Adam Conover Says XBOX Buying Pubs WILL HARM GAMING!

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135 ответов к «Adam Conover Says XBOX Buying Pubs WILL HARM GAMING!»

  1. If you look at Microsoft historically and how they have handled competition on the Windows side. Microsoft saved Apple, because competition is healthy.

    Quote from CNBC

    “Steve Jobs and Bill Gates’ rivalrous friendship is the stuff of tech lore. The most poignant moment of that fraught relationship happened 20 years ago. In August of 1997, Gates stepped in and saved Apple, which, at the time, was on the brink of bankruptcy.

    “Bill, thank you. The world’s a better place,” Jobs told Gates after the Microsoft exec agreed to make a $150 million investment in Apple.”

    1. @NorthernDragon Windows wasn’t based on MacOS, only some UI elements had similarities. And it’s not stealing if you have licenses for it.

    2. @NorthernDragon They had no base to sue Microsoft.

      Quote from Thomson Reuters.

      “Apple’s legal team didn’t catch the fact that the agreement was written to license the use of Apple features in Windows 1.0 and all future Microsoft software programs.”

  2. Literally nobody has Said im watching squid games for Free tonight on Netflix.. you want to always tell us about falling for the marketing and yet here you are falling for their marketing hook line and sinker…. Its not free.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better Jaffe (not that I should be saying anything of the sort) gaming isn’t automotive where there are rules to how the product has to arrive to the consumer (maybe they should have a minimum standard) but that’s part of the excitement looking out for the strange the wonderful the unexpected great vid as always love ya Jafs

  4. Amazon, Google and Facebook…. the Big-tech Boogiemen! An excuse MSFT is using to do whatever the fuck they like….. ‘oh, it’s better if we buy them and ‘protect them’ from those other companies’…… how gullible are you lot??

    1. Are you claiming Xbox doesn’t do timed or third party exclusives? Because then you’re ignorant if you don’t or just hypocritical if you did. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. @TheLarry You fool no one, it’s only becouse Sony can’t buy as big as MS that they aren’t. And yes locking out somebody from games is a Sony speciality and now they get a taste of their own medicine buy a far richer company. It’s competition and it’s a good thing for consumers. Then again you might think it’s consumer friendly to buy a game for 70$ and probably 80$ within a year or two. I say good riddence to that practice, each to their own I guess.

    1. It’s pretty funny when Xbox started this gen screaming monopoly and anti consumer at Sony for a stupid Spider-Man dlc. Now they pretend what Microsoft is doing is not a monopoly.Hypocrisy is on another level. 😂😂😂

    1. @dannonyogurt98 Yeah, and the fact that Starbucks and Amazon destroyed thousands of quality small family businesses that took decades of passion to build is ok because we still have coffee, books and stuff…

    2. @Luka Stemberger I literally have more independent coffee shops than Starbucks around me by a high margin because they make better, cheaper, coffee. Amazon isn’t exactly a good example either because they literally are the largest in their market area. Xbox isn’t the largest even after the Activision purchase. Yes monopolies are bad but Xbox is still far from it. Unlike operating systems or online distribution networks, which can require billions of dollars, the bar for entry into coffee shops and games are relatively low.

    3. @dannonyogurt98 You’re missing the point. Yes, there will always be smaller coffee shops, but what Starbucks did when they arrived to the market is, they would make coffee shops on every street corner and had prices that would undercut all the competition in the area and operated at a huge loss until the small coffee shops couldn’t handle it and had to close. Then when they achieved market domination, they increased prices and now they’re pretty much holding monopoly with their locations. Your area might be an exception, but the point is still valid. And they started doing that, obviously they didn’t already have monopoly, they just used their money to achieve it. Same as what Microsoft is doing with their Windows money.
      There are also thousands upon thousands of online and brick and mortar businesses that had to shut down because they couldn’t handle the prices Amazon was able to achieve while losing money to make them shut down. You can find so many stories of that online… And Google how many years Amazon had to work in the red just to get rid of the competition. That’s what monopoly is, pressuring the market with unfair advantages.

