Best TVs Ranked in the TV Leaderboard [2021]

FOMO’s TV Leaderboard ranks the best TVs for movies, gaming, all sizes & budgets — always updated! Thanks @Joe N Tell for the inspiration check his channel
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=== Editor’s Choice TVs for Movies:
Best Sony A90J Master Series
Premium Samsung QN90A
Premium Sony A80J
Mid-Range X95J (TBA)
Budget Hisense U8G
=== AVR and Pre/Pro with both Atmos & Auro3D:
Budget: Denon X4700H
Premium: Monoprice HTP-1
Best: Trinnov from Value Electronics
=== HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed Cables:
=== Atmos & Auro3D Combined Unified Speaker Layout
Denon FAQ
Grobi.TV setup
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    1. Bright room performance, dark room performance, and other consideration factors. Maybe also a series of Best Of columns showcasing the best of each brand as well as smaller TV size Flagship TVs (under 75″).

    1. @Blair Where did you hear that? It has the best motion of any TV and 792 local dimming zones, mini led, fastest response time, game bar is bad ass, and I could go on. The only people complaing are the ones who can’t afford it, but you get what your pay for and it’s worth it.

  1. I can vouch for the Samsung Q80 (65″) . I Use my daily for gaming 5 hours + with a PC (R5 3600 RX 6800xt). VRR 4k 120hz works with no issues

  2. I would actually love to see the Samsung Qn90a 50inch vs the LG C1 48inch go head to head running Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 5, and nvidia 3080 or 3090 gpu.

  3. I’ll loan you an Nvidia shield to test ai upscaling. Really believe that video purists will like it once they try it. I’ve been converted.

    1. @Rinal Singh disagree with this, the oled like an a80j is brighter than x90j in hdr. The perceived brightness alone will make it look brighter. The x90j has less brightness, less viewing angle, more glare and some blooming.

    2. @YJT99 The Sony A80J has ABL and brightness won’t remain the same. The Sony X90J doesn’t have ABL restrictions and will be brighter with some scenes. Besides, I was just saying that the Sony X90J isn’t a bad TV as Kapono5150 claims.

    3. @Rinal Singh its not a bad tv at all, it looks great with the xr chip I had it and returned it bcuz during the day it looked too dim and sometimes hazy, afternoon to night it was excellent. I had no place for it bcuz for the use case better off getting an oled at night and something like 950h or x95j for brightness. I also had the u8g, if not for many glitches I would of kept it over the x90j. The hisense is a better tv if you get a good working panel. ABL only affects gamers and is barely noticeable. I’m a casual gamer and I don’t notice any dimming on my A8h.

    4. @Juan Mm Your old ass X930E would smoke 💨 the X90J. I actually kept my old X900F and your X930E is actually better than mine! 930E was sooo good 👍

  4. Thank you for this video, very much appreciated to know a professionals input and also personal preference from other viewers and yourself. Have a nice day FOMO. Never change, never stop being your cool self. You’re awesome!!

  5. U8G belongs in flagship. I have absolutely no red motion blur whatsoever. I’d love to see an example other than that one scene from “The Crown.” Motion is good, picture quality is outstanding, and for non-OLED, is the best TV on the market, and the best for the money bar none.

    1. @D. Clark I guess it depends on the unit unfortunately. I haven’t noticed any ghosting whatsoever, so for me, it’s been a phenomenal buy. For those experiencing ghosting, though, Hisense is very aware and getting close to a patch that should fix it. Always good to see companies willing to fix issues.

    1. I was waiting for tests too because in europe we can buy tcl c825 since 1 month. We can watch them in shops, but there is still no test… Youtubers are not alowed to test them. TCL is blocking tests. What is scaring me is that they controle there communication too much… why ?? Are they not believing in their products ??
      What i can say about what i have seen in shops is that the quality of built doesn’t look as good as sony samsung lg or philips even lower price tvs. Yes the panel is very bright, but the upscale didn’t look great, and colours were very very saturated. And i was easily able to see on the left and right edges that the image is less bright than in center of the screen.

  6. You’re the man FOMO! The leaderboard helps keep you in check so you can’t say everything is best. One has to be better than another eventually depending on the category.

