Games That Need FPS Boost on Xbox Series X|S

#Xbox #FPSBoost,titles%20included%20as%20the%20first%20batch%20of%20games.

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15 ответов к «Games That Need FPS Boost on Xbox Series X|S»

    1. @Janne Laitinen not many but to have the option for 4K60/120 is great because 4K120 TVs are going to become more available at affordable price points as demand for them increases and cost of making them comes down. These console are capable of it so its all about giving the player the option.

  1. I’ve been praising the hell out of FPS boost, it’s much needed. No one should be playing games at 30fps on a new console, but I would keep expectations in check. According to Jason Ronald (head engineer at Xbox) not all games will work or receive a boost whether that’s a technical issue or developers not wanting it to happen, so they can release a remastered version of the game with better visuals and 60fps.

  2. All three of the Mafia games, Watch_Dogs, Far Cry New Dawn, Saints Row 4, Just Cause 3+4, Fallout 4, Control’s Xbox One version would be great to see it get boosted, but I doubt they would do it, since the Series X Ultimate Edition runs at 60 fps in performance mode. GTA 5 would be great to see, and literally any Need for Speed as you said. To be honest the games that get these boosts actually make me want to play the games more, and I’m really excited to see what games come next.

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