60FNL Phil Spencer Says Call of Duty Won’t Be Xbox Exclusive. Should PlayStation PS5 Fans Trust Him?

Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox offically stated on his twitter account that after speaking with Sony, he reassured them that Call of Duty will not be taking away from Playstation gamers.

The question is as a Playstation fan and even more, the Call of Duty fans, can Phil Spencer be trusted with not taking this high profile IP and not make it an Xbox/PC only exclusive?

Check the video out and here my thoughts on why I don’t beleive him.

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103 ответа к «60FNL Phil Spencer Says Call of Duty Won’t Be Xbox Exclusive. Should PlayStation PS5 Fans Trust Him?»

  1. dont give a crap about phill he is layer
    and 36% of the pc gamers left cod with there last year game and this game to is not that exiting
    if phill make it xbox exclusive then they will lose all the ps4 users and then who will play cod only few xbots and cod will compete with there own halo and other fps games so cod will be dead in few years
    but sony is working on some fps games i hope they will make something good that can compete with cod battlefield ext etx and put it on pc and all the consoles to make it big banger across the market

    1. @Styxx19 forza horizon 88 meta pc halo even less then so so is psycounuts lol all flops and pc gamers already stopped playing those games after a week.
      so have the xbots they dont play halo forza anymore they playing apex legends cod battelfield ext ext clown.
      GOD of was pc& ps4 93
      demon souls 93
      and xbox making gunk like crap games lol
      and halo that look like xbox 360 game
      helbalde is fk downgrade first helblade look better cos sony funded it.
      redfall look like shit to
      xbox have no talent in making games thats why they fk last place you xfool

    2. @Rinku Multani Lmao Why would I use the PC version which has a lower score? We use what has the most reviews you pathetic Sony virgin, sorry that Playstation games are low rated flops like Rec-turnal and Ratshit and Clank, blame Sony for not having talented studios LOL

    3. @Styxx19 pc gamers are the smarter games then xbots and get realistic meta critics scores.
      by the way user score for forza halo is lower then 60 😂🤣😂🤣
      so halo getting user game of the year is just fake they only gave it to halo cos xbots might have killed them self for xbox didnt get any awards yet again this generation lol
      if user score is lower then 60 then how could they give it a game of the year based on most desired game lol ‘
      get the fk out of my face you loser with loser brand xbox for life

    4. @Rinku Multani Halo’s user score is 8.5 can’t say the same for TLOU2 which is a 5/10 LOL You lose the argument virgin, PS5 has no good games, no wonder Sony is nearly bankrupt LOOOOOL

  2. As a Playstation gamer whoi enjoys Call of Duty, do you trust Phil Spencer? Do you plan to leave Playstation altogether or will you now get a Xbox to ensure you always have access to COD? Ofcourse assuming you don’t already have a gaming PC.

    1. Excellent commentary as usual PuertoRock! Would be so cool to see what exactly that Sony CoD contract states. Msft will use whatever legal wiggle room while under contract to lure players to their platform. I think they’ll make future(post contract) decisions beaded on how the usurping is going. If they manage all this right then Sony could lose a massive chunk of cash and playerbase. This would affect everyone on PlayStation that enjoys first party and their subscriptions. Glad you’re emphasizing how gradual and slow this long game is. Thanos may have found the final infinity stone.

    2. I trust his words. He said he’s respecting existing contracts so once a COD game comes out that Sony doesn’t have a contract with then that’s when we will see it become exclusive. He didn’t say COD will not be exclusive, he simply stated he will respect 3rd party contracts already made.

    3. To be real im just talking mess to fanboys on both sides lol,I think Sony will be just fine for a good .sony imo has the best games and I will always own one but I like bethesda games so I’m gonna get a pc or xbkx to fill that need.i have no choice now so it is what it is ya kbow

    4. I stopped playing cod before cod ghosts. I played a couple or far cry and ghost recon after that. Playstation has from soft exclusives and new /fresh games like returnal with good gameplay.

  3. Sony has multiple years contracts with Activition. Phil Spencer has nothing to do with that deal and can’t do anything about it.

    COD will be on PlayStation for the rest of the generation. Who cares what happens after that honestly. That’s so far away.

