For Honor PS5 vs Xbox Series X — Next-Gen Patch Analyzed | Frame Rate Test

Almost four years later and For Honor is still going strong with updates every now and then. The developers have also ensured support for current-gen versions by providing free upgrade patches. In case of For Honor, the upgrade is quite impressive. Besides the boost in resolution and frame rate, the developers have also improved a few other visual parameters.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions run at a stable 60 frames per second. This is double the frame rate performance when compared to the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. This is a huge win for someone who was playing on the last gen consoles making the current gen platforms the ideal place to play this game. Furthermore, the developer claims that the game is running at 4k resolution on both the current gen consoles, along with improved water reflections, shadow resolution, texture filtering, and distance level of detail.

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  1. My brother still plays this every day and we bought on launch day our own copies. I stopped after a few weeks. EVERY DAY, for at least long enough to run the daily challenges or whatever they’re called, but I frequently will see him play 3,4,5 hours competitively. Servers are ALWAYS FULL all hours daytime, evening, middle of the night. It’s impressive really, the fan base.

  2. I have played this game since launch, and for me its still so fun. no other game is quite like it. Still wondering how it looks on console since i play on pc.

    1. @Rain Man most games have been performing better or equivalent on ps5. The power difference isn’t shifting any side but ps5 atleast has new first party game’s from release and it’s looking like a superior 2021 starting strong in the beginning.

    1. You can sometimes see xbox and PS5 drop for no reason, just watch the video and you will see. You have heavy scenes and they dont drop but in middle of running it just drops for no reason

  3. For Honor is an amazing game! It has really great gameplay.

    It had a horrible netcode on release though but thankfully they fixed that forever ago.

    People still refuse to give it a second chance for some reason.
    It’s cool to meme that the game is bad apparently.

    1. Not much *There’s is Roughly 16-17% Difference between PS5 gpu and Series X GPU Like Series X Will get 7-8 frames More And 300-400p On series X that’s it .

    1. @Jermaine Stewart Xbox claims to be more powerful and other than gamepass, that’s the only reason why someone would like Xbox more and they don’t even perform better on that front. PlayStation has way more better things that Xbox doesn’t have. Not to mention u can just get game pass on pc

    2. @Benny Blanco from the Bronx PlayStation can u idiot. The console can run at 4K 120 FPS if u don’t believe me then look it up. I’m not sure what the logistics are behind that but I know that warzone on Ps5 will soon be 4K 120fps

  4. I’m have a playstation but what I’ve taken away from everything is that xbox put a lot more love into back compat titles, but as far as true next gen games the ps5 runs better

    1. @Karessa Wilson control for example, which is a next gen game as far as consoles go, runs better on the ps5, I mean when text comes on the screen on the series x the frame rate dips. Valhalla in certain situations there is screen tearing and frame dips on the series, Same with cyberpunk, yea the xsx has more pedestrians but who cares, I’d rather have smoother gameplay. Same situation with watch dogs.

    2. @Collin Owen but control isn’t a next gen game it came out last year ? You just said that’s more likely a bug that can be fixed and how come you didn’t mention games like division 2 , Jedi fallen order, fornite, wartime play and look better ? And it doesn’t have heavy frame drops like 2-5 that’s not a big frame drops

    3. @Karessa Wilson I didn’t mention every game because the list goes on and on. I know nothing about fortnite don’t follow the game and frankly don’t care, the only thing missing from the division 2 on ps5 is some fog, who cares. That game has frame dips on series x as well. They’re not only 2 to 5 sometimes it would be as big as 10 to 15 fps. Fallen order is basically the same on both consoles it has better resolution on Xbox thats about it. We can debate all day and someone already commented that Xbox could pull ahead in the future which I don’t doubt. But right now ps5 is definitely the better console.

  5. PS5 outperforms XSX in For Honor XSX lost the tools again 1:27 19 fps 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Ruric it was a drop to 48 fps PS5 never dropped to 19 fps that is embarrassing the series x had overall more drops this is a win for PS5 14 wins total now in multiplats

    2. The tools arrived and then they got lost. When they find them SX will win again (in back compat ehancements) not true next gen versions…’ll see

    3. @Sleep Paralysis Demon who told you the console war is dead the console war is stronger than ever we fight and count our W’s and have fun

    1. Yup. Another PS5 win. I keep telling bots the system is simply built better on PS5. The graphics pipeline is more robust on PS5 hence better performance.

    2. @Sleep Paralysis Demon Do u game on a monitor? I game on a Alienware aw2521hfl and I see the difference. I’m not gonna sell my ps5 cause I know eventually they’ll pick up the pace but right now Xbox is out shining the ps5.

    3. 56 fps….at 1:19 the SX even goes down to 19 fps. This why the PS5 keeps beating the SX….better graphics pipeline efficiencies. In control we found higher levels of detail in the raytracing in PS5 with better frames. There was even more detail in the scenes for PS5 in various analyses. PS5 is killing it

    1. As someone who’s studied framerate for many years they look identical. However if you see that you might want to go to eye doctor. I’m not trolling you, one thing I have to take into account with this is my right eye is worse than my left so I move the screen or myself to look at each side of the comparisons equally where both eyes overlap exactly the same to get an accurate look.

      It’s very common for people to think they see something differently, especially movement without ever knowing why.

  6. Lol I will never touch this game again online is filled with sweats it’s not even funny but the story and if you want to play with your friends 1v1 or 2v2 it’s a good game

    1. Definitely what i needed to hear to not jump into this game. Thing with games like these is you HAVE to jump into em at launch and stick with em if you want to have a chance at learning and getting better/good. Not really an option when you join and are murdered brutally by some sweaty tryhards constantly every match.

    1. The visuals look more realistic and lifelike on PS5. The Series X visuals actually looks like plastic and has chopper frame rates in terms of overall performance. PS5 wins

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