    4. 10.7% is not a monopoly and people need to stop this bullshit. If you aren’t willing to talk about the Embracer group who owns nearly 80 gaming studios, then you don’t get to bitch about MS and their 32.

  5. Sony been buying games companies for years 6/7 in the last year, MS buy a bunch of game companies and it’s a monopoly or their trying to corner to the market. For the uneducated you can buy all of MS games on Steam or the Xbox store they are not locked into game pass. Out of interest how many more companies would Sony have to buy in a year for the same concerns to come up?

    Ms as a gaming department made 16 billion last year it did not loose money, it’s elegal for MS to lie to shareholders.

    1. @The Don Playz You act as if timed exclusives were invented by Playstation, lol. They have been around since the early Atari days. But Xbox brought them back to life after a long drought when they weren’t as common any more. They can’t manage their own studios to save their life, so they open their endless pockets which is fair game but far less impressive rather than building relationships on their own. I was actually pretty impressed with them in 2017 or 18 when they bought Playground, Undead Labs etc. This is how you build an identity. With studios that you’ve closely cooperated with. That capture an Xbox DNA because of the games they built for that machine. That doesn’t stop me from playing Xbox when I like a game of course but it is far less impressive and respectable than what Nintendo and Playstation have pulled off.

    2. @DerJoltinJoe Atari technically started but Sony was the one who started gate keeping big ips. You said Xbox was the one who started gate keeping ips did you not? now you trying back peddle, Lol🤦🏾‍♂️ what drought? Did you want the 360 to die, They had a point to prove PlayStation was already a household name, Sony locked down couple GTA games for the PS2 they literally started gate keeping big ips. third party ports were trash on the PS3 who would do timed exclusives on a clearly inferior console like think😂

      Xbox made , The initiative, 343, worlds edge,The coalition and turn 10 from the ground up. Xbox published ninja theory first game they made bleeding edge for xbox. Obsidian worked on couple project for Xbox that was cancelled, elder scrolls Oblivion was a timed exclusive, Morrowind was a Xbox timed exclusive. Skyrim dlc was exclusive to Xbox for a while as well. So they did have a relationship with Bethesda, Activision was a opportunity they couldn’t turn down🤷🏾 What relations do bungie and Sony have? Like before y’all get in y’all feelings because y’all prefer PlayStation understand that this deal will benefit Activision blizzard. Studios can work on different Ip they can be the legendary publisher they were known for. COD can actually get a two year cycle. How is Activision being independent better than them being acquired by Xbox answer me that.

    3. @The Don Playz Where did I say the Bungie deal was out of cooperation? Consolidation and mergers are bullshit period, no matter who does it. The only one I see getting in «y’all feelings» is you, lol. I couldn’t care less where I play my games. MS has never impressed me in the gaming space as far as games go to the extent Nintendo and PS have, it’s that simple. They have pioneered a lot of stuff in the community department which I highly appreciated during the 360 era. Games-wise, Xbox can go kick rocks until something worthwhile comes along. Until then, Gamepass is on hold for me

    4. @Kinda batooni Bro I explained what’s a monopoly and this clearly isn’t. It’s consolidation get out your feelings. Xbox had the highest rated games of last year did they not? You’re literally acting like a unicorn kid right now. If xbox didn’t buy Activision trust you me someone else would. They were in talks with Facebook🤦🏾‍♂️ how bad would that of bin.