    1. @Styxx19 nobody wants a series S, CoD is dead just like Halo, we have actual new games to look forward to you have copy and pasted 💩 to look forward too.

    1. Activision is no longer in charge. Xbox owns them therefore they are now part of Phil Spencer’s vision for Gamepass and Xbox ecosystem. Xbox bought Activision, Activision didn’t buy Xbox.

    1. @Puertorock 77 nahhh think More gamepass, they dont care about the console anymore, if they did cod would be exclusive to move console sales, he already said cod Is going ti be on Playstation.

    2. @Puertorock 77 you have to stay above the bullshit P.Rock! I’m kind of ashamed at some fellow Sony users who just don’t see the bigger picture that’s forming. Lots of silly narratives

  4. Xbox gets away with not reporting sales and revenue to shareholders because no one gave a shit.

    70 billion dollars later you bet your arse they will have to report and be accountable for making healthy money

  5. “It doesn’t make sense for it to stay on PlayStation.”

    Please don’t get brainwashed into this anti consumer buyout. Of course it makes sense to stay on PlayStation. It’s been on the platform for decades. F*** MS.

    1. Not when the priority is Gamepass and the Xbox ecosystem. Phil has a vision and Playstation is not part of his vision unless Sony allows gamepass to be on Playstation.

    2. @Puertorock 77 Sony will never allow GP on PlayStation. They have their own services to build and sell.

      Remember that even if the deal goes trough, MS will still be watched by the FTC and DOJ for any monopolization practices. They can’t not let a multiplatform money making game like COD be on PlayStation because Sony doesn’t want GP on their platform.

      The Activision purchase is not the same as any other like Bethesda. It’s way bigger than that. It was all over the news. The head of the FTC was even talking about it.

      That tweet from Phil Spencer wasn’t for us gamers. It was for the FTC and DOJ to try and calm the investigation that’s going to be happening all year and next.

    3. @Sankofa Afari I know Sony won’t allow Gamepass on PlayStation therefore PlayStation is not part of Phil Spencer’s Vision. We don’t know what degree of involvement FTC is going to have or what they are concerned about. It’s probably bigger than just COD. But right there is one fact, if MS ends up buying Activision they MS controls what Activision does. All these studios are aligned for the goal to pushed Gamepass and Xbox ecosystem.

  6. I think they’re going 3rd party. I don’t think COD will be exclusive. I agree Phil has an obligation to grow the ecosystem but the ecosystem is not Xbox anymore, it’s Gamepass. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to push Gamepass on PS in a couple of years.

  7. Yo puertorock have you see Dustin video on Sony acquisition vs Microsoft acquisition today the cap that Dustin dude was talking about was crazy 😂🤨

    1. Dustin is a pc elitist who only cares about Sony doing day and date pc release. Evrything that’s not dayNdate then he’ll dump on Sony. His audience are gaslighting clowns just like him.

    2. @Puertorock 77 bro you got to Watch it the cap is hilarious and the Xbox fans in the comment section Believe in what he said is the crazy part 🤣

  8. Of course they won’t…..until the contract ends. Probably Warzone stays multiplat but MSFT will do what they can while under contract with Sony until that ends in 2025. Msft will adapt their strategy according to how things go in a few years time. It’s just crazy the power they have with all this new ip. Phil would love to slowly leech PSN users away

  9. You’re never supposed to trust any executive because their sole purpose is to make money and will tell you what you want to hear to get into your pockets.

    However with his statement when have you ever heard him say shit like this publicly. He never said this about Bethesda, besides the Deathloop & Ghostwire Tokyo deal. Everything else is exclusive go Xbox/PC. I think he’ll take it away and it’s right since they will own it. Don’t really play it anymore but To be honest I’m more interested in Crash

