Does Xbox NEED Bungie? — Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 77

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The Xcast crew is here to talk about the big potential breakup between Bungie and Xbox.

Time Stamps —
00:00:00 — Start
00:08:00 — What ya playing?
00:26:40 — Housekeeping
00:27:54 — Phil Spencer To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award
00:32:15 — GTA 6 confirmed
00:45:00 — PlayStation Acquires Bungie For 3.6 Billion Dollars
00:53:53 — Halo roadmap delayed
00:57:27 — Certain Affinity is building a new game mode for Halo Infinite
01:01:01 — Halo TV Trailer
01:07:17 — New Game Pass drops
01:12:00 — Update on Fantasy Critic Draft

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81 ответ к «Does Xbox NEED Bungie? — Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 77»

  1. Yes they needed to give halo to Bungie to make it better
    343 halo is the worse halo in the history of halo i was hoping to get game pass on my pc or get halo on steam but halo suk and looking at stem less then 20.000 people playing it now even the trash sea of thieves is more played then halo

    1. Most of the bungie team that worked on halo now work for 343, bungie don’t even want halo anymore they are in the online only games as service model now

  2. The CEO of Gaming, Phil Spencer tells yall what he’s gonna do before he does it. He said he wanted more casual & mobile content so he went & got it. He’s had his eye on Japan for years. He will take a Japanese studio…my mistake, Publisher next.

  3. The way I understand it all of bungie upcoming games will still be on xbox. So we’re not losing Any bungee games. That’s what makes this deal so weird for Sony they don’t get anything for it. I think they’re panicking watching the moves Microsoft is making

    1. In no way shape or form was this reactionary to the activision blizzard. They absolutely get a lot with this acquisition, along with Bungie.

    2. Sony are getting knowledge, talent and money essentially. They want to make their own GaaS and because so many of them are DOA (Marvel’s Avengers is a good example) they’ve bought the best in the business to help them. Think of how poorly D1 and D2 launched and how long it took them to get to a good place; those months and years are worth millions and millions, so if Sony can avoid making the same mistakes with Bungie’s help then it’s a huge saving.

      It’s a good move for everyone; Bungie now gets even more talent and money, plus Sony’s support to go into TV & film, and Destiny and any new IP moving forward should be better than they’ve ever been.

  4. havent watched the episode yet, but to answer that question, no they do not need Bungie. Xbox has enough IPs, studios and talent to create something new and successful.

  5. Isnt the question.. does PS need Bethesda, Activision and Blizzard? Bungie is fine… just not something most my gamer friends care about much any longer.

  6. I don’t see why Sonny would pay all that money and they don’t get anything exclusive. It’s the most weirdest deal I’ve ever seen. What the hell is going on at Sony

  7. Microsoft/Xbox hasn’t “had” Bungie in a decade. I don’t think they need Bungie/Destiny/Project Matter. If anything, live service games need the platform holders, with a smaller player base, the less successful a live service game can be.

    1. I mean, they were fine when Destiny felt like a 2nd.. maybe 3rd class citizen on Xbox. Regardless, I just hope this allows Bungie to do their best work yet. Looking forward to what they come out with.

  8. Missing Parriss for the Bungie discussion, cant wait for his thoughts as a die hard fan. Love a good Mike and Gary one on one. Great episode. Still waiting for that halo infinite spoiler cast tho!

  9. Xbox never needed Bungie & if by chance they did they would have gotten them for cheaper & sooner . Yet not the case , so they were not seen as a need .

  10. I’ve been burned by destiny twice, whether they stick with 2 or eventually release destiny 3, I’m a hard no regardless. Maybe their next franchise, but it has to be something other than a monotonous grind fest. They can build good worlds and write games well, but I’m so tired of artificially expanded cash grabs.

  11. I’m not against a halo BR though I do hope it’s more of a PvPvE ala Halo 5’s Warzone mode. Is a BR really ‘less competitive’ though? There are no respawns (or very limited) and one winner per hundred players??

    1. Gary counter picked Pokémon. Meaning points for that are basically reversed. If Pokémon had flopped he’d have gotten some points, but if since it did well he got negative points. I think Janet is the one that actually picked it.

  12. I think the loss of bungie would of been a bigger deal to xbox in 2014. Now, under Phil Spencer, they are on much firmer footing.

