5 of the Worst Xbox Games You Must See to Believe

While the Xbox had some amazing games, it also had some truly terrible ones as well. In todays video, I take a look at some of the worst games on its library of all time. What are your picks? Comment below and thank you for watching!
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Games shown in this order 00:00
Aquaman Battle for Atlantis 0:55
Kabuki Warriors 2:40
Pulse Racer 4:31
Stake Fortune Fighters 6:19
Drake of the 99 Dragons 7:45

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73 ответа к «5 of the Worst Xbox Games You Must See to Believe»

    1. that game is hilarious because almost everything about it is so horrible and cheap but the sound design is great. if you close your eyes you can pretend you’re playing a real game

  1. i so love the og Microsoft Xbox hands down. but my first console and 2nd fav console is the Nintendo entertainment system (thanks mom rip) what about S.R.S. street racing syndicate? it was originally was for the 3DO i think i read some where a few years ago but it finally made it to the Xbox and triggerman. one of the first releases for the og xbox. i thought it was suppose to be for the N64 but it got pushed back past to other makers or something and it finally ended up on the xbox. do you own all the NTSC xbox games? im trying to go for a full set and maybe the PAL and AUS (yes ik its technically PAL) and NTSC-J but i always find it hard to find the NTSC-J console for at least a decent price and i cant read nor speak japanese. ive always wanted a mountain dew xbox. i should of bought mine a few years ago. just wish i had the shell then stuck in a working black one. arent ppl still making homebrews for the og xbox? i find a sit but havent looked. hugs love and bee safe 😀

  2. I’d like to think that all published and sold games were developed with some level of professionalism on whatever angle. I always see what THEY WERE TRYING TO DO with certain games. Time restraints is always a factor

  3. A game I remember buying only because of the awesome cover. It was so cool looking to me as a15 year old. Could not wait to play it. Then I played it. Rage quit and couldn’t wait to get back up to funcoland to trade it in was «Trigger Man».. I think that might be the definition of shovelware trash.

  4. trigger man is worse than any of these, it’s actually insane that game got shipped

    a personal pick for me would be metal dungeon, even though it’s not TECHNICALLY the most horrible game on the system it is horrible. a turn based rpg where your characters take your commands as light suggestions. when i was a kid the guy at gamestop talked me into buying metal dungeon instead of morrowind and i will never forgive him. it was so bad i actually cried when i got home and started playing it

  5. So I didn’t invest in an Xbox (I chose the Gamecube initially between the three and then much later a PS2) but I did pay plenty of attention to it and the one game that was surprisingly poor, based on the games that it was attempting to emulate, was Blinx. How the game could be so slow and with that poor of play mechanics given the 3D mascot-platformer and how to make them had become so well established was hard to believe, especially since the Xbox had the most horsepower of the three consoles at that time. No excuse for it to be that bad or for it to be released in that condition.

  6. One of the worst OGX games I’ve ever played is Dinotopia! The design is horrible, action is wonky, camera sucks. All around drizzling shits

  7. That hat! 🤩 Great video, John. Aquaman has many issues but when I first played it I loves the all-angles feel of action. It certainly has its issues but still remains a fun memory.

  8. In no particular order
    1. Batman: Dark Tomorrow,
    2. Bad Boys: Miami Takedown / Bad Boys II
    3. Torino 2006
    4. Antz Extreme Racing
    5. Shrek Super Party

  9. Great Vid!
    Suggestion: Best original Xbox budget games. (Maybe you already have done a video) games that were released at $20 that were worth playing and fun. I could see my list starting with something like Starsky and Hutch and ending with the obvious NFL 2K5. 👍🎮

  10. After a few of these top 5 worst lists, which I do enjoy , I’m done hearing button masher. There are more adjectives to describe a game.

  11. In one review of Kabuki Warriors, the reviewer stated that the A.I. was so bad, he won one match just by bashing the controller on his ass. Yikes.

  12. I was hoping you would talk about Stake and you did lol! I bought it for few bucks about 3 months ago. I was like how bad could it be…..well.

  13. Aquaman really sucks.Pulse Racer probably too, but I would like to pick up this one, just for guilty pleasure. The other games in this collection look pretty interesting. Especially Stake Fortune Fighters. Is this game really that bad…???

  14. First time I’ve seen Pulse Racers mentioned anywhere. That has to be the worst racing game I’ve ever played period. It’s bad when a licensed Burger King racing game is a lot more fun to play

  15. Full spectrum warrior is a really good tactical military sim xbox title. It can be played now on the xbox one and series s/x too, even with the original disc.

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