Are Xbox Strategies Being Copied by Sony with the PS5?

From Sony PS Now to Xbox Game Pass the PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate continues with many wondering if Sony and Xbox are copying each other’s ideas to get ahead. The Xbox Series X vs PS5 conversations doesn’t seem to be dying down as Sony just released some impressive numbers for their services.

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73 ответа к «Are Xbox Strategies Being Copied by Sony with the PS5?»

    1. @Cratos God Sony isn’t going to push the PC market over their gaming system because they have nothing to gain from it. That doesn’t mean they are also targeting it. People seem to think Microsoft made all these rules. They’re just the loudest when it comes to it.

    2. Its funny how xbots think Sony is copying MS when PS Now was the first game subscription service to launch in 2014 before MS copied it and launched Game Pass in 2017. delusional much?

    3. @OneZombieHorde cheat their way? I believe that is where you couldnt be more wrong. If they had as much money as microaoft im sure theybwould had bought big studios like zenimax instead of insomniac and smaller ones.

    4. @leovaldez28 bruh its no about how much money you have its about how smart you are. Sony bought Insomniac in 2018, around the same time MS started their 23 studio quest and theres a reason Insomniac released more PS exclusives between then and now than MS released from 23 studios.

    5. Microsoft wants Sony to do good as well, but they still want to take some market share from Sony. Sony is giving Microsoft like 100+ millions a years for using their Azure Cloud. More cloud Sony uses, the better for Microsoft as well. It’s win-win for both company

  1. Does Dodge copy Ford, does Ford copy Chevolet? Until they figure out how to make a controller that can be 100% configurable to that of a keyboard and mouse. PC are not going to get MORE games. I can’t play most AAA games such as the various survival games on a PC becasue I’ve got two left hands which means keyboards and a mouse sucks.

  2. I only play Sony exclusives. Best Buy has a good return policy so every time an exclusive releases I buy a sony console and return it when I’m done. All my other gaming is done on pc/Xbox

  3. The problem PlayStation has is the number of subscription services PS+, PS Now and PS Movies are all separate. It should be under one umbrella like gamepass ultimate.

    Another issue is none of those subscription services can touch Gamepass Ultimate in Value and what they have to offer.

    Going mobile and PC is smart for Sony but Microsoft is silently killing it as they don’t rely on console sales.

    Don’t forget Microsoft and Sony has teamed up where Sony is using Microsoft servers for streaming

  4. I’ve been thinking what’s the more appealing offer for third party publishers: Game Pass day and date and remain multi-platform or timed exclusivity with PS for 1 or 2 years. I think it’s Game Pass and I’m really hoping MS is hammering this point home and we’ll see that really start to take effect this E3.

  5. Competition is good for all Gamers, we got M$ acquiring studios to match Sony in terms of AAA titles, and Sony porting games to PC to earn more $$ while giving more players the chance to experience new games, win win for every1

  6. The funny thing about Sony copying is that back then Jim Ryan said we won’t have a game pass kind of service on Playstation. That kind of business strategy isn’t sustainable. 🙂 so i find it funny that your now taking ideas from the «not sustainable» company lol same thing when they mocked Xbox when they first announced backwards compatibility for the Xbox one. My point i think Sony needs to get off the high horse 🐎 and give credit where it’s due before they catch themselves slipping 🙄

  7. No not really.
    PlayStation with it’s current model and ecosystem, Is breaking every sales and profit record ever set. except for the PS2 which they’re set to break.

  8. Don’t worry, it’s going to be alot of Crying & Begging from PlayStation Fanboys & Sony Defense Force Media on June 13, 2021…i’ll bring the Kleenex…with a Jar of Don’t Care! 😆 #DOOM

    Following Microsoft and taking Advantage of their mistakes in the Gaming Sector is how Sony is even here right now….Sony was never going to stay on Top forever…Microsoft is now backing the Brand that they built again, and that’s what is going to DESTROY the PlayStation Brand…their will be no more «Mistakes» to help out Sony this time! No more Don Mattrick….😢

    Gamertag: BloodOath77

  9. Destin love your channel! I love your takes on gaming. You’re the man! congratulations on becoming a new dad. Welcome to the dad club!