      “I’m not deaf to the meme out there regarding our content and our need to invest more” Phil spencer in 2018.
      Lmao fanboys should of just kept quiet. They wanted Xbox to be the behemoth that they are😂

    5. @DerJoltinJoe Welp sound like you should be angry at capitalism and not Microsoft 👉🏾👈🏾 And I’m not really drawn to any of Sony games other than God of war🤷🏾 which I felt they dumbed down for the casuals but I won’t get into that. One of my favorite games, other than that Sony makes one type of game to me . I’m for sure not paying 70 dollars on every exclusive just to play once. They can kick rocks with that business model. Bro let’s be real Xbox has a brighter future fuck the fanboy shit. Xbox game studios/Bethesda and Activision blizzard. Sony makes great games I won’t deny that but PlayStation studios isn’t enough. Xbox portfolio is WAY more diverse I appreciate that because I don’t play ONE type of game. Weird shit like psychonauts2 it’s multiplat but Xbox gave them the resources and time to make it as best as it can be. Xbox where it’s at for me, more now than before. 360 generation was great because Xbox was the shooter box and had great RPG’s it’s the exact same thing this gen just at a bigger scale.🤷🏾

  6. You don’t buy COD if your goal is to fight Google. Microsoft also bought Candy Crush, but all you see in the news is COD. Short term this move was absolutely about Sony.

    I agree that gaming is about interactivity, but I absolutely disagree that high production values are unrelated to it. The quality of the graphics boosts interactivity to unprecedented levels. You’re interacting with something that looks more and more real.

    The result of not focusing on the visuals is the myriad of cheap, money-grabbing online multiplayer games that recently surfaced, some more successful than others, but they don’t push the industry forward in any way. Game Pass is perfect for such content: just look at all of Microsoft’s currently more successful exclusives. Forza may seem the outlier with excellent graphics, but it’s still based on an exploitative and repetitive gameplay loop that’s relatively unchanged for almost 6 years now.

    1. Most of PS first party is cookie cutter over the shoulder games. Xbox has more variety in their first party. Look what PS did with God of War. They basically dumbed it down for casuals.

    2. Slow down there buster. This is not about Sony. It’s more about gamepass. Microsoft wants to give it’s subscribers more bang for their buck. Just imagine all those old games you can’t play on any current console being available on gamepass.

      Also Diablo IV coming out for no additional cost (whenever it comes out) on gamepass is a huge deal.

      Microsoft has said Sony is no longer its competition. You’re still playing by yesterday’s rules. New rules is content content content.

  7. I find it facinating that most comments here seem to side Adam while on Destin’s video, most disagree. Your viewers are mostly PS fanboys and Destin’s Xbox clearly. Personally, I’m siding with Xbox on this.

    Microsoft is competing fiercely, and if the stakes are too high for Sony, I’m totally fine with them going the way of Sega or partnering with Amazon/Google. I go where the value is , and that’s not on PlayStation.

    1. Destin gave the weakest argument about how xbox was hurt by sony’s acquisitions. Bluepoint being a support studio for angry birds on the 360 for example. same with Nixxes. He was reaching. You don’t want competition to go away because that’s how the value you’re talking about will also go away. If sony didn’t exist, you would not have MS being so generous with their offerings. Xbox One’s failure against PS4 is what led to gamepass.

    2. How is that «fascinating»? When you know the choir. You can tell what songs they are gonna sing.

      Destin crowd is pro xbox… So of course they are gonna disagree with Adam.

      Gaffe is pro Sony. So again…

    3. @TheLarry If Sony sells Playstation to some other company or partners with one, I’m totally fine with that. I want VALUE, I want companies to compete for my money. Sony isn’t doing that and instead made its games even more expensive to buy. So unless it starts competing, Playstation will go away and some other platform will take its place. I’m not worried.

    4. @holymsophy He’s not pro Playstation. If you’ve watched any of his video, you would know that. He actually said that if he had to pick one console, it would be the Series X because of GamePass. His audience are Playstation fanboys though, which is really interesting.

    5. @Rapunzel I meant his crowd.

      I compared Destin’s viewers to Gaffe. I think it’s pretty obvious. I wouldn’t compare Destin’s crowed to Gaffe. Can’t compare apples and oranges. Like to like.

    1. As a kid the idea of a huge catalog at my fingertips for one price wouldve floored me. Now as a nostalgic adult I miss the days of putting in work to get what I want. Going to stores or rental places and searching the walls of film and games. lol.

