“DO NOT BUY XBOX SERIES X|S PS5 Is Better» According To Ridiculous Media Site MUO

DO NOT BUY XBOX! Site MUO.Com Gives 7 Incredibly short sighted reasons why «You Should NOT Buy an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S» because PS5 Is just Better. According To Media Site MUO We all made a big mistake buying an Xbox over PlayStation.
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Source: https://www.makeuseof.com/reasons-not-to-buy-xbox-series-x-s/

Source: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-08-30-sony-says-expect-more-of-its-first-party-playstation-games-on-pc


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83 ответа к «“DO NOT BUY XBOX SERIES X|S PS5 Is Better» According To Ridiculous Media Site MUO»

    1. I think it is a safe bet in reason #4 that Joe Keeley either has not played any Xbox games or perhaps is blindfolded if he has played an Xbox game. Joe simply discounts Activision Blizzard or Zenimax Bethesda’s talent, when he should have highlighted how much talent exists at both companies.

    2. Reason #5 is where Joe Keeley shows he has no idea how tech works. He never mentions that the Series S has full RDNA2 architecture like the Series X. The main differences between the Series S and X are the S has 20 compute units and has 10 gb of DDR6 mem. Also Joe never mentions that the Series S give the customer some serious bang for the buck along with well over 100 games that can run at 120 hz. For $299 the Series S IS the best value in gaming.

    3. For reason #6 it seems that Joe has forgotten how long it took Sony to get their controller dialed in like it is now. Xbox controllers have a consistently better feel and trigger/button location. But the PS5 controller is Sony’s best controller yet.

    4. I guess in reason #7 Joe just ignored how big the PS5 is. Perhaps people who want a PS5 should wait till the next iteration?
      Thanks Dealer. Great video💥

  1. There is exclusives on ps5 deamon souls rachet and clank reternal there is a few more, but that’s just off the top of my head, an to be honest xbox doesn’t have any exclusives anymore as they all on pc,

    1. sony bought a studio that only exists to port playstation games to pc. by your logic everything on playstation is a timed exclusive before the pc port gets released.

  2. I had ps5 for awhile, it’s good, got the series x recently and finding my time playing more on series x, it’s a better all arounder. Can’t wait for the gen to truely to pick up for both systems

  3. Fake News, I’m happy with my Xbox X and game pass never bored, dont know why there’s so much hate on Microsoft?! Oh yeah they bought Activision lol

  4. I love the series S; It’s good and it doesn’t take much to put it in your backpack and just take it anywhere. Sony has a lot of people who support them and it just pisses me off and also the way they make series consoles look.

  5. Storage options are way better on Series X. More storage by default, more external options AND the memory expansion card. It all works better too and no need to open the system up.

    Games are debatable. Most PS owners don’t even play 90% of Sony’s games, and that’s why they’re porting them to PC and doing cross-gen to recoup all that overspending. Game Pass means Sony’s business model will be 100% unsustainable once CoD’s contract is up.

    Series S is affordable entry level. PS5 is less powerful than Series X.

    I’ve already gone through multiple PS5 controllers. L stick drift and battery degredation. The features are cool, but it feels flimsier and less comfortable in my hands. I have multiple friends who’ve all gotten L stick drift or broken triggers.

    VR on PS4 been dead af. PS VR 2 is still going to be an expensive peripheral with limited support due to a fragmented install base. Console gamers are not going to open their wallets and people who want VR have gone to PC.

    No Game Pass on PS5.

    Intentionally deceptive shill article. I own both and I will always tell someone to go for Xbox this gen. It’s the smart choice.

    1. Yeah,every PlayStation fan I knew during the ps3 era had almost entirely third party games except for GOW,Infamous,and uncharted for the most part

  6. Halo Infinite sucked. One year in of the Xbox Series X and this was suppose to be the highlight of Xbox.
    This isn’t next gen at all. This was awful.
    Cheap ass free to play game with $thousands$ worth of nasty ingame purchases

  7. Haven’t watched the full yet but a correction on the first point
    1 the entire uncharted collection is NOT coming to pc, just the legacy of thieves edition, which is only a remaster of 4 and lost legacy

    2. The God of war series is not coming to pc. I know you didn’t say that and only mentioned God of war 2018 but I thought I’d clear up that ragnarok and all previous God of war games are still exclusive

    3 ghost of tsushima coming to pc is not confirmed, so far its just a rumor

    4. Horizon zero dawn is on pc, but forbidden west will not be

    5. There are still plenty of ps exclusives such as shadow of the colossus (old but gold) the Infamous series, the last of us series, the spiderman games, little big planet, demons souls, etc

    All in all, it seems Sony is only allowing older games to come to pc in order to get more sales on them as well as drive ps5 sales for their upcoming sequels

    Further point, if ghost of tsushima does actually come to pc, that most likely means we’ll be getting a sequel that will also be a Sony exclusive.

