GTA 5 Online | ♡ Female Bodysuit Outfit Tutorial! | (PS4/5/Xbox)

GTA 5 Online | ♡ Female Bodysuit Outfit Tutorial! | (PS4/5/Xbox)

in today’s video I will be showing you y’all female bodysuit outfit tutorial this works after patch 1.58,

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intro 0:00
0:46 Swap characters
3:48 Creator mode
5:04 Merge outfit
6:51 Telescope glitch
7:43 Titan of A job
8:44 Transfer belt
Point and Shoot Merge Job:

Paramedic Belt job link: ♡

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this delete my outfits?
A: yes your outfits will be deleted as you do these components I suggest before switching over make sure you are wearing the current outfit that you want to keep.

Q: Can I do this if my main character is a male?
A: No you can’t do this your main character must be a female on Slot 1

Appreciation: ♡
all Credit goes to Xtiffi Tee games GameTimeLive for their amazing dedication & discovery on these outfits.
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