Fanboys Ruin Everything. Xbox Is The Future

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  1. I had the same suspension on Xbox you won’t be able to text anyone on Xbox as well and your Game Pass App it’ll constantly from now on forever say that you are suspended even though you’re not lol

  2. You should make a second account for yourself and then share that count with your main account that way if this crap ever happens you have your other account with all your game still

  3. If I was you I would call Microsoft support let them know that you are a YouTuber and you’re a Microsoft fan and you get a lot of Sony trolls

  4. Yeah Andrew I agree with cabbage you should call Microsoft talk to their support I mean if the guy was spamming you on your show he was probably just spamming the report button it is an AI that suspends you not a person

  5. Remember when insomniac told a fan on twitter that spiderman was NEVER coming to xbox, or final fantasy gon be exclusive to playstation all gen, keep that same energy these ponies are the worst of the worst f’n hypocrites. That’s f’d up what they did to your gamertag.

  6. I luv ur channel, but where you went wrong when you started is not blocking an allowing the toxic fanboys run wild on ur channel with no repricussions. I dont want ur channel going away. You gotta block people

  7. Very sorry this happened Andrew mate. People take this stuff way too far. It’s video games ffs. We are all meant to be having fun. This is a leisure activity. A thing you do when you have basically extra resources and time to indulge away from real worries. I wish people would understand how lucky our little sub-set is.

    It seems we have fanatics on both sides unfortunately. People with no real perspective on what we’re doing. Don’t let this little incident sour your gaming or make you become to defensive. When you need to change into something you never were to protect yourself the people who take this too far have already won.

    We have a bunch of good people on the discord. I enjoy talking to them immensely hopefully that place at least will self police. Once again a shame this should come to you. 🙏🏻

  8. Damn frog 🐸 that fucked bro I’ve been watching you since your very first episodes and you a really cool and honest dude you’re very fair and have great takes on PlayStation & Xbox I’m gonna say (if you don’t have haters your not doing it right) and from the haters I see you’re doing a great job 👏🏼 KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BRO!!!!!!

  9. I’m gonna get a donated playstaion from a Goodwill in a few years and put it next to my SAGA, IPod and other useless and obsolete junk that used to be important.

  10. I rewatched that stream, once u told him to F off, I knew what was gonna happen, you just have to report them first and block them. I think it’s only a suspension, so your account should be good frog.

  11. Censorship cause meanie words in cyberspace from strangers who shouldn’t matter? This is the internet. When did grown ass people start becoming soo soft and sensitive? Just ignore them. Once you give them notice of bothering you they win and you give them power over you. Now they got you soo worked up you’re talking Censorship, paywalls, and channel tyranny. «All in the name of goodness «

  12. This is part of the reason why outside of in game chat I don’t respond to messages or follow accounts unless it’s someone I know most people probably just want to play games but I don’t take the risk

  13. This is a problem with most enforcement systems. A lot is automated and they lack a comprehensive approach. I feel like there should be a refute and appeal system. it should log the information and then tell you as soon as something has been filed against you; so you can take action before a suspension comes into effect. It would let you provide any additional information you deem relevant. Then it would take the age of your account, your history, your activity, etc. and compare it to the striker; moving it along the chain of manual review priority. They should also train their automated systems to recognize patterns linked to harassments behavior; case and point multiple fresh accounts interacting with a single user in a short span of time.

    1. Even if he had never had a Playstation and only liked Xbox, would it justify making sure he gets a ban? You have to have a broken brain to think like that. Let alone the hoops you have to jump through to make this happen. A sane person would think that it would be too much effort and somehow a sign of mental illness.It will probably surprise you, but people like him have mostly owned all consoles at some point. That’s what gamers do. I have owned almost all consoles in my life and of course i prefer some over the other. Jesus! Maybe you think because someone is better then you in cod the person needs a ban too? lol

  14. I have a idea to stop spammers. All social functions should be locked until you get 2500 Gamerscore. I would say at one point 500 Gamerscore. But with now cheap and easy games. And once you reach that Gamerscore. Then you can send messages and make friends.

