Black Ops 2 & MW2 Fully Remastered on Xbox Game Pass… Call of Duty Games & DLC Exclusives Possible!

Black Ops 2 & MW2 Fully Remastered on Xbox Game Pass… Call of Duty Games & DLC Exclusives Possible!

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63 ответа к «Black Ops 2 & MW2 Fully Remastered on Xbox Game Pass… Call of Duty Games & DLC Exclusives Possible!»

    1. Pretty sure he’s just going through possibilities of what could happen but he makes it sound like it’s actually happening in the title

    2. It’s damage control. If they do pull the plug, they wouldn’t do it right now because PlayStation still has the exclusivity until 2025 I believe or its 2023 it’s on of the 2 years. I couldn’t care too much tho because of the lack of interesting cods. Shitty mp’s for the past 3 years and then lack of creative freedom in zombies past bo4.

    1. @Juan Pablo Sáez
      Because a BO1 remaster is more than *just* zombies, it’s campaign and multiplayer. Plus I’d rather play another Moon remastered with the OG crew with the OG BO1 guns on next gen then Tranzit, Nuketown or die rise

    2. @Damien

      Nah it’s an objective truth that the Victis crew are the worst crew in zombies history, not only that but they are on the worst maps in zombies history a real double whammy. The only reason why people like Victis or their maps is because of nostalgia and rose tinted glasses

    1. Yeah I really hope so. It’s been too many times at this point where cod games have had hype and didn’t deliver as they should; Ghosts, WWII, BO4, etc

  1. I think if they do a 1 year subscription for call of duty it would have to have the base game, monthly cod points, free battle pass, early access content and 3 monthly free bundle tokens for each month

  2. I feel like call of duty coming to game pass is a bigger step for the older generation to be able to play games they missed the most and for newer generations to know where the roots planted themselves

  3. Yo I dont care what they do I have an Xbox so I’m good with that they can do whatever they like and tbh it will be fear that xbox will have all of the cods I mean Playstation have games that xbox doesn’t

  4. I allways think exclusive content for one plattform is stupid and hurts everyone even the ones who get it.
    Release some thinks a bit earlier (map packs in this case) is ok but cutting out a game mode for a whole year hurts the one who get it also. If you have only 1/3 of your playerbase for a game mode then there is not much priority in developing content for it. Give the exclusive plattform here and there a free skin, a few more double xp and it doesn’t hurt the other plattforms.

  5. We all used to pay $60 for the game and an additional $50 if you bought the dlc bundle pack (forget what it’s called) or $60 to purchase all the dlc’s individually. So it’s no different than in the past

  6. All I want is something like COD mobile for the major 3 platforms where we have 1 title that just keeps evolving and getting better over time

    1. All future cods will suck anyway, just cause MS is gonna own Activision doesnt mean the games will be any better, if the old cods come to game pass i just want them to be playable again, fix servers patch mods etc. I will live on bo1 and 2 forever idc

  7. I really hope we get a modern warfare 3 campaign remastered. I enjoyed the first 2 remasters a lot and with a mw3 remastered it would complete the trilogy

  8. Bro if Xbox puts cod on Xbox game pass it will be sick look at MLB the show it’s a PlayStation exclusive and when it came out on Xbox you could have the option to buy the game or buy the game pass

  9. All I’m saying, is IF they add all the old Cods to game pass (not remasters) they NEED to fix the games in some capacity. Just think, the servers are broken on MW2, theatre mods on Bo2 it’s basically a scam to anyone who would think of joining game pass just to play Cod…

  10. I read a post about the acquisition of activision is in some red flags due to shares bein significantly lower then the price of shares that was expected so there’s some slight second thoughts from microsoft not sure what they are gonna do but hopefully they don’t flip and back out

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Call of Duty: Black Ops II
    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    Call of Duty: World at War
    Call of Duty 2
    Call of Duty 3
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
    Microsoft already remastered them.

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