  10. I say at best it’s 5 to 10 million call of duty fans will leave PlayStation for Xbox the rest of them will either get an Xbox series console as there secondary or have a PC and now going forward I can see EA pushing battlefield heavily on the PlayStation console when Microsoft make call of duty exclusive after the contract end. I can see another company coming along and making a bigger more popular FPS shooter when call of duty go exclusive to Xbox you wonder how. Look at how fortnite got big on PlayStation cuz pubg battleground was exclusive to Xbox and on PC and that left a opening on PlayStation for players who wanted a battle Royal and don’t have another console so they all hopped on fortnite when it came to PlayStation the same day as Xbox the Xbox fans didn’t play it cuz they had pubg which was popular at the time and that what caused fortnite to become super popular because PlayStation had the bigger install base so it left PlayStation fans with only fortnite as the only playable option for Battle Royale on the console so the same thing going to happen here another company will make a new FPS that will take call of duty place if it goes exclusive cuz PlayStation yes fans will play battlefield until a new FPS comes along and they’re all jump on It which in turn will cause it to become a super big franchise

  11. I wouldn’t trust him. I know COD is a big deal but the playstation store still has 1500 more games than what’s available on xbox. There are other games to play if you cant afford another console or PC

  12. I say about 2025 I will not be surprised if game pass is already pre-installed as a TV app cuz Microsoft is in talks with TV manufacturers which in turn would make people only need of PlayStation or PC or Nintendo switches cuz no point in getting a Xbox console Cubs game pass is everywhere already only thing left is TVs after that no point to the Xbox console itself

  13. I’ve heard a rumor around the COD community that this year is the last one for Warzone. After that they’ll rebrand the game under a new title so that they don’t have any obligation to port over any old bundles from the previous games and start a new «warzone» whatever it’s gonna be called.

  14. Activision was bought by Microsoft. You know Microsoft was ready to get rid of Xbox. They all about the money and see how much of a failure gamepass is. They not taking it off Playstation. It’s been out since 2017.. Steam is younger and already had more subs. $70 a pop compared to $15 a month come on rock stop it.

  15. End game: Activision Blizzard’s entire future catalog will be withheld from PS users unless Sony allows Game Pass on PSN. Microsoft aren’t nice guys saving Activision Blizzard from their own bad top level management; Microsoft are creating a future where they can lock Sony out of the multiplat market.

    If you listen closely to Spencer’s words, he leaves that future completely open, and also, nobody cares when he says A one day and B the next, so he can lie outright and it won’t matter.

  16. Fuck COD! all i care about is Factions 2 MP wise and Horizon Forbidden West is coming next month plus i sick to fucking death of hearing about Activision blizzard talk its too toxic to talk about. Horizon is on my mind lately plus im mainly a single player gamer for the most part.

  17. It’s gonna be a fade-out like with Bethesda’s PS5 games. $70bn to play patty cakes? No, not even Microsoft would do that. $70bn represents full commitment to an act of extreme aggression

  18. To approve the purchase through the Federal Trade commission. This information will become public. I’m going to guess they won’t be allowed to make the purchase unless they keep it multiplat due to Anti-Monopoly laws.

    1. @OnYourKillList That’s exactly how it works, and that’s why Microsoft has curbstomped every Anti-trust lawsuit that’s ever came their way. But I can tell you work in fast food and clean toilets for a living, don’t talk again until you earn your GED chump

    2. @OnYourKillList Lmao you can’t even give a decent argument so you just name call, sorry you lose virgin, Sony will be gone by 2025, good riddance, glad Phil put them into the ground where they belong

    3. Playstation will still be a bigger gaming company than Xbox even after the deal, no mention of monopoly when they purchased 5 studios last year and were significantly bigger than Xbox without Activision also Tencent is a bigger gaming company than both Playstation and Xbox combined and they bought a ton of studios last year, again no monopoly talk.

  19. I trust Phil Spencer as much as I trust Jim Ryan lol, their loyal to the corporation not to gaming, if cod stays on ps great if it doesn’t i got a series x m8 I will buy a gamepass ultimate card and play it there, but I ain’t giving xbox my card details ever

    1. lol, it was Playstation that had the massive data breach with millions of subscribers details leaked some years ago and the PS5 has already been hacked.

  20. I’m inclined to agree, but this purchase is much more expensive then buying Bethesda. Putting COD on gamepass would lose them a ton of money without the garuntee that it would drive subscriptions enough to cover that lose, so why do it. Even Phil Spencer’s tweet after Sony’s was unusual showing that both are treating it differently. We’ll see.