  8. Jaffe, I just want to know why you’re okay with defending what you admit is a 50% chance of an Amazon-style surge that starves out the highest quality games. I just can’t stand by something that could destroy what strives to be, and usually is, the best in the business. Especially not in the name of end-game capitalism. And yet you’re a progressive. It’s like defending money in politics, and how it gets us where we are now — all pro corporate, no progress.

  9. Just glad Japan has all these laws to protect their companies from western monopolies. Nintendo is safe from Microsoft. Hopefully Capcom and Square can stay on their own as well. They are looking like indies today.

    1. Lol no they dont a part of capcom was bought by a saudi arabia firm not to mention there are a lot of foreign owned companies in japan. The rules they have over there exists here where its only blocked if it harms national sec.

    2. @michael yearwood yeah, looks like you are correct. I don’t know where that idea came from but I did some googling and it doesn’t seem to be much of a thing.

  10. Adam has less than a 50% chance of being right. You’re over estimating Microsoft’s level of villainy.

    They didn’t create the world’s most powerful console to start making shitty games.

    They didn’t develop the tech behind MS flight simulator, which they can use on other games, to start making shitty games.

    Though, this is a good commercial for gamepass. Why pay $70 for a game when you can pay $9.99 a month and play all those games Adam listed?

    Though Adam does have a point and I can show you Blackberry, blockbuster and all those Dodo’s who refused to innovate in the face of change.

    1. @NorthernDragon I’m not sure you know how analogies go.

      Netflix didn’t buy. They went to the source and acquired rights to every show they could. And sent people DVDs to their houses rather than make them go to a location for it.

      Then they put the videos online, so people didn’t even need the DVDs.

      Are you implying Sony doesn’t buy studios? And you forget that Sony had a no Xbox Clause for developers? Champions of the industry!

    2. @holymsophy «Are you implying Sony doesn’t buy studios? And you forget that Sony had a no Xbox Clause for developers? Champions of the industry!»

      This is whataboutism that I’m not going to address. You talking about Sony isn’t an argument, it’s a deflection. If you wanted to talk about Sony, then you should have made your point initially about Sony. Then I could have told you that consolidation, no matter who is doing it, is wrong.

      «They went to the source and acquired rights to every show they could. And sent people DVDs to their houses rather than make them go to a location for it.»

      That sounds, to me, like the standard exclusivity agreements that already exist in gaming today. Are you suggesting there is no difference between going to a publisher to pen an exclusivity deal for one game, and outright buying a publisher and all of their back catalog to guarantee exclusivity in perpetuity of literally hundreds of titles? Also, Netflix didn’t even start the «send DVDs to your home» concept. So anything else you want to throw out there?

      «Then they put the videos online, so people didn’t even need the DVDs.»

      Irrelevant. Netflix didn’t force innovation to happen. Microsoft cornering a market isn’t innovation, GamePass isn’t innovative. It’s not even new.

    3. @NorthernDragon Netflix didn’t force innovation ?

      I’m also not sure you know how innovation works.
      1. You know what people want and you drive the point.

      Netflix out hustled blockbuster out of the business. I’m not here to teach a history lesson.

    4. @holymsophy «1. You know what people want, and you drive the point.»

      1. Netflix didn’t know anything. They knew what they wanted to try, and they put effort behind a guess. You clearly don’t understand business.

      «Netflix out hustled blockbuster out of the business. I’m not here to teach a history lesson.»

      This is also irrelevant. You only post whataboutisms or information that has no bearing on anything. Clearly you don’t understand a lot.

      EDIT: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I love Jaffe but damn. Game Pass is something I disagree with him on. I don’t know why he supports it. Not only does it hurt the used game market and needing to always be online. Going digital only is just bad for the industry. That’s not including what this guy is talking about where they run Sony out of business. I’m not sure what happened between Jaffe and Sony but I feel like lately that Jaffe is just hoping Sony fails. He kinda admits it by being ok if Sony wasn’t around.

  12. To me xbox should buy single studios and make its own Ips but they decide to buy whole Big companies instead so that start sound like monopoly because Sony today has no buy a whole company like Capcom or Take two to say PS buying Housemarque or Firesprite or having some Marvel exclusivity is the same so MS playing friendly to become the new Disney.

