DOOM Eternal | Raytracing Upgrade Graphics Comparison | Xbox Series X 4K Gameplay

Doom Eternal on Xbox Series X tested in two modes.

Balanced Mode: 2160p vs. Ray Tracing Mode: 1800p
We compared Cutscenes, Texture details, weapons reflection, reflections on surfaces as well as water. You will notice, that the water reflections are way more subtle, in fact next to non existent. We also tested the framerate during combat in both modes.

System used in this video:
Xbox Series X

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    1. @crowbar Yes, but not in a comparison test, since both run at locked 60 and we don’t even get to see CPU and GPU utilization. What’s the point then?

  1. What I do not understand is how were we able to have nice reflections before RTX was a thing, and now that RTX is a thing, reflections with RTX off look like dog shit. Specifically, cyberpunk reflections with RTX off look worse than minecraft water shaders.

    1. Cyberpunk reflections without RT are still one of the best out there (without RT).
      You have no idea what you talk about.
      Also, Doom Eternal was considered to have good reflections BEFORE RT was added.
      It just didn’t have much of them.
      Now that you focus on the low quality reflections it becomes obvious what you have missed all the time but didn’t realize.
      Also, in the past more work was put into cubemaps.
      If you don’t pay attention a perfectly handcrafted Cubemap can look very good, but it costs alot of human resources to make.
      Which is also the main point of RTX, to aid the developer, not to aid the gamer.

    2. @Healthy Criticism yeah, i totally agree.. whats up with game these day? reflection on these previous game before rtx was come is great to compare these day games.. it is not like the reflection need Rtx card to make thing work an excuse for dog shit reflection

    3. @Azumaki Kazuma Cut out Ultra setting reflections, rebrand it with a new name and add polish, make it exclusive to newer cards = profit 📈

    4. They have always been like that, you just never noticed because you didn’t have RT to compare it to.
      A ton of the «good» reflections in older games are artist driven or work only in very restricted conditions. More traditional reflection rendering techniques tend to break and fall apart in highly dynamic enviroments, like the ones we see in the AAA big open world games of today. RT proved useful in such games, Spiderman Miles Morales comes to mind.
      A game like Doom eternal with such a robust art direction and kinda restrictive level design (lots of corridors and not so big arenas) hardly beneffits from RT reflections, SSR+cube maps did a fine job. Nevertheless, it still looks cool af, but for most people the 120fps mode is far more appealing for a game like this.

    5. @Shadow Moon what do you mean? Doom eternal had great reflections, no different than the ones you would call «great», since it uses basically the same techniques with the same limitations.
      Some of this changes just adjusted the roughness threshold at which the game renders reflections, meaning that rougher surfaces will display reflections, be it RT or SSR, something you could tweak yourself on PC even before the RT update.

  2. I love Doom games but wasn’t taken with Doom Eternal. I completed it, but I prefer Doom 2016 out of the newer games. For me there was too much platforming in Eternal.

    1. Omg guys, for once a game that challenges a palyer and everyone complains about platforming, low ammo and difficulty… The previous one was nice but Eternal is just different, no one needs a fucking Doom 2016 #2, just go play some call of duty or git gud =)

    2. Agreed. I hate how Eternal forces you to play a certain way… The way Hugo Martin likes it. A shame because yes, all I wanted, was DOOM 2016 part 2.

    1. At this point it’s semantics really. Raytracing has been very closely associated with RTX, that it become synonymous. In these kinds of comparison videos, generally people will know the context.

  3. It’s good to see Candyland coming back again recently. This channel was once the benchmark (IMO) for these types of videos and VS videos on YouTube.

  4. Yeah, those reflections are nice, but in the game like Doom where you constantly move at high speeds it will be hardly noticeable. Raytracing is hardly noticeable on games that already look amazing.

  5. Wen you slow down and detail the environment, you CACH the difference, but in gameplay is really hard to notice, maybe less darker in general.

  6. The combination of in game and background music is quite distracting. Also, yeah it’s not «RTX» because we’re not looking at an Nvidia PC. Otherwise, great video! The reflections are not groundbreaking in motion but almost 4K + 60FPS + RT on console is still great! Please check if the 120FPS mode is stable too.

    1. @Nathan Marshall It doesn’t, it has a custom AMD APU with AMD ray tracing hardware. Ray tracing isn’t exclusive to Nvidia and never was

  7. Yes there’s a difference, but since you are playing a game that’s fast paced, it’s not something that’s a big deal to use raytracing on to notice it enough..

    1. thats if you want realistic lighting, some of these games want a more stylist lighting aestetic, doom eternal is one of those, environments tend to be quite dark with the enimies backlit so they are easier to see and shoot.

    2. @Ash01Live They didnt abandon it, that style belongs in DOOM 2016, Hugo Martin recently made the point that theyre designed to accomplish different things, DOOM Eternal, the whole point when directing that game, was to have EVERY SINGLE deicision service the gameplay.

  8. Useless. They should really stop making noise about this barely noticeable change. Wake me up when the game is fully ray traced, not just a couple of pudles.

  9. Why make a performance test with a LOCKED framerate??? I would have liked to actually see the performance impact.
    Also why show the intro? It shows so few scenes that actually use RTX there. Why not show Cultist Base or any other level with many metal surfaces. THESE are the levels you should show as you can see the most reflections there

    1. It’s a console version that is being tested, it’s not possible to unlock framerate there. The point of performance test is to see if the game holds stable framerate on xsx without any noticable drops.

    1. mano to jogando no series x e falar pra vc que nesse game n muda mt não, não sei se é por ser mt frenético mas esses detalhes no meio do tiroteio nem aparecem mas estou jogando com ele ativado pq de 4k pra 1800p n muda quase nada

  10. Basically in cases where the reflection isnt as obvious due to the material being rougher, the lighting coming off surfaces looks more accurate since its not basing it off a cubemap version of the world.

  11. Basically in balanced mode where there isn’t many shiny surfaces ray tracing naturally looks better. Then the higher pixel count makes balance look better in non shiny areas.

  12. It isn’t RTX you morons. It is RT. RTX is nvidia «technology» which is just marketing scheme for RT. So when you test RT with nvidia GPU call it RTX.

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