  21. I think COD is sound on Ps until and if GP becomes the number 1 place to play. My opinion is Xbox will try growing GP to the point it is number 1 in the industry and if they did do that then once it started making business sense then they will flip. 1st Xbox gamers will get maps 1st and all free DLC content 1st in the hope that brings casuals over, plus all the exclusives Games day1 on GP, from all Bethesda Studio’s and all other studios that XB own and then, if they can get the service to where its got enough gamers subscribed to where it makes sense then that is when it will go exclusive. So in my opinion its safe now but Ps can neva say that Xbox will neva take it from their platform. We will see.

  22. Exactly, what Phil said was we don’t intend to take away call of duty on playstation yes he means the existing COD games and updates, onligations and contracts, he never said every future game will be released on playstation. People don’t understand corporate speak

  23. Phil said EXISTING CONTRACTS.Prock it’s time to invest in a pc like me big dog.we won all the battles but it looks like Microsoft won the war.they took like 10 games from us all together and Sonys biggest money maker.

    1. They won’t, even if MS bought EA and Take 2 along with Acti they would pass and get approved easily. Because even then they wouldn’t control more than 35% of the market because of mobile owning 65%

  24. You can’t trust any executive but essentially Phil Spencer he one of the most dishonest people I came across he says exclusives are bad for years but yet Xbox actions as of late constricted what he claimed they buying the industry to fill gamepass and to remove it from the competition sure they make the claims we’re not taking it from playstation but as you said they have contracts to fulfill its only a limited time and likely they drag development to skirt around the contracts so they can get away with releasing as little as possible on playstation.

  25. I say left Xbox have it for exclusive and take it off PS it’s way too much of a distraction. That way Sony will be forced to bring out brand new fresh IPS or old ones just sitting in the closet.

  26. The way how I read that tweet from Phil Spencer was that MS will respect contractual obligations, so we will see Call of Duty games on PlayStation, but also Phil Spencer followed the tweet by saying something along the lines of “and I desire CoD to be on PlayStation”. To me that means CoD outside of contractual obligations because it was followed by “and”. If it was only due to contractual obligations he wouldn’t have put the “and” there.

    Nothing is for certain though and even if we say I’m right. MS and Sony will have to hold more talks on terms and conditions i.e MS will require all CoD PlayStation users to sign up to a MS account

  27. I don’t particularly trust Spencer…but then again, I never took whatever he says at face value. People say he is a gamer, but he is a pure suit…

    The thing is the Anti-trust laws, the DOC/whatever part of the US/EU gov that are looking into it (you know, they HAVE to PERMIT this to happen, if not it a big no no…) are really looking into this one…last year they didn’t let Nvidia acquire ARM…and it was way less money than this one…this was a pure monopolistic move and anyone incapable of seeing it, should really read what moves MS made to get them to be a 2,3 trillion dollar company…and how it nearly kicked them in the ass in the 90s…

    People REALLY are forgetting that this deal is NOT YET DONE. While I completely believe the US gov will let his pass, I also KNOW FOR SURE that there are hundreds of lawyers salivating to have ANOTHER go at MS and its monopolistic ways…and they’ll keep watching for ANY attempt (even and especially after the deal is finalized) to use its monetary power and influence in the attempt of weakening their competition in any way that isn’t legal. Monopolies are, amazingly enough, illegal all around the world…

    And, to end this, Sony does have contracts with Activision that will last another 3-5 years (rumors say they did get, at least, 10 years guaranteed with the launch promotions and such)…time enough to Sony to really plan to do whatever they can to remediate this POS anti-industry move made by MS.

    Personally, I never cared about Activision…and Blizzard died to me about 10 years ago…so fuck it. I care more about how this may be the begging of the end of the industry than a supposed win for the team ‘I’m going to brag about a trillion dollar company buying another multibillion company so that they can take away multi-platform games from another multibillion company because I NEED that type of reassurance because my ego is so fragile I need that kind of win to feel superior to other people’… it’s truly pathetic.

