Awesome 3D Printer Enclosure

Awesome 3D Printer Enclosure — I finally did it, I built my own enclosure for the SnapMaker 2.0
Using the laser etcher and the CNC machine was smokey and dusty, so I resolved those issues by adding some ventilation to the enclosure. The new enclosure blocks a lot of the noise, removes the unwanted vapors, and opens up real wide so I can get at the machine.

Enclosure Plans:

Enclosure Gear (Affiliate links)
Dryer Vent Hood:
Inline Duct Fan:
Power Supply Adaptor:
LED Strip:
Hole Saw:
Spray Foam:
Magnetic Door Latch:
Lexan Sheet:

Dryer Hose Attachment:
Door handles:

Our Website:


Affiliate links — if you are planning to buy it anyway, why not use a link and help support the channel.

Table Saw:
Pocket Hole jig —
Rubber Mallet:
4-Foot Level:
Mitre Saw:
Jig Saw:
Skill Saw:
Belt Sander:
Impact Driver:
Drill Bits:
Pocket Hole Clamp:
Japanese Pull Saw:
Speed Square:
Tape Measure:
Palm Sander:
Positioning Squares:
Tube Cutter:
Saw Guide:
Digital Angle Finder
Craft Paper Roll
Workbench Casters
Bora Jigsaw Guide:
Corner Clamp:
Honing Guide:
Multi-marking Tool:
Small Glue Bottle:
Sanding Mouse:
Contour Guide:

Shop Safe Wedding Rings:

SnapMaker Tools:
Carbide Burr Set:
ER11 Collet Set:
20PC CNC Router Bit Set:

Video Gear:
Flexible Tripod:
Selfie Stick:
Softbox Lights:
Mic Stand:
Raspberry Pi:
Teckin Remote Camera:

0:00 — Intro
1:02 — Build Plans
1:09 — Milling the 2x4s
1:33 — Build the Bottom
3:00 — Router Death
3:49 — Making the Side Panels
4:24 — Making the French Cleat Side
6:01 — Attaching the Sides
6:10 — Making the Doors
7:14 — Top Bar
7:42 — Making the Top
8:55 — Venting Outside
9:23 — All Done

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  1. As I said in one of your other videos, thank you for the snappy pace of your video. You don’t waste my time watching them! Very nice enclosure!

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