DOOM Eternal Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized] [Ray Tracing] [120fps] [Xbox Game Pass]

DOOM Eternal Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this incredible first person shooter bringing insanely fast paced action & so many demons to blast through along the way. It’s gorgeous. Xbox Store: [Ad]. This is also on Xbox Game Pass forever since Bethesda is first party now. It brings an intense heart pounding campaign to work through and a multiplayer mode too which is neat. Now Optimized with ray tracing and 120fps.

DOOM Eternal Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this thrilling fast paced shooter. It’s got intense action, many levels to play and exciting throwback style mechanics. You’ll move through environments using a wide range of weapons while taking out demons and completing objectives. It’s all about saving what remains of Earth after the intense invasions that have been going on. It’s gripping, exciting and really interesting to work through.

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#DOOM Eternal #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this near perfect shooter game where you’ll feel the challenge as you keep on grinding to make it through it. Be wary of Marauders however, everything else is fairly easy to understand for beating them. It’s quite exciting to play, and just a grand time with so many options for replaying it.

This is an excellent follow-up to the reboot of the franchise bringing with it some truly memorable moments. It’s very swift in getting you rolling into the battle, offering neat secrets to discover and many ways to replay the experience multiple times to find something new. What a splendid time, with some expansions and minor multiplayer too. The ultimate best DOOM Eternal Xbox Series X review and gameplay.

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  1. Hey don’t if you done trails rising steam or review but if you have not you should check it out if was on sale but that ending but it’s not very expensive but I’m from UK don’t know what it’s like for you

  2. Did you notice the fans get noisey while playing in these modes?. I must admit I’ve yet to hear my series X. It’s such a quite system. Even when playing Metro Exodus in 4k 60 with TRGI.

    1. Had this issue trying 120fps on Cold War. I also have to drop my tv to 1440 to get the 120fps. When your in the settings changing ur resolution and FPS over to the right on top there is a box that says allow 4k. U have to uncheck that box. I already want a new tv with hdmi 2.1 that does 4k 120, hate having to into the settings. Hope this helped.

  3. Skycaptain! Are you able to tell the difference between 2160p and 1800p with RTX? I really can’t tell the difference but would like your opinion

    1. @Skycaptin5 sorry…I mean for series X. I cant a see a reason to go with Balanced Mode over ray tracing when the superior resolution of balanced mode isn’t even noticeable to my eyes

    2. @Skycaptin5 ah well thanks for the education! Those tricky NVIDIA bastards…guess I’ll still with RT mode at 1800p and maybe switch to 4k balance mode here and there to see if my eyes have changed lol

    3. Ya, best to play around with it. Tricky sure, very smart though as they’ve essentially branded ray tracing was RTX which is kinda marketing genius haha. I try to help folks understand it the best I can as many are confused.

  4. Xbox Series X got essentially RTX features as well? So did the PC version. I’ve no idea how my RTX 2070 will run it. And I’m prioritizing space on my Series X. I need to get an expansion card after I pre-order Battlefield 2042

  5. It seems like we’re seeing more «next gen» updates that really look «next gen lately. It took 7 or 8 months but my Xbox series x is finally becoming some «new».

  6. This just shows what console optimisation can do.. Xbox one PS4 shouldn’t be able to run 1080p 60 at all. Series X tho man it’s hard to run Max settings with Maxed out real time Ray Tracing etc 4K(dynamic) all at a locked 60fps not sure if it’s normal but my 3080 can’t even do that and it’s Even worse on my friends 3070 and other with a 2080 ti

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