85% OFF Xbox Games! | Far Cry 5, Football Manager 2021, Overwatch + MORE | Deals of the Week

Looking for something to do between football matches this summer? Need something to play with your friends and family this week? Well check out the Xbox deals of the week, where there’s huge discounts on some of the best Xbox games!

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41 ответ к «85% OFF Xbox Games! | Far Cry 5, Football Manager 2021, Overwatch + MORE | Deals of the Week»

    1. @D L nice. That’s why I’m trying it out to find my sweet spot lol haven’t had enough time or games to feel it out. But I really don’t like the hit from losing native either. Always happy to see someone else get a Series X👍🏾

    2. @LonghornsLegend True👍 And to be fully honest.. I don’t think the Series X is really meant to be a 120Hz console tho. Look for example at AC valhalla it’s [email protected] sometimes a bit higher res.. but that’s a game at the beginning of this console generation. 120Hz sadly won’t be a very realistic option for newer games I’m afraid, especially not at native 4K. So I’m also not trying to get used to it to much lol

  1. Man I really need to get myself a Xbox Series X, my Xbone is really starting to show its age, opening FH4 takes just so much time on it smh

  2. Still uncomfortable buying Ubispft products up after the mountain of sexual assault and harassment issues. Not really comfortable giving them any money at the minute.

  3. I personally really want resident evil 3 remake to go on sale.
    I wanna try the game but I can’t justify paying full price for something that’s just glorified DLC

    1. It goes on sale all the time. And if played as intended, you’ll get more than 15-20 hours out of it. That’s more than I can say for most full priced games out there. And quite frankly well more than any «glorified DLC.»

    2. @Daniel Booke sorry bud went based off of pretty much every reviewer I watched and they all said It was really short, able to beat in a single sitting.
      So to me a game like that isn’t worth 80$
      If im wrong, then im wrong my comment wasn’t based on my experience but pretty much every reviwerer I seen do a review on it.
      Do i still wanna play it?
      Yes just not at full price.

    3. @Forget your Vanity Well again, it goes on sale all the time. It’s sub $20 on the regular. It also was never $80, new it released at $60. And yes, you can beat it in one sitting, but beating it isn’t completing it. Like any other resident evil game since 4, it is meant to be replayed a few times. I bought it at $60 new on release day and took me well over 30 hours to 100% the achievements. I thought the game was great. But if you’re going into it with that mentality it’s not even going to be worth $5 with those expectations 🤷‍♂️

    4. @Daniel Booke sorry man I’m Canadian our games are never 60$
      Always 80$
      But I get what you mean lol
      I loved re 2 remake and re 7
      But my style of playing is usually just 2 playthroughs at most and I’m done (mind you I play long rpgs most the time)
      And I personally haven’t seen it on sale and if it is its usually 50$
      Where honestly at most I’m looking for a 20-40 price tag.

      But ill take your word on the 30 hour playtime
      I can admit if im wrong because I’m going based on what reviewers have said and not my own experience.
      Like I’m not afraid to put money down on a game I’ve done it before but again and not trying to argue
      Go and search up any review for re3 remake almost everyone says it’s not worth full price and feels more like re2 dlc
      Note why I said «glorified dlc»

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