Finally «Real» Xbox Gaming on iPad Pro 12.9…

Enjoy Real Xbox Gaming on your iPad Pro…

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25 ответов к «Finally «Real» Xbox Gaming on iPad Pro 12.9…»

  1. The PS5 DualSense controller works really well on the iPad Pro playing the Xbox cloud games.
    Problem is the lag kills the timing based games. Try playing games where timing isn’t an issue

  2. I was looking out for this! I got an Xbox controller to have something that I can use with my iPad and I was looking for some more substantial options for gaming on the iPad, I did know that Gamepass was coming eventually through Safari, but it’s good to know that the beta is finally here. Makes me really excited to just have a good option for gaming outside of the house or just in bed if I don’t feel like sitting behind my computer.

  3. you would thnk they would add the option on consoles to directly connect to a tablet or phone without need for internet,like the wii u did with its screen

  4. I’m sorry but, cloud gaming is absolutely not like «actual» gaming on iPad Pro. All these kind of games are really poor. I can play them even from my 5 years old smartphone.

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