Dying Light 2015 — PS5/Xbox Series X/S Patch Analysis — The Ultimate Fan Service?

It’s been seven years since the launch of the original Dying Light on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4… and here’s Techland delivering triple-A fan service with a comprehensive upgrade that doesn’t just improve the game for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 but also adds some love for Xbox One X too. Oliver Mackenzie has the details.

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66 ответов к «Dying Light 2015 — PS5/Xbox Series X/S Patch Analysis — The Ultimate Fan Service?»

  1. So, does Digital Foundry have a PS fanboy biased? The Series X gets all the same video modes the Ps5 gets. I hope this was some strang non proper accessing on their part

  2. 1080p mode should’ve been 120 on at least series x and ps5, this game ain’t hard to run especially with the new gen consoles being relative to the 2070-2080 desktop gpu’s, and also it should perform better considering the devs know what hardware they’re developing for

    1. The latest test Alex Battalia did showed that ps5 was somewhere between 2080 and 2080ti , roughly a 2080 Super
      This game should easily run 4k/60 on ps5 and xsx

  3. I recall this was the only game I experienced where forcing boost mode on PS4 Pro resulted in worse performance than leaving boost off. Not sure what was up with that. This was before the new patch, I only tried this patch on PS5 and it’s good.

  4. 8:11 After the major PS5 W in elden ring and games that followed after which PS5 won like the major PS5 win in Stranger of Paradise VS XSX. The PS5 keeps dominating the XSX in Power

  5. 8:11 After the major PS5 W in elden ring and games that followed after which PS5 won like the major PS5 win in Stranger of Paradise VS XSX. The PS5 keeps dominating the XSX in Power

  6. If anyone hasn’t played this damn game, grab a friend and co-op it. My friend and I, gamers since the Atari 2600, consistently said this is one of the best games we’ve ever played. Co-op that is. It’s truly a ride.

  7. I wish more Series X games had a 1080p performance mode. Too many games push for 4K or 1440p and have ass performance… ELDEN RING! A solid 60 always wins against resolution. Always.

  8. Techland seriously needs to up their game with optimization. The let down of dying light 2s weak mode options and now a 7 year old game. 1080p shouldn’t even been an option for this game, the ps5 and series x are plenty strong enough to do 1440-1800p 60fps with high detail. I’m not supporting Techland anymore until they get with the program. and I love dying light . this is a shame.

  9. Surprised that devs aren’t more willing to try anything more than 60 FPS even on the modern consoles, assuming that is due to not having settings options for the player.

  10. Been waiting for this video. I settled on the 1440p 60 fps mode after experimenting. Before the update came out, I was playing the game at 1080 30 fps on my ps5 and couldn’t believe I didn’t remember how rough it ran. As soon as the update came out, I was happy to see how smooth everything was, even at the 4K 30 mode. Unfortunately, I just felt like the 4K mode still felt like it had a bit of input delay and felt sluggish after trying the two 60 fps modes. I didn’t see a point in using the 1080 60 fps mode after trying it, when I have a 4K tv so naturally I landed in the middle on the 1440p mode which to me, 2K resolution has always looked quite close in games to 4K due to dynamic resolution scaling on the PS4 pro that I got so used to. So happy techland has continued to support this game though. Hopefully they do the same for the sequel which I’ll eventually get to.

  11. I literally uninstalled dl2 and reinstalled this. I was horribly disappointed with dl2. Parkour was great but most everything else was a downgrade. Human on human combat was improved too but zombie combat got worse. Story was abysmal and the loot system sucks compared to the first.

  12. You guys should do a series of videos that are sort of a “vocabulary series” where you break down some of the terms you use for those of us that live under rocks and understand “game look good” or “game look bad”

  13. This should 100% have been released before Dying Light 2, right?
    But I still need to finish DL1 to finally jump into DL2 with a friend.
    The timing is still weird though..

  14. Im on ps5 with a 4k LG nanocell tv. Will I see a difference between 1080p and 1440p resolution? Or do I need a 1440p monitor to benefit from the 1440p resolution?

  15. This game is amazing the graphics are stunning. Even the switch version is impressive too. Very good game shows off the PS4 pro and xbox ones power. Kind of puts the PS5 and xbox series x to shame at the moment with last gen games looking this good!

  16. I know the 1080p60 mode sounds useless, but I’m actually thankful for it. I own a 1080p screen (for now), so what’s the point of heating my console for something that I won’t even be able to see? Yeah I know you get slightly less aliasing, but meh

  17. To be honest… These modes make consoles far closer to PC. I’d gladly pay a bit more than 499$, for a bit more powerful console so each game runs 60 fps always and just vary between 1800P-4K

  18. That last five seconds of the video with the zombie spewing green goo from its belly and your character being bowled over needs to be made into a GIF for memes.

  19. theres something inherentlly wrong with video games and thats pixels, textures and polygons. i hate it. i think ill give up with flat screen tvs and go back to crt’s

  20. The long term support of this game convinced me to buy DL2. What is most impressive is the Xbox One X update that looks very nice compared to what it looked like on base Xbox One.

  21. 30fps belongs to the dustbin of history — these higher graphics modes in 30fps only offer superior image quality in the context of a still magazine image, not in reality.

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