9 Xbox Games PERFECT With Headphones

Some Xbox games look great, but all those beautiful graphics work even better with great sound design.

So in this video, we run through 9 amazing Xbox games that have crystal clear sound design and would be perfect with a good pair of headphones – like the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Headphones or the Xbox Wireless Headset!

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24 ответа к «9 Xbox Games PERFECT With Headphones»

  1. Warzone perfect sound design??? 😂😂😂

    Yeah, this video (despite just being an advert for the Bang & Olufsen headphones) almost stood up until that point. Then it lost all credibility.

  2. Both Ori games excel for me, both sound and musical scores. Any Assassin’s Creed Game, HALO Series, Final Fantasy………oh there are just so so much for sound and musical delights with a good headset, rediscovering so many of these thanks to the DOLBY ATMOS on my Xbox Wireless Headset…oof so good.

  3. Waiting for the Doom Eternal Series X/S optimized patch and to get the Xbox Wireless headset! I spent $500 preordering Series X and so happy!

  4. Haven’t played RE:Village but RE 2 Remake has some good audio design. Personally I would place Senua on its own pedestal because it’s audio experience unlike any other.

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