Farm Sim News! Win a New Xbox, Play FS22 Early, & New Brand in FS22!

Farm Sim News & Mods FS19 — Farming Simulator 19
Win a New Xbox, Play FS22 Early, & New Brand in FS22!

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0:00 — Farm Sim News
0:10 — Today’s Top Stories
0:41 — PC Mods
1:01 — Console Mods
1:13 — Mods Waiting
1:20 — New Mods Out Now
1:30 — Another New Brand In FS22!
1:59 — Win A New Xbox!
3:24 — Play FS22 Early!
3:49 — TLX 3500 Update!
4:43 — GNU 800 Series!
5:14 — SMI Modding in FS22!
5:37 — Other Mods & News
6:09 — Best Outro In Farm Sim
6:39 — Idk what to do right now

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73 ответа к «Farm Sim News! Win a New Xbox, Play FS22 Early, & New Brand in FS22!»

  1. Hi DJ, I’m playing on PS4 and I had some HAWE trailers so what you are saying isn’t exactly right. I really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work

    1. Question ,,, then why would anyone , use your link , outside USA. ….. if I had, I would have been paying for some other countries , prizes ….. what ?

    2. Hi DJ I just wanted to say that I’m very sorry to hear the news about your father and I hope everything will be ok and get better for you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your head up man, I know it’s hard sometimes though.

  2. Hey djgoham am late replying but hope you have a good day my man awesome videos and awesome you doing give aways peace ✌ and hope ever goes well am so sorry 😞 🤧🥺😥

    1. It will open tonight at 12am eastern. And it is only available for people in the USA, so if you are outside the states, it will show as a broken link

  3. You can also having the suw 5000 from hawe,I asked yesterday in German and he confirmed also for hawe suw 5000 🙂 also I’m praying for your grandfather getting better,my grand mother passed away on February 20th 2020 and it’s like yesterday for me 🙁

  4. Well thanks for still doing a news video today despite the bad news, we appreciate it. I hope all goes well with your grand father and that he makes a good recovery 🙏

  5. Hey DJ, just wanted to say, the Italian brand at 5:30 isn’t «Crizzonti», but rather «Orizzonti», which means «Horizons» in Italian. Although I have to admit, that «O» looks a bit confusing 🙂 Sending good thoughts for your Grandpa 🙏🏻

    1. It sounds like you’ve got the old version of the Tow Bar mod installed. There’s an issue with it that causes the worker to take all your money super fast.

  6. My thought and prayer for your grandfather but I wanted to say that the TLX3500 moves by itself when parked on a hill when you are not in it and I am on ps4

  7. Hi dk, I’m having some issues trying to enter your Xbox giveaway. I’m not really sure what is going on or if I’m doing something wrong, but I would really like the chance to enter this contest. I really enjoy watching your videos for farming simulator 19 and am looking forward to seeing the ones for farm sim 22 and I’m really looking forward to playing it myself.

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