E3 2021 Was Xbox’s Best E3 Ever — Unlocked 499

This episode was recorded live immediately after the Xbox Extended Showcase, hosted by Gamertag Radio’s Parris Lilly. Parris joins us for this episode to discuss big games (like Halo Infinite, Redfall, Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, and many more), stunning indie gams (like Replaced, 12 Minutes, Somerville, and more), whether or not this was Xbox’s best E3 presentation ever, and more!

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  1. I owned xbox 360 but I was only 8 years old, so I just played games like fifa and not online so I wouldn’t know much about console wars at that time. I bought ps4 and xbox one s when they came out and I was leaning towards ps4 as it had more exclusive games and thus I started following PlayStation. I did not buy gamepass as I would spend my most time on ps. But I won’t be crazy like other people and not appreciate when someone does something better. I don’t care about console wars but I would say the xbox showcase showed me some interesting games and I might buy Series, I already own a PS5 as it was my first preference because of the one and ps4 generation..

  2. It was xbox’s best E3 ever….but an e3 that will be forgotten every year from here on out…. All the future games from Xbox and PlayStation will be pumpin out and be awesome

  3. Xbox E3 2021 summed up;
    Me «Meh, that game looks okay I suppose.»
    Xbox «it’s on gamepass day one’
    Me ‘Fuck yeah, can’t wait to play that.»
    I’m obviously looking forward to Forza ,Halo and Stalker but the real winner is that because of gamepass I get to play nearly every game they showed. Even the ones that didn’t wow me are more enticing because It costs me nothing extra to try them.

    1. If you thought most of the games shown was «meh», you have an impossible high standards for what is great games or you are trolling. Most people agree that the games shown was really good. The fact that 90% are also coming to Game Pass is why Xbox had such a successful E3

    2. @Nicholas Barreto Are you serious? So we should get hyped over trailers with zero gameplay, like starfield, setting us up for potential dissapontment? Yeah great idea.

    3. Krytern there was plenty of games that showed gameplay. Starfield is only coming next year, so is a few of the bigger games. I was interested in what they did show and I’m okay with waiting for more. There is so much good stuff coming to Game Pass inbetween to keep most people entertained so dunno how you could be disappointed?

  4. Someone please tell Destin he really, really needs to come up with other ways to express his thoughts other than REALLY, REALLY! Please for the love of… Really, really like, really, really feel, really really love, really really can’t wait….really!? Ryan, help him out, you must hear it, I can’t be the only one!

  5. Microsoft conference was awesome however I can’t disagree more about Halo, it was very strange that they haven’t shown any actual game play from campaign, you shouldn’t be fooled with that prearranged demo, what about open areas with that half baked lighting or those hideous character models, they still have to show a lot to convince people.

  6. It absolutely was, but at the same time it was one of the worst E3s ever. I really miss the E3s of pre2018. it was such a huge deal back then but now it seems like its dying

    1. people started saying this when SOny left and not really before. It’s a nonsense talking point. Also, plenty of the «left E3» companies are doing their own E3 during the week before, so E3 is not actually all that different. Also, Indies did very well, stop focusing on the AAA 3rd parties who shit the bed because of the state of the world.

    2. @BINARYGOD that’s not true, it was dying before that. if you have been reading trade press you would know that. It really started changing when it stopped being focused a purely journalistic event. Think of the days of the Halo 2 e3, those were the days of e3 at its best. Its been on a downhill slope simce

    1. @Frank well if we want to go by definition… We get nowhere while «belonging to the present time; happening or being used or done now.» Agrees with you, «in common or general use» agrees with us, let’s just agree to disagree I guess

    2. I’d also say that, in my eyes, next-gen will become current-gen when games no longer release on both PS4/XBox One and PS5/Series X at the same time.

  7. Paris is the.man but please the show was dire nothing really new shown. No wow moments Hellblade 2 is at least 3/4 years as away. Dissapointing as Series X owner 30 of the games shown 5 or 6 looked interesting but it was more of a CGI rehashed game pass fest. Although some really good games overall it’s QUANTITY over QUALITY more focus on chucking as many games into Game Pass as possible, which I agree is great value.

  8. XBOX is just pure gaming so many great games this year and every year after and the mini fridge this year aswell Xbox is just pure awesomeness 👌

  9. If it was their best ever, how many exclusives do they have coming out this year? Not talking about timed exclusives they paid for (which is shitty btw).

    1. The Ascent, Halo Infinite, Stalker 2, Forza Horizon 5, Flight Simulator, Scorn, Sable, Shredders, The Gunk, 12 Minutes, Tunic.
      Theres probably more this year but thats off the top of my head

    2. If you’re only focused on exclusives, you’re missing the point. XBOX is killing it with Gamepass, Cloud Gaming, FPS boost a d a bunch of other initiatives. Exclusives are probably the least interesting part.

