Devilian Mobile — Global Soft Launch — Android on PC — F2P — Mobile

The game has been soft launched today for some selected regions: Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Sweden, Philippines, and Vietnam. If you are not in those regions and don’t want to wait for the official launch you can also try to download the game apk directly from the links below. It seems you will need VPN to play outside those regions (IP-Block). There are 3 servers actually: USA, Europe and Asia. The game is available in Korean and English, probably more languages will come eventually.

Official Soft Launch Notes:

Google play:
Apk download:

Installed Size: 1.2Gb

Video recorded on PC using Nox App Player

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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    1. Si quieres jugar con el movil, descargalo ahi y lanza la app, si lo bajas con pc puedes probar con un emulador como nox, tienes el link en la descripcion.

    1. That’s funny cause its from the same developer bhs… needless to say, the game was out for nearly a year now it just happen to hit mobile just recently.

      if you enjoy playing tera give it a go… not sure how the game will turn out seeing gamevil as publisher …

    1. HIT was not the first of this kind, but got some popularity cause the graphics I guess. This is the only one with official Elins xD but a TERA mobile game is on the go.

  1. hey,Mr.Rendermax,i like all your vids.i love it rlly,but i had a question.i did manage to download the package from for the Devilian game,but i faced this error «There is a problem parsing the package» how can i fix this prob? thx a lot for helping me 😀

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