  10. Sony is 10000 % chasing and copying Xbox. I had the Og xbox and xbox 360. Ps2 and ps4. Just seems the winners switch lol each new generation. I had ps now it sucked balls. I now have an Xbox Series X and Gamepass. I dont even wanna touch my ps4 anymore.

  11. All this fighting and beefing Sony and Xbox we fans and Gamer are the winners. I have an Xbox series X and gamepass. I’ll pick up a Sony ps5 slim lol 😂😂😂 in 2-3 years.

  12. Microsoft is not explicitly saying that bethesda is exclusive yet, this is to keep ponies drooling, salivating and dreaming, to the extent of which when the games are about to be released, hence announced, they take upon that USDA quality grade, premium, medium rare cooked to perfection juicy steak and DONT GIVE ANY TO THE DOGS. Force them to make adjustments to the superior game service, BECAUSE DOGS EAT DOG FOOD NOT HUMAN FOOD.

  13. The PS4 was basically the sequel to the 360. They just copied everything the 360 did well and funnily enough, Xbox strayed from what made them successful.

    So this isn’t new

  14. I could say that once upon a time Phil Spencer himself said he didn’t care about exclusives but now all Xbots want great exclusives like PlayStation so I would make the case Xbox has been copying Sony strategy but I don’t know if they have the talent to match Sony exclusives

  15. I really don’t think Sony has the market capital to go throwing around enough money to bolster a service like PlayStation Now. Even Game Pass is a loss leader, ironically, the technologically behind it (Azure) is used by Sony for PlayStation services, and they have to pay Microsoft for that.

    You are talking about about a company (Microsoft) that had so much money this almost $37b in notable acquisitions just so they could strengthen their backend designs instead of giving it to Uncle Sam. Sony and Microsoft aren’t even in the same ball park, and the Microsoft CEO seems to have a lot of faith in Phil Spencer’s strategy.

  16. yes, they’re copying they always do, but I don’t think it even matters anymore. sony has PlayStation and that’s really it. they don’t have the money to do what Microsoft does in regards to cloud gaming or other products for that matter and they never will that’s just how it ids, so let them copy Xbox, cause the PlayStation is the only thing they can really be proud of and is the only thing they will really ever have the money to keep going at with.

  17. Its very annoying you have no knowledge of the history of Playstation then make the argument that sony copying Microsoft when Sony already put their games/services on other devices/platforms… do your research you look a fool to people that are more informed than you.

    Also understand both Microsoft and Sony has had great idea when it’s competitive you will «copy» each other to stay ahead or at least be seen as an equal.

    Sony been putting games on pc since the ps3… also factually stating Sony platform is more viable than the Xbox brand since the very beginning and never changed unless Sony dropped or drops the ball.

    What Xbox was doing is doing now is not going to change anything unless Sony or Nintendo playball at their pace…

    1. Xbox hasn’t been a Plastic Box Brand since BEFORE Xbox Game Pass & Phil Spencer! 😂😆

      Anyone who is a Xbox Game Pass Subscriber (Via Console, PC or Mobile) is a Xbox Gamer, the fact that many don’t realize this has me Concerned for Humanity as a whole! 🤔

      Gamertag: BloodOath77

  18. I think PlayStation will develop PlayStation plus and or ps now into a game pass type service I can’t see them not doing it to compete with Xbox sometime in the future I don’t think they can afford ignore it if they want to stay competitive

  19. Jim Ryan is trying to be Phil Spencer 1.2 only everything he does is like the Bizarro version of what Phil would do. Herman Hultz too. Not a fan of it but I game on Xbox more now so whatever.

  20. what more do u want spenser to say about bethesda exclusive..he already said he will honour the current deals..and in the future i will be case by case….some games just work better as multiplats just like what they do with minecraft..and just like sony did with mlb the show…some games are just not good being exclusives they are better being multiplats..but big games like hellblade and starfield yeah those are exclusives.

  21. I just want to know when will Marvel’s Spiderman will come to PC. As someone who is protesting against PlayStation platforms, this would greatly interest me.