    1. On top of that fact that the Bungie we know isn’t the same Bungie that Sony bought. Most of employees have probably left by now, or stayed with Microsoft when a chunk of the members spun off to make 343i

    2. @Tyr Cipher exactly…just because they have the same name, doesn’t mean they are the same studio now that made halo back then. Destiny is great at what it does, but imo, it pales in comparison to halo. But then again, I don’t like the looter shooter genre at all.

  13. It was so refreshing to hear Gary’s take on the Halo TV trailer. Halo fans (and really fans of any existing franchise) get so demanding and critical. If it were up to them, there would be zero differentiation between the TV show and the games.

    1. Eh I feel it’s mostly a quality issue. The show looks like it should be on the sci-fi channel or CBS. Imagine a Halo tv show this the budget and look of Game of Thrones.

  14. everyones forgetting that dying light 2 had to rebuild thier story from the ground up when they were halfway through dev after their lead writer was canned for sexual misconduct

  15. Rockstar announced gta 5 in a similar fashion in October 2011, a week later they dropped the 1st trailer. Their share price jumped 7 % on that announcement. We then had to wait nearly 2 years. Let’s hope we get a trailer soon. 🤞

  16. Any media people still confused about Bungie’s plans for game exclusivity just needs to read their FAQ. How do so many media people keep missing the FAQ? There is a big fat «NO» plastered to every single question about exclusivity you can think of in there.

    1. @Roys Bedoys The agreement to acquire Bungie included provisions for Bungie to retain independence in publishing their own games.

      Just look at the FAQ people:

      «Q. Bungie has future games in development, will they now become PlayStation exclusives? ​
      No. We want the worlds we are creating to extend to anywhere people play games. We will continue to be self-published, creatively independent, and we will continue to drive one, unified Bungie community. ​

      Q. I play Destiny on Steam, Xbox, or Stadia – will my platform still be supported? ​
      Yes. »

      Like they even literally have the word Xbox in there lmao. What more do people want?

    2. @imadetheuniverse4fun the difference between those two FAQs is one mentions future titles and the other only mentions destiny. Although from what they have mentioned it does seem like they want to keep it multi-platform but they could do that without Xbox. Not that it would bother me because I’m not a big destiny fan after destiny 1 just didn’t hit with me a D2 just miss the mark for me too.

  17. i dreamed of a day where Bungie MS would join forces once again, 343 would be liquidated & a HiGHER QUALITY of Halo game would emerge.

    something like George Lucas returning to SW after Kathleen Kennedy stomped it into the ground. like how Bonnie Ross and her minions did to Halo, ironically around the same time.

    but after that activision blizzard deal, i knew exactly then Sony had Bungie… after all they did show their next big game on PS back when Destiny first came out. still bitter about leaving MS without THEIR baby. i would be too. (wonder if they still have that dog head in a jar)🤔🤣

    as far as the “SILVER TIMELINE” good luck

  18. I’m struggling playing fc6 because everything just feels like guff and especially with having a new born . So I understand with Gary point of view. Atm halo infinite , max payne and sifu ( when it out) seems to just be hitting that sweet spot .

  19. And Noooooo way do they keep you with the money you have and stuff. Absolutely NO way they don’t restart you. If they leave everyone with millions of dollars they won’t buy shark cards, or at least those people won’t. They are like one of THE greediest companies there is, they are going to tie Bethesda for most re-releases of the same damn game before long.

    1. Also if they tell people that then everyone is going to grind and do everything they can to pump up their money until 6 comes out and really not buy any 🦈 cards.

  20. Lmao yeah lets have a Halo show where Master Chief isn’t the main character and it’s some random girls that we’ve never heard of. Sounds like Masters of the Universe Revelations all over again

  21. funny how playstation is sabotaging their discord because its an xbox podcast lol. Kidding… I noticed your vid quality really dropped recently on Daily and etc. Someone gotta pay the bills!

  22. 10 hours in, Dying Light 2 is excellent so far. Zero bugs so far, in single player mode. A few bugs in co-op, like NPC’s not talking and zombies heads floating in the air once they’ve been cut off.

