AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Officially launches | FidelityFX Super Resolution On Xbox Series X/S

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Today AMD launched its DLSS competitor FidelityFX (FSR) How does it perform? What does this Mean for Xbox Series Consoles and the PlayStation 5?

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  1. Once this tech matures more we will see even better results, just the norm and a welcomed addition for the devs to tinker with.. win win for devs and us gamers.

  2. You can also turn on RT with 120fps on DMC5SE. With vrr on it feels pretty damn good to me. With this AMD stuff that game could look and feel insane.

  3. Just to clear something up. XSX doesn’t have dedicated hardware for ML. Nvidia’s newer GPUs has dedicated hardware. I think people are getting confused between “dedicated hardware” and “hardware level ML” — which even the PS5 has with Spiderman: MM/Spiderman 2018, I forget which one.

    Either way, FSR or DirectX ML should take less of a hit on the XSX because of those 8 and 4 bit operations.

    I was personally impressed with FSR for AMD’s first attempt. I was never expecting FSR to compete with with DLSS, but I don’t think AMD have to outperform Nvidia as long as developers support FSR in large numbers. Mid range PC gamers are more likely to buy a AMD GPU because of FSR being available on more GPUs.

    1. @DEE BATCH Yeah it supports 8 bit and 4 bit, but that’s not dedicated hardware. When Series X is running the operation, it will take a hit — although it should be a small hit. Dedicated hardware are tensor cores.

  4. Dee batch, will Fidelity fx super resolution upgrade the fps when the game is at 120 fps and will it double the frame rate at performance mode?

    1. Series S also is Xbox next console but this YouTubers talk in a way that make me think microsoft just has series x and series s is from last gen

  5. I don’t know man. Visually I think CBR is a bit more impressive especially how Insomniac has managed to place it in Ray traced reflections to make a 1/4th output look like a native reflection. Microsoft should be also looking to use VRS 2.0 as well as ML to improve the results of FSR

  6. I’d always prefer FPS over resolution. I’d rather 1080/60 over 2160/30 every time. Luckily the XSX doesn’t have to make that steep of a sacrifice.

  7. Do you think this can help Red Dead Redemption 2?? 🤔 The game already looks amazing but a higher frame rate on the new gen consoles would be a dream come true.. 🤞🏻

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