  13. I’m going to ask this here and just ignore Jaffe ignoring the obvious problems.

    Can someone name a time when consolidation was a preferred and better outcome than not? As an aside, I apply the negative opinion on consolidation to everyone buying up everything. Sony too.

    «Disney goes Oh, we have to change»

    LMAO! What? That hasn’t happened, Jaffe. You know that that hasn’t happened. Disney actually goes «Fuck the fans» and doubles down on their failing product. And they do it for ESG money. Wow. How out of touch can someone be?

  14. Have to challenge your Disney comparison. Disney has had some stinkers, but, that hasn’t made them change course in the slightest. Yeah, we don’t see a Solo 2, but, there are like 1,000 Star Wars tv shows/movies in its place. You say “people will go elsewhere” but, that hasn’t happened at all with Disney.

  15. I wonder if Xbox’s model is gonna burnout on them in appeal. That Game Pass model probably work out for them if they didn’t have their own studios, because every game on there that is third party has an expiration date. I just wonder if the profits pulled in from that service is enough to pull people in for really long periods of time.

  16. I think the thing is though, if Sony continues to push the quality then peolpe will still be willing to pay 70 or even more for there games. Sure xbox represents great value, but what about quality.

    1. It doesn’t really matter though. As long s sony keeps making games with high standards like the last of us, god of war, ghost of Tsushima, gamers will be willing to pay for those experiences still imo

  17. I agree. Xbox has only brought mediocrity to videogames sector. Any good company which has been bought by Microsoft has turned into a low quality company like Rare

  18. I think if gamepass games con not ged the qualitie right. Many player see the small budget and the in game shops . Many player see this and say f Microsoft.

  19. When Sony had the means to do it they wiped Sega and Nintendo off the map back in N64 and Dreamcast days, the only way Nintendo survived was because of Iwata’s forward-thinking and his decision to change Nintendo’s direction, why are we crying for Sony now when someone bigger is coming to squash them??

    1. @Kinda batooni Nintendo was the largest game company they become 3rd during GC era, Sega was 2nd largest and they become a 3rd party developer, regardless of how it goes Sony monopolized the whole market, controlled the whole technology to push companies like Square and Konami who worked with Nintendo and Sega for a decade to exclusively work with them, and I guarantee you if Nintendo didn’t take the risk they took with Wii and DS and their next consoles were traditional consoles like GC 2 and Advance 2 we would get headlines like «Animal Crossing NH is coming to GamePass on January 20th»

    2. @Aza Sony had nothing to do with what happened to Sega or Nintendo. They didn’t “monopolize” anything. It seems you don’t even understand the meaning of that word. Nintendo can easily pay the same publisher and fund their own exclusive. Sony wasn’t a monopoly. Sony didn’t buy the market like Microsoft is now doing. They didn’t buy whole publishers with hundreds of ips. They funded and created their own tech and own software and own ips and got exclusivity deals like all other companies. Microsoft is a monopoly right now.

  20. Gamepass is devaluating full price games.
    When MS acquieres more Publishers with ton of studios, those games Ips are automatically added to the service, making their price ZERO.
    Even if these Ips are being released on playstation or outside Gamepass service, being fullprice is a big problem to the market.
    MS wants to acquire more publishers or force them to be part of Gamepass, MS wants their competitors to create a similar service in which they are strong.
    Making the market turn into a service one is the way to control it and monopolize.

  21. Adam has valid points but it does come across as fear mongering in my opinion. The thing with Microsoft buying all these ips is that they have good intentions for gaming. If a company like tencent bought up activision their only goal is to milk gaming for microtransactions and nfts. The Activision deal is mainly to add their games to gamepass like cod. Cod is still going to be multiplat for another 3 years. Microsoft will probably make an exclusive guitar hero or crash bandicoot or prototype or whatever but at least we get to see these franchises have the opportunity to come back. Under activision old leadership they were shackled to cod so this deal is not all doom and gloom like Adam makes it out to be

    1. @Kinda batooni okay so paying 70$ for games is? Your so stuck on the idea of owning physical media that you are effectively brain washed. How in the hell can you sit there and say that 15$ a month for gamepass is anti consumer? That is nothing but a good deal for everyone. More people get to play and enjoy games and you are against that apparently. To top it all off your using Halo as a scape goat because 343i bother another release except they didn’t because the campaign and the gameplay are phenomenal so the idea that gamepass is going to bring down the quality of games is absurd.