  10. «I cannot wait to play this and that game» — then don’t wait. Do something else.

    Btw this lacking patience which is always brought up by the media is the reason why we are getting more and more unfinished and fractured AAA games — as if we don’t have anything (not a single game) in the meantime to play.

    1. Don’t misplace your blame like that. We’re getting unfinished games released because executives want the money now, not in a few months to a year. Don’t pretend it’s anything else.

  11. That Was an awesome E3 but I Feel like it wasn’t the best in XBOX HISTORY. I think That in terms of Games and Overall Show E3 2009, E3 2013 were better than This. But that was still a very solid PRESS CONFERENCE

  12. they didn’t talk about the Bethesda Orion streaming tech upcoming integration in xbox cloud gaming, that will significantly reduce latency we observed within Xcloud beta. Xcloud will be definitely be better though best experience will be definitely be having the console or a PC.

  13. Just because a trailer say in game engine, does not mean nothing. If it was in engine (with any gameplay) we would saw at least 10 bugs bethesda style.

  14. Sucks there is no release date but no call of duty release date, and I think no battlefield release date which has a huge amount of hype as well. You want to play it safe around those 2 big franchises

  15. Wow what a great deal,all those new/great games on gamepass like that? Yep ill be getting an Xbox series x when they are available,and this is coming from a ps5 owner,happy gaming to all!!!

  16. Best ever?lol No.

    No it wasnt.

    (Ps i only bought an xbox cos of Gears so no mention of the franchise at this years e3 imo made everything else they showed ‘meh’)

  17. I think game pass was the star of e3 and thank gos in a time when PS wants to raise the cost of games to 70dlls I thank Microsoft for making games more accessible.

  18. It was xbox’s best e3…and they STILL lost to Nintendo.

    I don’t care for Xbox at all, but I will give them credit where its due. For me, they mopped the floor with everyone except Nintendo. I’m a big Square Enix, Capcom, and Bandai Namco fan (Ubisoft is ok), and their showcases were jokes in comparison.

  19. What did these guys watch. They showed nothing real of Infinite campaign. There is nothing to alleviate the questions. Stop being blind fanboys.

  20. Parris was outstanding in the conference! Man, this guy born to this, it was very natural and dominates the stage! Congratulations Parris, I am from Brazil and we loved your presentation!

  21. Ryan, if ever looking for a fill one day reach out to Negaoryx. She is megaphone worthy, does a lot of work for the LGBTQ+ community, did a sponsored Co-Stream of their event this year, and is just an absolute jolly personality

  22. For everybody that craps on Socialism EVEN though the most popular and successful programs in our country are forms of it — GAMEPASS Netflix and other streaming service are ALSO forms of socialism. This is WHY much smarter countries out there (nearly all of the developed world) have socialized medicine. Medicine should not be driven by the profit motive. And I’m done… I’m sorry to hi-jack gaming for a moment. I’m off my soapbox now and going back to playing one of the games on GAMEPASS a socialist gamers paradise.

  23. No, it WAS made clear — but he said it in a way that allowed you to pretend otherwise so you could generate clicks, and you cannot do that anymore, so you narrate like «NOW they cleared it up».

    Never stop being the joke that you are — which I say to pretty much everyone who covers games, including most of the youtubers.

  24. So they paid 7 billion to limit access for other brands. Those shown Bethesda games would have been released on Xbox anyway. Microsoft has 0 influence on their products. Instead of using that money and creating new stuff. For Xbox users that purchase changes 0. They showed halo Forza again and a bunch of third party and last year games coming to Gamepass. And a couple timed exclusives like stalker which are 3 months exclusive. Wow. Didn’t new that bloating your lineup with ps plus like games from last year is that a big of deal. Let’s be honest. Microsoft’s e3 is seen as good because all other show was terrible. Sony could have also Annonce back then that FF7 and control Ps5 are coming to Ps5, but who cares^^. It’s not what people want to see. Nintendo Shows that you don’t need a Gamepass model or even good sale auctions to grill Xbox. That’s not what people are exited for. The US media will always hype Xbox but the content Sony had during the last 18 months, is better than everything Xbox showed for next gen.

  25. Epic games pays money to limit access for other brands: “omg how dare they”
    Microsoft pays 7 billion to limit access for ever for games which were coming on Xbox anyway: “Microsoft’s best e3 ever”. Wtf^^. If showing old games and a couple timed exclusives coming to Gamepass is that great, why this didn’t worked last gen as well? Because the majority just doesn’t gives a damn. Playing something like stalker with dual sense is so much more immersive. And the Redfall/Starfield material they showed was a joke. Let’s be honest here. A typical Microsoft move. Elden ring and Zelda won.

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