  15. Lol. I only started getting this suspension when I was playing overwatch and toxic players would report me for playing too good. Calling me a hacker

  16. Unfortunately they aren’t gonna reverse this if you told them to “fuck off” that’s why I don’t curse in xbox live messages because it will lead to a suspension, you can report their messages for spam though

  17. I still wouldn’t lock your gamer tag behind a pay wall. Some of these dicks are so shitty, that they will spend the money just to piss you off. That’s how they get their kicks. Unreal, I know.

  18. Go to your privacy settings and set messages and invites to friends only and who can see your online status. You can even go as far as modifying your text in message requests to be filtered to Friendly. That’s how I have it set up. If you need help with settings that will not ruin your Xbox experience, but give you plenty of privacy from random people, hit me up. You have me added so just shoot me an invite and I can go over my settings with you.

    My settings will make it so any messages outside your friends list is sent to message requests and it doesn’t pop up as a notification at all.

  19. This is bs, im a xbox ambassador and if u were being harassed to the point were u said f off is NOT and shouldn’t be a few day ban. Whoever did this on xbox should be let go. They obviously didn’t do their due diligence and look into the matter fully.

  20. I own a fairly large club on Xbox and had some little nutcase stalking & harassing me with dozens & dozens of fake accounts for like 4 years. I finally told the nut to piss off in even less polite language and got my first suspension and enforcement action taken against me since being an Xbox Live member since the service launched like 16-17 years previously. I lost my Xbox Ambassadorship and appealed the decision. But despite being an Xbox Live member for 16-17 years and having a digital game library of like 900 games and that crazy kid not even having a steady year of Xbox Live Gold and maybe 6 games, they still wouldn’t revoke their decision. I had been reporting him and all his fake accounts to Xbox for 4 years too before I finally got fed up and told that nut off. Xbox won’t do anything if you respond to them. Best thing you can do is report them & block them. But I did that for 4 years, even writing very long, detailed report’s and nothing was done to that nut. He should have been permanently banned from Xbox Live WAY sooner.

    1. I know you. That story, just like Andrew’s, is insane! It makes me a little pissed off toward Xbox. But I guess that’s part of the intent here.

    2. @Joe Biggs We should all get together and play some Rainbow Six: Extraction one night. Haven’t played it yet, been really busy. Boomer gaming night. lol

    3. @Nonya Business Doesn’t sound bad! I know what you mean. I’ve been busy myself. I haven’t been gaming as much as I wished. Side note: I’m not the multi player I used to be. I’m not very good, skills diminished. lol

    4. @Joe Biggs All good man, me neither. I’m too old to be taking video games serious anyway. Not that I ever have. To me it’s just about getting together and having some fun. Seems like a fun co-op game. I don’t play online much anymore and prefer co-op over competitive anyhow.

    5. @Nonya Business Hey that’s great! I thought you were more of a hardcore/competitive gamer. Yeah, I’m much older and my eyes and reflexes are almost gone. lol. I used to want to kick butt. Now I just wander around a game for hours wondering if I found all the hidden “treasures”. 😆 It’s sad! Ha!

  21. Honestly what you should do from now on, when you do stream is just ignore all the toxic people it creates too much negativity to your channel and the community and you know what will eventually happen? more toxic people will join and just create something that’s not appealing to you and everyone else. Just some constructive criticism.

    1. Ignore them completely. Yes. I understand it hits home for Andrew because he let these ppl into his community and they’re screwing with him. He NEVER talked crap about anyone. 🤙🏼

  22. with the talks about cross-platform bans, its pretty worrying that Xbox Live enforcement would not look at the context of that guy spamming and harassing you

  23. fox news use to say fair and balanced & we report you decide back in the day. i mean i think thats what you do you talk about all consoles that are making the news. this should not of happened to you. we either have free speech or we dont. this person is literally a fanboy troll. freaking ridiculous man. i hope you get your account back or can set up a new one.

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