    2. @GraviT The one who’s brain washed is you. Just like Microsoft started the trend of pay to play online ( which not consumer friendly in anyway) they are starting paying for things you don’t own and losing all control over what happens to the things you’re paying for. You people never learn. Physical media is great, you can buy the game in any price you wish. You can buy it the next day half the price from someone who pre-order it but didn’t like it and sold it. You can get it barely a month later with a discount. You can literally buy it in a bundle as cheap as 10 dollars and you would own it and have complete control over it. Giving up your ownership and control and pay monthly for a subscription that you can never truly control is nothing but a bleak future for everyone. Keep singing its praises. Just like you keep paying to play online. Don’t expect me to cheer for these terrible things.

    3. @Kinda batooni what’s the point of owning a single player campaign on disc that you only play 1 time? I own a original Xbox, Xbox 360, and a series x and I used to a big advocate for physical media and collecting until I seen the prices that retro games go for now. If physical media was made a big deal two console generations ago you would actually be able to get retro games on digital storefronts on consoles and not have to go to ebay and pay an arm and a leg. I own over 150 digital games on my series x and I don’t ever really think about wanting to have them on a physical disc. Physical media will never truly die anyway. The discs will always be made and games are becoming so massive that there not going to be able to fit on a disc in a couple generations. Steam pioneered the concept of digital media and pc players praise steam for it. I don’t see pc players complaining about digital media or not having physical games. There just happy to play the game and that’s what it’s about. We’ve become so attached to having to hold something that that has become important over everything else.

    4. @GraviT I play my games a lot. I don’t play them once. I’m the kind of person who look into every detail and try every way a game can be played and even speed run it. To me owning the game and having control over my collection is everything. The minute online gaming became behind a paywall thanks to Microsoft and players who sang its praises I immediately stopped caring about it. I don’t pay these subscriptions. I will never give up my ownership and control over what I pay for. These services can double its price and suddenly lock you out of dome games in your library or just completely seize to exist one day and you will be left with nothing.

  22. I don’t understand why Adam is being so negative. It’s like he doesn’t understand the market. Even if Microsoft buys another publisher and makes those games exclusive, Sony is not going to go away. Nintendo is not going to go away. So he’s just really talking out of his ass. Let’s take Amazon for example since he mentioned that. When amazon was getting real popular, Walmart, target and other brick and mortar retailers jumped in on the online shopping trend and made their own version and they’re still there. They’re not going to go anywhere. The market will always adapt and stay competitive because they don’t like monopolies. There are a lot of systems in place to prevent that and there will always be competition. Unless the United States of America changes to a different structure then we don’t have anything to worry about. I bet we’re even going to see other players like Apple and Amazon that enter the market and even keep things competitive.

  23. Adam has this tendency to gloss over nuance and try to get to a simplified version of the argument that is easy to explain. At face value it makes sense but if you get into the details there are places you can pick at his argument.

    Adam definitely got me when he tried to describe issues with US Healthcare, but when an actual doctor spoke about Adam’s argument, I understand the appeal to the way he speaks and why it’s flawed.

    Anybody who has more knowledge to a subject than Adam does, can usually counter his argument, as is the case here.

  24. The only thing unfair about your comparison is someone watching a YouTube channel is free compared to a marvel movie. Plus we are talking about a $70 game compared to a 15ish dollar subscription.

    1. My point tho- about the comparison- was that Youtube/Tik Tok/etc. has GUTTED mainstream entertainment for an entire generation (and more, I would guess). My kids and their friends hang out here and put Youtube on the television and watch it all day. It’s rare they choose to watch a pro produced show. They DO, but it’s like 20% of what they watch.