  7. Why under flagship gaming was the a80j picked over the a90j ? Is the a90j not a better tv ? Flagship usually means no compromise no price consideration I thought ? Looking on rtings website hdr is brighter on the a90j giving it a advantage over thr a80j in game mode ?

  8. Anyone whos played PS5 or Nintendo Switch on the A90J or A80J side by side with the LG C1 will realize it looks much better on the former. The C1 was optimized for Xbox and PC, and only performs better on those.

    1. which then leads to the logical conclusion that for Gaming the A90J and A80J are actually EVEN with LG, despite not having VRR ALLM which simply arent supported by Sony or Nintendo, so 2 platforms are performing better on each side = Draw is the Final Gaming Result

    1. 8K is worthless expensive with no content and by the time 8K does become available all that money spent on these 8K TVs will be outdated. I suggest letting the early adopters spend the big money so we can spend the better money later when 8K becomes relevant within the next 10 years

    1. I was gonna get a C1 next month, but my B8 has burn in from gaming, so I’ll be getting a QN90A just to be safe.
      Sucks because I have a 3090 for gsync, and a Dolby Vision/Atmos setup.
      Oh well at least the QN90A will last longer.

    2. @Upsidedown SS no doubt, I’m currently using the Q80T in my upstairs living room and have the series X hooked up to it and it’s been great, no complaints although my downstairs H/T tv is the one I’m upgrading this year and I was hoping to find a tv that would allow me to run both consoles and the new HDMI 2.1 Apple TV on so that’s why I’m looking at the C1 although I don’t watch much tv in the dark so I’d have to see how well it handles reflections and might end up with the QN90A

    3. @Lozin
      Oh I see.
      Yeah only 1x 2.1 hdmi on the qn90a is bit of a let down, not sure why they didn’t give the connect box?
      You might what to check out the new LG QNED, releases next month (July ) there’s videos on YouTube.
      Anyway — happy picking man.

  9. I’m actually enjoying the 65″ C1. I’ll be keeping it at least till 2026. I found it’s a great middle ground for picture quality features and price. Not a perfect TV by no means but it is a damn good one. Most my Content is 4K HDR/DV- HD Movies an Shows and Games(Offline [email protected] is fine for me), No cable or anything like that.

  10. The 65″ Q90t and the U8G are really close in price right now id like to know if it is worth the few 100 more for the Q90t, or is the U8G that good

    1. The q90t just got a game mode update fixing the local dimming. Makes the tv even more worth it. I’d get the q90t. What room are you gonna put the tv in? Bright or dark?

  11. I like these for bang for buck at the moment ;

    LG 75NANO906NA
    — 75″ 4K Ultra HD NanoCell Smart TV : £1299
    LG 65NANO956NA — 65″ 8K Ultra HD NanoCell Smart TV : £1249
    LG 65NANO916NA
    — 65 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR NanoCell LED TV : £948

    Now none of those are great on the dimming zones but the slightly dim 8K is nicely future proofed, and the 4K 75″ is has the gaming features and is big too so I think if the image quality doesn’t suffer to much that is a decent buy.
    I’d suggest looking in closer detail at the inputs, and the sound quality and check to see if any of them suffer from bad motion or stutter (as some larger TV’s can) but overall they look competitively priced to me.

    Though perhaps some might like to wait for a further discount or the reduction in price of the newer models.

    I suspect even though the 8K is dim it’s still as bright as an OLED though — I don’t know if they intend to give the Nano line Dolby Vision gaming or not as they barely get mentioned.
    Also you can sometimes find a CX 55″ for the same sort of money so there is that too.

    I’m curious if anyone has a 75″ 4K Nanocell TV if they think the image quality is to compromised or if the 8K 65″ is to dim.
    I’d kinda like a 75″ nanocell 8K — but I can’t find one cheap enough as yet.

    I think these are all 120hz panels but I’d recommend checking that out too before buying anything as the odd 60hz panel sneaks into product lines in a stealthy manner sometimes — like the LG A1 series for example.

  12. Can’t wait for the 2021 tcl 6 series vs hisense u8g. Those are the 2 I’m most interested in for this year to upgrade to hdmi 2.1. I’m looking for a good mid tier 55inch.

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