Battlefield EA is SADLY Doing This 🥺 — PS5 Take Shots at XBOX, Call of Duty Warzone, PS5 & Xbox

Battlefield EA is SADLY Doing This 🥺 — PS5 Take Shots at XBOX, Call of Duty Warzone, PS5 & Xbox.
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So there’s some news for Battlefield 2042 that is a bit bad for Xbox Series X, Series S and PS4 players. It doesn’t seem to affect PS5 players by the looks. We’re also hearing that Bloodborne remastered could be revealed at the next Sony PlayStation experience livestream. Sony PS5 takes shots at Xbox just like how Xbox Phill Spencer took shots at PS5 recently. Cyberpunk 2077 is coming back to PlayStation and it also has a new patch 1.23. And EA Play livestream is set for July 22nd where we will see new games and Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal.

Battlefield Livestream: Countdown to Reveal Trailer

Battlefield Reveal Trailer Premiere

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109 ответов к «Battlefield EA is SADLY Doing This 🥺 — PS5 Take Shots at XBOX, Call of Duty Warzone, PS5 & Xbox»

  1. I think the sales for the PS5 and Xbox series X is all bullshit right now… yes they have sold that many but lots of the sales are from scalpers that still has them at there homes trying to sell them for 900 or so.

    1. Exactly bro PlayStation fans are bragging about how they got more sales but half of those sales are from scalpers and that’s because Ps5 is honestly a bit more known around the world so of course scalpers are gonna go for it.

    1. @The void banana Dude you high? The satellite photos can’t get clear pictures of the ground, plus the game would have so much more gbs if the ground was realistic and people would need high end consoles or PCs to even play. And they can’t just go to google maps and say hey I want your picture of the world I mean it would be cool to have that happen but it’s far too hard to make the whole world look as realistic as you want so yeah shut up.

  2. Lets hope the ip revival involves Visceral Games(dead space) bro either a reboot or a sequel we better see some new next gen dxr necromorph visuals

  3. For BF2042, do I need to spend the extra money for the gold version or the one above it to get the post launch maps, or am I able to still able to get the standard version and still get all the maps and guns for post launch content. Thanks

    1. Nope. Eveyrthing is available for everyone. Battlepass only provides cosmetics. But you have to grind the Battlepass’s free tier to unlock specialist. But I don’t think it weapons and maps are included in the pass. So you are good with Normal edition as well.

    1. It would be good and bad if they do. The bad of them doing it is that it could possibly go ps exclusive and the good thing is that they would probably let rockstar work on new games and not more on gta 5

  4. Let’s be honest; Sony is getting smacked around by Microsoft (Xbox) heavy. Honestly I think it stems from the fact they’re branching out heavy and I can respect a company that pushes hard. Especially since the original Xbox being the underdog, and even the 360.

    Man I remember putting my Xbox 360 in the freezer cause it fixed the red ring of death haha!!

  5. Jim Ryan maybe spitting facts, but it is not accurate to the Xbox situation. Xbox is taking a hands of approach on their studios and also giving them enough money and resources to make the games they want to make. They are even doing this for third party deals the studios made before the acquisition, like in the Psychonauts situation. The Xbox studios have said that they have maximum creative freedom under Xbox. I mean, if you are taking shots, take shots at something the other party is doing.

  6. I saw the 10% bf6 discount few days ago i have series x and it shows «X/S» which is the version that has series x upgrades i’ll check again tonite when i checked there were 4 versions this was 2 days after the reveal trailer

  7. Bro Battlefield 2042 better be the game of the fuckin century lol I’m putting in work in BF4 right now getting back into the series since I haven’t touched BF1 / BF5

  8. throwing money wont lead to success, but it definately doenst hurt success. Sony’s greedy approach currently under Jim fucking Ryan where he decides not to expand the sony studios and rather invests to buying 3rd party exclusive items and games.

    its gross, hope Jim Ryan gets demoted, sony’s direction that lead them at the top is bringing them to the bottom

  9. I mean need I remind y’all that Sony is looking to remake The Last of Us Part 1….. and probably a last of us side story about Abby watching old tiger woods videos.

  10. Been playing battlefield 4 sense 2013 haven’t stopped, but glad to see more people hopping on battlefield after the announcement of 2042. Still kinda salty no single player

  11. there is a difference between phil’s tweet and jim rayan’s.phil’s tweet is more like consumer side but jim’s is just opposite 100% corpo Sh***

  12. on a real note, xbox is literally useless now that you can play pretty much every xbox exclusive on PC with better performance, kids, save your money and buy PC

    1. yes but not everybody affords to pay at least 1500 euros for a decent gaming pc especially with those GPU prices, also a PC which costs 500€ will barely run games after 1 year, so the xbsx is a viable option for many people

  13. No you dont have to get the gold edition for a next gen upgrade, the standard next gen version just doesnt appear where he took the picture but if u go to games coming soon you can clearly see series x standard edition

  14. A bit of research needs done Skizzle.

    Xbox One is £53.99 with Xbox Live discount. Series X/S is £62.99 with the Live discount.

    Gold edition isn’t needed for the Xbox Series X/S upgrade.

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