    1. Just so you know, even with this deal Xbox is a million miles from a monopoly, they will own about 10% of the gaming industry and Playstation will still be a slightly larger gaming company with about 11% because of the 5 studios they acquired last year (with no mention of a monopoly of course) and then Tencent is bigger than both Playstation and Xbox combined with about 30% market share.

  28. Phil is excellence liar. He make it sound like it’s true. But it’s not. It’s call half true and half lie. That’s why the journalist love him. I wouldnt believe anything Phil said.

  29. I think it depends on how much the development cost of future CODs will be. COD will now be made for a subscription service day 1 which will SIGNIFICANTLY cut initial revenue. If they cut back dev cost & marketing, it will be exclusive

  30. Playstation will have COD but will not have the marketing rights. At the end of the day..Money Got to Be Made. But I think Sony should make a multi-player game where they can generate money like destiny or cod war zone. Singleplayer games are awesome but they are not generating money like cod, fortnite etc.

  31. I see some Playstation fans going into panic mode when microsoft dropped the news about Activision. I HAVE NO WORRIES WHATSOEVER. They are going to get it together. So whoever in panic mode….Chill out lol

  32. I don’t think COD is going to stay annual anymore after Microsoft takes over….remember COD use to be a respect QUALTIY game and in the last 10 years not so much. Yeah a few bangers like Advanced Warfare and Modern Warfare 2019 but overall the quality has gone down. MS is going to want the series to be top tier again in the FPS space not just in popularity but in terms of quality

  33. This is my problem with Microsoft, instead of creating new and innovative games to lure us to buying xbox. There tactic has become to force us over there by buying up everything. I could care less about cod, or any ip Activision has to offer but I fuck with Bethesda heavy. So I’ve no choice but to buy an xbox. I shouldn’t feel forced I should want to buy one.

  34. As a playstation fan, I genuinely want Xbox to take Call of Duty away.

    1- PlayStation doesn’t need CoD and it’s about time that all of these people get a reminder of exactly who is the King of gaming.
    2- It’s also about time that all those who «only play CoD» on PS have a reason to see that gaming is bigger than just Call of Duty.
    3- It’s doubtful that they would take away CoD Warzone anyway.
    4- We PS have been begging Xbox to do something, anything to be even remotely competitive. Well, this is them trying. I don’t want it done halfway. Take all these studios. Make every game exclusive to Xbox. Watch PS get even better.

    PlayStation is a Diamond that only becomes more refined the higher the pressure. So, turn that shit up Xbox.

    P.S. Also, I find it laughable that people think Xbox has the skill to manage all these studios. They couldn’t put out a good Halo, why do we think they’d put out a CoD we’d even want on PS?

  35. im sticking with ps5 regardless been with them day 1 and still be with them all this way if there no more cod of game for playstation then i will off load all my cod crash as well sypro done that with wolfenstein doom evil with in glad i never got into sky rim or elder scrolls done away with those other games sold them off

  36. I agree, at a certain point there will be a cutoff with COD being on PS5. XBOX played well with slowly shifting more normies to gamepass by getting their hands on COD.

  37. Phil confirmed that EXISTING under contract will remain on PS but he said that it is his «desire» that future titles will remain also on PS.
    Come on, «desire»? Desire can come and go.
    Here are my two cents:
    1. Sony can maybe lock Counter-Strike and then improve/remake/remaster it
    2. Isn’t Sony working with Deviation games on a multiplayer IP?
    3. If Sony can make a multiplayer game , and that is pure luck , that will attract millions of players to play it, they can close the hole they need to fill

  38. As a PS fan I would like Sony to fund Deviation Games 100 million or more if needed to make a mew fps cod like game. COD is not my main reason of having PS5. Last COD I bought is MW2019. Looking forward to MW2 this year. But if COD is going to be a XB exclusive, then it better be😂 Probably Sony can come with a better fps military game. That’s what competition does. At the end of the day we all are winners 😁

  39. I heard sony had gotten a 5 to 10 year deal for cod, so in 2023 or 2024 if the acquisition gets approved, then we’ll see what happens but I personally don’t think cod will be an annual release anymore. I hope Sony continues to do what they do best..it’s what got them to number 1

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