Century: Age of Ashes — Console Launch Trailer | Xbox One

Free-to-Play Dragon Shooter Century: Age of Ashes is now available on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S!

— SEASON 1 —
Unleash devastating thunder on your foes with a new character class and a heap of new content in Season 1: A Shadow Over Skeld.
— New Character Class: The Stormraiser
— New Map: The Valkürian Sanctuary
— New Leveling System: Dragon Pass (70+ Rewards)
— A rich Story Arc unfolding in 7 Tomes
— New Ranked Season
… and more!

Starting August 2nd, Xbox GamePass Ultimate Members will receive the “Krød Slaglands Perk». Both packs include special dragons and other rewards.

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  1. launch trailer? This game’s been on every page of the new releases section. It seems to be coming out every other week despite the fact I’ve been playing it for months.

    It’s also really good check it out.

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