    2. @David Jaffe I get your point. My 8 year and 4 year old do the same. They rather watch YouTube over a Disney movie the majority of the time. Times change and so do people but it doesn’t suck any less. Obviously its just me being the «old man» but just because people grow up with something doesn’t necessarily make it the «right» thing. People used to not bathe regular but that didn’t make it right. People growing up watching hollow YouTubers (we all know the ones) is just sad from my pov. I’m just hard headed and don’t like change is the truth lol. Appreciated you taking the time to comment back dude.

  25. I guarantee if Sony had bought Activision blizzard Adam wouldn’t have opened his mouth! Its just the usual tired old rhetoric of Sony *Good* Microsoft *Evil* I also find it laughable that nobody talks about The Embracer Group because it doesn’t fit the narrative of Sony *Good* Microsoft *Evil*

    1. Exactly. Consolidation has been happening for years and MS is just responding to this trend. Gamers and journalists just stopped looking at anything that is not Sony and thus have no idea what is going on. It just shows how ignorant this community is.

  26. Why is everyone reacting to a no-name boomer having a hot-take about gaming in Tiktok?
    Seriously, nobody knows who this guy is, he has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about the gaming industry, and he is an old-fart doing tiktok videos…which means he is probably just struggling to be relevant.

  27. So, PlayStation has to move from what they do best, witch is AAA big games because MS forces them, shifting their business, is an acceptable move by MS?! My guy, please stop talking videogames….
    You clearly hit a golden mine lottery number to enter this industry, definitely wasn’t by merit.

    1. It has nothing to do with MS forcing anyone. MS is doing business. If Sony’s games are so great (which they are, btw- and you have me in part to thank for that) but they can no longer sustain their budgets, don’t blame Microsoft. Blame your fellow gamers who choose convenience and cost over supporting the kind of games you like.

  28. Sony has mastered the single player space and players know Playstation as the place to be for narrative driven games. I think they need to tackle the multiplayer genre now to really draw in bigger crowds. Some powerhouse multiplayer games would let Sony flourish.

    1. Yeah, but Nintendo has mastered that too without the movie cinematic material PlayStation has. I’m not really into PlayStation 1st party games because they’re like interactive movies and that can get really boring unless you are a movie lover who likes games too.

    2. @Ayixlia Merrets I disagree about the first party Sony games being like movies. Yeah they have cinematics but a lot of it is fantastic gameplay. If you’re someone who don’t give a damn about story though then I understand if you just want 100% gameplay.

    3. Playstation has had some of the most addictive multiplayer-only games I’ve ever played. Games like M.A.G. and Warhawk comes to mind. But for some reason, Sony chose not to continue with those games. Man those were some good ones on the PS3.

  29. As a movie fan, I think the movie industry is going down the toilet (or rather, has gone down the toilet). Action blockbusters are dominating the theaters, and the rest of the movies relegated to streaming platforms, of which there are only a handful, all owned by large corporations. The culprit is market consolidation. 30+ years ago, we had way more studios and filmmakers creating all kinds of films, across a variety of genres… And today, we see fewer and fewer of them as big franchises continue to completely take over the industry (this is starting to apply to TV as well).

    Do you still have low-budget movies being made? Sure. But can you see them on the big screen? Only if you live in the right area. Also, do these films have the budgets to realize their full potential? Many of them don’t. There’s a huge financial disparity between the so-called indies and big-budget productions like Eternals, etc. This leaves us, film viewers, with very few films that can truly surprise us or communicate anything of value. I’m not saying there aren’t any good films, particularly overseas (Korean productions have been freaking great for the last few years), but on the whole, I’m not a fan of where the film industry has ended up.

    Video games are clearly heading the same way, and that sucks, I’m sorry. Hopefully, something will give way, but for now, all this corporate mediocrity is killing art, and I hate it.

    PS: Adam is right on this one.

