 360 ps3 era are gone they should of just waited on releasing the ps5 and xsx.

  5. Must have been desperate to get a list of 10 games. That Green Hell game, you can tell just by looking that it’s absolute garbage. Look at the detail of the guy’s hands…. that’s right, there is none.

  6. So basically no game are releasing in June these all are shits and waste of time don’t even bother when the real men games are coming probably towards end of the year

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