    Edit: saying xbox has better games because they bought Activision and Bethesda is asinine. Especially since every game from Bethesda as of right now is multiplatform, and Activision confirmed that COD is staying multiplatform, you really can’t claim COD and Elder scrolls, fallout, doom etc as Xbox games, because you can play them literally anywhere else. Sony constantly releases blockbuster titles that can only be found on Playstation, thus making them Playstation games. Even after the acquisition of Activision and Bethesda, these games cannot be considered xbox games because there is no exclusivity to back up these claims. Also trying to say xbox buying Activision means they have better games and then showing a clip from COD shows the silliness of this claim because there hasn’t been a truly great COD game since 2012 and Activision is one of the most hated companies in the world right now next to EA due to the fact that the past 3 CODs ar completely broken and aren’t getting fixed and that the past 2 were absolutely ass. You can’t seriously make that claim after cold war and vanguard.

    Edit 2: the controller argument is weak. You say Sony copied analog stick rumble. This is not not the case. The dualsense has adaptive feedback, meaning it can have different feeling haptic sensations for different things. For example, on Astros playroom you can physically feel the difference between walking on metal vs glass or sand vs grass. You can physically feel the movement of the water as you swim through it. Furthermore there’s also the adaptive trigger which can give adaptive resistance. For example if you pull a bow back, you can physically feel the trigger restricting more the further you pull the bow back, or you can feel the weight of a guns trigger in COD or siege. Or you can feel the resistance in a car if you get it stuck vs if you’re riding smoothly. Furthermore the controller also has a speaker, a microphone, and a touchpad that’s definitely innovation

  8. Just bought an Xbox One X over the Series S. My screen is native 4k and the One X has a slightly better GPU…and I don’t mind playing single player at 30fps. Got it just to play the original RDR (not avalible on PS5 or PC)…but I’ve been seriously impressed. I’ll probably grab a Series X as soon as Series exclusives start dropping. This from a former ‘I don’t use controllers’ PC gaming snob.

  9. I told the guy at the gas station all the updated games on game pass and on the Xbox he didn’t even know about any of that he’s like what yea dude the Xbox pretty sick he’s a PlayStation guy we were just talking about how we want to play are game together

  10. Yeah I saw this article on my news feed, I read it and it was so bad writing and such blatant lies.

    I made sure I don’t get news from that outlet again.

  11. I don’t care about articles like that. Sony can’t compete, so they do the only thing they can. Paying sites to write crap. Thankfully people like Dealer and others saying the truth.

  12. If you honestly don’t think that the PS5 has better games, you’re kidding yourself. Because it absolutely does, especially when you stop to consider the very real fact that MS will have to honor the contractual agreements in place with most of their newly acquired studies for the next 3ish years so most of the games the make will still be coming to PS5, plus Sony has the undisputed best first party exclusive games and Nintendo is the only company that even really comes close.

    1. based on what? contracts are up a year after the purchase, nintendo outsells playstations exclusives. i dont see the «facts» part in your post.

  13. Can you tell how xbox has better exclusives ?!

    God of war , Horizon Zero Dawn , Spider man , Last of us , Ghost of Tsushima , Death Stranding , Uncharted , Gran Turismo , Detroit: Become Human , Bloodborne and Days gone .

  14. I got that same article on my Google News feed and I simply clicked «Do not show again.» Because after skimming through it I knew exactly what I was getting into.

  15. I own both the series x and the ps5, although the xbox has very slightly better graphics the two are very similar, neither is really «the king of consoles» i will say though, my xbox definitely gets more use due to the lack of exclusive games at the moment for the ps5. Being a big spiderman and halo fan means i need both though to be able play the games that i want to.