  30. Why do fans care more about these corporations pockets over their own?! 🤔 sony makes you pay for cloud, visual upgrades for games you own, and has led the industry in a $10 increase on games in a time of mass economical hardship. Also, streaming services are producing content that exceeds the content on the silver screen.

  31. I have access to more games then ever before and get to save my money for the games I want to add to my library. How is that a bad thing!?!

  32. Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo has always been a good thing for gaming. Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo vs. Google vs. Amazon has the potential to be amazing for the gaming industry because of competition. I don’t want Microsoft or Sony or anyone to eliminate the competition by buying up all the large 3rd party publishers which is what it looks like Microsoft is trying to do.

    1. Are you one of those that think it would benefit gamers if it was 10cent or maybe Amazon who bought Activision for example? Are you aware 10cent buy a studio every third day? But no ofc it’s MS who is the bad thing here having around 10-13% of the market.

  33. Itll become what it already is like. Nintendo kinda do their own thing. We dont bat a eye if Link doesn’t come to ps5/xbox.

    Itll be the same with Sony, theyll have their following. Just like Nintendo does. And as will Microsoft.

  34. 50% chance is an exaggeration. He literally said that Xbox are going to make the game’s worse. In what universe is it in the best interest of Xbox to ever make games worse?

    1. Xbox games are TERRIBLE. this is coming from someone who plays primarily on pc, running an rtx 3080ti. if thats what you like fine, but dont pretend Xbox games is everyone’s cup of tea. They’re trash the same way, you might think eating McDonald’s is a perfectly acceptable meal, someone else might want to only eat meals from Michelin star restaurants. This is like McDonald’s forcing everyone out of business.

  35. Halo Infinite had a budget purported to be in the hundreds of millions. And yet GamePass has confirmed to be profitable (at only half or less of their targeted subscriber base)

    Big budget games aren’t going anywhere as long as there continues to be a demand for them in the tens of millions.

  36. A game can look and feel like quality without going for the flashiest most realistic graphics. Indie games are making some awesome art and I think that can have just as much visual appeal as the flashy stuff while ageing better.

  37. I don’t agree, PlayStation’s income is not from hardcore fans of the big budgets of God of Wars, Ghosts, TLOU’s.
    They are from the 3rd party millions of “casual” CoD gamers. When you take all that away you remove income from your competition, thus PlayStation won’t be able to produce these big budget quality titles and no reason to be in PS’s eco system.

    1. What don’t you agree with? I agree with your statement. Unless Sony steps up to the league of Apple, Amazon, Tencent, and Msft, they will have to adjust their budgets 100% and will either end up Playstation’s take on Gamecube or shut down the hardware and go 3rd party.

    1. Oh yeah because Sony cared so much about gaming when they were the large company who barged in, and destroyed the gaming industry as it was and turned it corporate. You people really see Sony as some angel and they aren’t. Never have been.

    2. @Ruby Dancer Sony is making the best games the industry has ever seen with the best hardware and soon to be released PSVR2.

      Microsoft is in last place because gamers aren’t dumb. Market Game Pass all you like we don’t want it.

  38. Games on game pass are not free, we still have to pay for our subscription fees , with out ownership of that game , and we are very comfortable with using this service!!!

    1. @David Jaffe then you are kidding yourself, because 25 million subscribers at 15 to 20 buck a month is over 3 billion dollars a year in passive Income , never mind all the other stuff they have , it’s not Microsoft fault that Sonys business model is falling behind because they are slow at change!!!

  39. Amazon of gaming i think is what Microsoft wants. A trillion-dollar company vs Netflix a company that can’t seem to make a profit.
    Would it be a problem if Sony gives up, goes third party, and Microsoft becomes an actual monopoly? Gaming and TV/Movies aren’t equivalent. We see this with google and luna that with all the money in the world at their disposal can’t make a viable product. People were able to copy Netflix easily but people seem unable to copy MS.
    Graphics is gameplay graphics is interactivity. You don’t suddenly jump out of the character when you lose control of them and you are engaged more with better graphics when you do have control.

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