  23. Are the longer story games like Dying Light 2 going to change and become shorter experiences or be made less as GamePass gets bigger and having more games to play. Back when you could only buy a few games a year a big game like this was good to eat up the time before you could buy the next game. Now with service games, and more game options will these become less popular or if this doesn’t grab you attention fast will you move on more quickley.

    1. I think it depends on the person. Some people are looking for a game to sink hours into, while others want quick bite sized experiences. Some want both, Game pass just provides all of it.

  24. They had to announce GTA6 now because when Phil Spencer announces they have bought Take 2 in a month or two he can talk about GTA6 and his desire to have it multiplatform

  25. the one thing destiny does better than halo…is that in 2 games destinys universe seem soo much more vast and imaginative than all the games of halo combined. like the enemy design….the weapons…like destiny embraced more fantastical elements and thats fun. like at some point the spartan armor gets old and there is only soo much u can do…see infinites storefront and skins and it looks sad. just having abilities is huge. like u can have a suit of armor and do some cool shit. anthem was a flawed ass game but it had cool unique looking suits of armor that can fit a human and has cool abilities. like why didnt the unsc put missiles in the spartan armor or a Gatling gun on their backs? the armor can survive a drop from space but but a grunt can kill him with a charges plasma shot. he can flip a tank but cant punch ghost across the street? like why cant chef fly? u would think the next logical step for the armor is like iron man abilities. if i showed u that amazing anthem gameplay demo from e3 and said it was the new halo…it would be sweet.

  26. They have Bungie Most of the Talent behind Halo left Bungie and work for Yes MS basically the people at Bungie today as Devs. Didn’t make any of Halo games, didn’t make Detiny, most didn’t make Destiny 2 but did do up keep on it. That is why MS doesn’t need them. They already have them. Sony bought a name not a team. Yes this great because the Tech Sony can pick up. However MS has it from Activision when Bungie was there and already bring former Bungie Devs back under MS.

  27. Back 4 blood was definitely the best of them Cooperative shooter games it’s so good I still play it to this day I love that it’s challenging

  28. Why does all these game news or podcasters think Bungie made this big deal with Sony to make there games multi-platform ? As a person who follows all game related news Bungie making this huge unprecedented deal with Sony was never in my head because that’s far from the truth. The reason why all these news sites are giving all the kudos to Bungie is because they took the Sony and Bungie press releases as fact. The reason to me the reason why I think Sony had to keep Destiny 2 multi platform is because of the Activision buyout. Destiny 2 generates money and is popular but doesn’t even come close to what COD and Warzone generate. It’s well over 350 million a year Sony makes off that franchise and Destiny 2 is not in that ballpark. So what would Sony do ? make Destiny 2 exclusive and Microsoft forget about there agreement with Sony to keep Warzone and the next COD installment on PlayStation that will hurt Sony. The only reason why Microsoft agreed to keep a few COD titles on PlayStation is because the acquisition is going to be rough and don’t need Sony to send any letters of grievance to the FTC and the DOJ complaining about how Microsoft is ripping all that money from them. This is strategy they locked out Bethesda it kept Activision open to multi plats and that doesn’t get these so called gaming news experts thinking instead of believing some corporate press releases.

  29. Halo has been doing an event every week you should jump back on your missing out on all the free event cosmetics and goodies LOL pretty good reason to jump in last event with attrition was good and now the fractured event is back I think they have some big things planned for the future probably a Battle Royale as well with certain affinity if not at least a bunch of cool game modes are coming I think this season one is a testing bed and season 2 and going forward will go all out

  30. I mean I figured it might be because earnings are coming up Monday. That’s the only reason I could really fine but I don’t even think that makes sense because it’s not like the stock was doing horribly. Plus you already know whenever they announce GTA 6 The stock is going to go up whenever they sell that first trailer the stock is going to go up when they discuss multiplayer for the next generation in the franchise the stock is going to go up. When it launches on day one guess what’s going to happen the stock is going to go up.

  31. I think 343 would thrive if it would stop trying to be (2007) Bungie. I liked Halo Infinite but it seems like 343 played it too safe and didnt innovate just to please the fans of the old Bungie games. Say what you want about Halo 4 and 5 but they actually felt like they were moving the franchise forward. Infinite took a few steps back in my opinion.

  32. zombies from halo 1 is essentially a battle royal that the community invented. A proper ‘turn into flood when you die’ halo BR would be awesome.

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