FINALLY.. MW2 REVEAL Stream 😲, EARLY Gameplay Leak & Xbox Exclusive (Call of Duty PS5 & Xbox)

MW2 REVEAL Stream, Early Gameplay & Xbox Exclusive (Microsoft Xbox Buys Activision).
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100 ответов к «FINALLY.. MW2 REVEAL Stream 😲, EARLY Gameplay Leak & Xbox Exclusive (Call of Duty PS5 & Xbox)»

  1. To be honest i could care less about the multiplayer what im really excited for is the campaign ive been waiting for a follow up to the amazing modern warfare campaign

  2. So if all these studios are working on these COD games are they trying to get the deal done . So to hand the studios over to MS with commitment. If true cool for MS.

    1. Honestly its always better to go in with low expectations, if it turns out good then that’d be good if not then you will not be disappointed.

  3. Dawg, do you think the gta trilogy will improve in time or they just stopped working on it? I just bought it a month ago and I can’t even play it

  4. I’d be LMAO if they were able to close the deal by the end if this year and then they bought out the playstation contract. Then that way they’d release warzone 2 as multi platform then that way they could be able to end the yearly cycle. And then Treyarch’s version will be in 2024 and is the first one of the core franchise being exclusive. Never say never.

  5. l just want ghosts characters in mw2022 but with reboot version even mw2022 will takes place in south america and also ghosts takes place in south america and vanguard have a lot of ghosts references , also simon ghost have secret past with mace and other ghosts , l just say about campaign

  6. i wont belive it untill its out.. its being rushed because of vanguards mess…….. when one cod fails… just make them faster.. you can make money 2 ways… making a quality product… or making shit and PUMPING that crap out asap.. 12 studios?

  7. Never even played Warzone so I’ll definitely won’t be playing Warzone 2 mw2019 was amazing and mw2 I’ll definitely be playing btw treyarch sucks I don’t want them anywhere near my modern warfare game

  8. Plz let be good unlike mw2019 that game was dumpster water yea it looked good but fam the played base the maps and all the unnecessary additions make it top ten worst cods in my personal opinion

  9. Why can’t they just use real guns by now ? Just record the guy/,model with a real gun , it’s so simple sounding cuz it’s so little graphics it’s just a gun and some hands.

  10. I am telling you I had the same experience around this same time last year with Battlefield . Not letting my dogs out . BuffnerdGaming believes it would be good like MW19 by Infinity Ward hopefully this is good or I am out of War FPS games for the most part until the new HALO game in the 2030s . But maybe I am overreacting .

  11. well, another game down the toilet…along with some bucks to get it easier…come on duds spend your money again in a remake of a ghost game it was good then not now I like it better the hell let lose walking simulator than this shit

  12. Treyarch? Treyarch is the chick in the room?

    Uh. No.

    It’s always been infinity Ward. Infinity Ward literally gives Treyarch all the assets they make to Treyarch. Treyarch has been second fiddle here. Always.

    Most people have no clue how it works behind the scenes it seems.

    And before you say «but infinity Ward isn’t doing this game»

    Yes. Yes they are.

    They made it. They may not be putting all the blocks together but they made the blocks. They probably want them on Warzone (which they also made) because it’s the real money maker.

  13. It doesn’t matter how many devs, what the game is if it doesn’t get rid of that stupid season ranking bullshit and bring back normal prestiging then it’s not worth my time or interest. That is the only feature that would get me back playing cod and grinding it again.

  14. If it is true that so many peeps are working on it… that worries me. If Tom reckons it’s fine, then I’ll trust him. If it’s a disaster, I’ll be calling in a nuke.

  15. Honestly mw2 could be good if the maps aren’t like mw 19s and the sound is good and the game isint broken 3 things 2 of witch can easily be done

  16. Just Don’t Buy CoD This Year… They’ll Have To Force Themselves To Release MW2R/BoR/Bo2R!

    If Last Year Didn’t Do So Well In Sales, Which Is Actually Bad For Them. Sooo If Another Year Is Shiza! With Bad Sales, It Could Mean That They Should Release Remastered Games That WE’VE ALL BEEN ASKING FOR! 😏 😂 😎

  17. The game should have been in alpha for 2 years ago so they can really polish the shit out of this game. Defs gonna be a buggy mess i will wait a month before I buy the game 🧐

  18. After 3 years of cod on PlayStation the phil can say good buy to PlayStation partnership an no more cod on PlayStation the reason why Phil was able to do do a deal with activsion was because he had to keep PlayStation on cod for 3years thats it

  19. It’s no surprise MW2 is already in alpha since they are literally using the same engine and some assets from the already perfect MW 😂😂 that’s why I stopped buying cod after MW 2018.

  20. This is good news , if this game is about to come out early and it is really good than battlefield 2042 is really fucked because you know what we all are going to be playing and you all know we ain’t going back to battlefield 2042 . Thank you Activision and big fuck You for dice and ea games . They can drop dead !

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