GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced vs Xbox 360 wow…

GTA 5 Xbox 360 vs GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced Xbox Series X Graphics Comparison. Is GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced worth buying? Lets answer that question in this video by comparing the many different version of GTA 5 released over the years that has cost us a fortune. #GTA5 #GTAV #GTA5Online

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36 ответов к «GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced vs Xbox 360 wow…»

    1. I disagree, heavily. Gta kinda revived my love for it, the upgrade shouldve just happened already but there is considerably a good amount of difference, i even play story mode with the cheats again here and there

    2. Completely disagree with your view of this port.. there are many differences from gun barrel smoke, to better explosions and fire, to the actual roads being changed a bit, more vegetation, water enhancements.

  1. I would have bought it if they actually did something to the game that’s worth while, like map extensions or a whole new map on top of LS you could switch between but nope.. the same old boring map and game. But if we got that then GTA 6 wouldn’t be out until we are old and in the retirement homes lol

    1. @L321 It’s needed imo, I have been bored shitless of 5’s map for like 7 years lmao. Since they already have the maps there it’s odd they didn’t just port North Yankton and Cayo Perico into the base map like off to the side or something.

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