  22. Hmmm 80% for hardware and preferials and Sony are doing so bad in the services it’s mixed with hardware data so really Sony making 15% as evetyone was forced to buy PS5 hardware .I like Sony new gaming stratergy I can see the last Sony gaming stratergy meeting and Sony CEO saying » See this MS fancy gaming stratergy chart copy it now , Jim stop scribbling lies your going to tell Sony consumers and pay attention».

    Yeah Sony has to follow suite and play catchup or they will struggle MS stratergy us a really strong one — Sony is pretty much the same as the last few gens.

  23. Sony is putting older formerly exclusive first party games to PC to grow its user base, and to stem more console sales by getting games to as many people as possible that may have never played Sony’s exclusives. Why does nobody get this? Good lord.

  24. No, it’s incredibly stupid for either Microsoft or Sony to cater to the PC. So what reason do they have to buy a PS5 or Xbox now? None. They are hurting their console owners by doing this. But then again I’ve always known that Phil Spencer is a PC fanboy. The Xbox is Microsofts dedicated gaming device, not the PC.

  25. Negative. Nor does anyone ever really «copy» anyone. They take inspiration from it and adapt it… man, that’d be like saying any FPS copied doom. -_-

    C’mon man, don’t be that guy. Adapting and changing, is how most things progress in this world. You could easily say sony «copied» the oculus handsets for their new concept for the ps5 vr controllers…

    I stand firmly in my disposition; sony has always been an electronics company, they adapt. Nintendo has always been a game company, they entertain the masses. Microsoft is a computer hardware company, that took a step on the wild side and copied the aformentioned and decided to make a game console in the first place. *cough cough* so, i mean, if we REAAAAALLY want to start pointing fingers, Destin. 😅

    P.s. The nes had sony chipsets in it anywho. So, ya know, everything should come full circle eventually. The MicroPlaySwitch 8 [8 is signifying infinite, because you know, infinite possibilities 🤯]

  26. I see a lot of Ding Ding comments below. Here is a tiny bit of compression for people down there. Microsoft is to Netflix as hulu is to Sony.

    It’s only smart that Sony mimics Microsoft they would almost be stupid not to. Did those tv killers not copy each other to a certain degree? And there are way more where that came from and everyone knows it. The advantage Microsoft has over Sony is they have a way bigger head start than Sony and way more money. If Microsoft keeps buying up these huge assets aka studios then Sony might be in trouble.

    Some people said Sony would never put their games on pc because Microsoft has done it but it seems like they are doing the opposite. Sony is putting their exclusives on pc because Microsoft is getting a huge margin back for doing it. On the other hand people have said that Sony would follow in Microsofts footsteps and put their games on pc. It’s a smart idea. It may hurt a lot of dedicated Sony egos but do you think they care lol no because they know you will buy their product either way. The only dumb thing Sony did is not do what their doing sooner. Now Microsoft can buy studios write out from under Sony in a bidding war with no problem.

  27. I think this simplifies it a bit. They all identify strategies that are profitable — Microsoft buying Bethesda and focusing on exclusives is very similar to Sony etc.

    Would maybe more accurate to say Sony are doing some similar things but putting their own spin on it e.g making and designing mobile games as opposed to just using devices to play any games (like MS do). Games as services is not about PS now, it is about PS Plus (which is Sony’s real response to gamepass). And games coming to PC don’t mean their new games — it won’t be 6 months etc — it means older titles that have did their thing on the consoles years ago — keeps the console space important.

  28. I would really like to see better dual sense support on pc because it’s just 10 times better than my Xbox controller.

    Even just the audio based rumble is soo damn nice

  29. I understand why there are console exclusives but i hate that exclusives are evan a thing, i remember the old days where game companies made so much more money by releasing there games on every console, and everyone was happy.

  30. if you think sony is copying xbox how is this so?
    ps5 has games and super fast ssd with superior load times, has sony paid 8 billion for a shit dev company ? No
    sorry but total garbage again from an xbox fan boy, when is xbox releasing anything? cant wait for ratchet and horizon looks beast btw
    good luck fat phil spencer trying to sell the gaming version of netflix 😂🤣😂

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