  16. It’s all preference and I believe Xbox will surpass playstation because of the business model they are following, play station is doing what they always do which is why I don’t own ANY of their consoles

  17. -_- i had to explain this to a majority of people already

    based on the current tech specs and where we are with fab processes right now (even with delays/shortages) i can tell you prices will not go down, probably not up either as 500 i think is the max amount people are willing to spend on a high end system

    the next update will be the series s — which may be a slightly more powerful gpu or maybe an increase in storage (or both) with it being sold at a loss due to the digital aspect of it, but it seems they may actually just making a portable series s it seems (basically an xbox switch)

  18. I have been a Playstation fan since its inception and have recently been rocking Xbox series x . I enjoy both X & PS5 for various reasons. It comes down to one’s preference, but to say PS5 has better games is absolutely absurd! Horizon Forbidden West will be fantastic, but almost everything else worthwhile Microsoft also brings to players!

  19. What a load of bs, get both if you can like i did, best of both worlds. I love and enjoy both of them and play most multi platform games on the Series X as i feel it performs better
    What i really dig about the Ps5 is the controller, it truly feels next gen. Another plus in my books is the 4k player on the Sony, i find it significantly sharper leading to better overall detail. Other than that i think they’re both great machines.

  20. Of course Series S is underpowered, its the entry console into next gen for half the price of the big brother. Series S is actually more suited to most casual gamers as opposed to the powerhouse Series X. Roll On Microsoft 2022

  21. Ive had xboxs since the og halo edition.. still have all my xboxs. But 2 things that I hate about the series x (well 1 of them has been since xbox one)
    1. The bluray/dvd app needs ALOT of work. Its not very good. Kind of crap..
    2. The expansion memory card.. REALLY half the price of the series x..REALLY. I was super happy when they said it has an expansion slot. But then they said the price and F#*k me WAY WAY WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.. I’d love and need one but that price NOOOO WAY.

  22. I promise you when I looked over this person seven reasons not to by the big boss Xbox.. I thought he was joking.I thought just a joke.But he was actually serious damn shame ridiculous and bias all seven reasons🤔 based on opinion know facts this guy smh dum ass…..

  23. series x resolution looks like crap up close nowhere near 4k and the HDR is washed out on best tv OLED G1… ps5 better hdr better colors better resolution quality why? because ps5 doesnt use VRS

  24. In all seriousness my series x has been a boxed up paper weight ever since I got my legion 5 pro. I’ll be selling it to my cousin. The Xbox just felt like a caged animal with no chance of ever escaping. The point of xbox is never going to be to give you options. And when I say options, I mean settings abilities, and in game changes.

  25. I dont hate xbox series x just don’t have any interest of getting one. The last xbox I had was the 360 and I didn’t regret my choice back then but ill stick to my ps5 this gen, mircosoft can steal all the games this gen I’m only sticking to one

  26. Hi dealer it’s upsetting to see lies disinformation and ignorant opinions passed as facts XBOX SX is next generation technology and that’s a fact!

  27. I haven’t tried the new PS5 controller. I have tried previous generations on both platforms and have always preferred Xbox controllers. They feel more comfortable to me and have better triggers (longer with more travel). The new PS controller may have fixed much of that. The shape has changed but not by much. The trigger buttons have slightly more travel but still look like they have less than the Xbox. The haptics do sound really cool, so I look forward to trying that out. If it’s any good (and I think it probably is) then I expect MS to have an answer in the near future.
    I’m still on the One X and a good PC. When I can get hold of a Series X I will buy one, but the Series S doesn’t feel like enough of an upgrade at this point — the PS5 is not on my shopping list — even after this comprehensive list of bad reasons.

  28. I paid £249 for my series s and have the original and one x and I have to say the series s is great, Not short of games to play at all. I dont feel i am missing out in the xbox camp, but in all honesty i dont see a massive difference between my one x and series s but i am old and slow so there is that!

  29. We love ya II DEALER II
    It must be PS5 is the liberal console?? Lol! IDK, but the only other area I’ve seen this much BS is in BOTH sides of extreme politics!much Love,

  30. Their upset and just mad at xbox yet i haven’t figured out why 🤔. Sony is doing the exact same thing xbox been doing for years yet Sony the only console that has exclusives 😂

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