GTA Online PS5 & Xbox Series X — Super Important «Character Transfer» Details

▶GTA Online PS5 & Xbox Series X — Super Important «Character Transfer» Details (Migration Error Issues)

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65 ответов к «GTA Online PS5 & Xbox Series X — Super Important «Character Transfer» Details»

  1. The B2B replay stuff isnt even a glitch. Its just the player closing the game (disconnecting if your on pc) before the game to save. Rockstar has it programmed if a player disconnects during the heist, the player will not be left empty handed so it gives back the heist to the player. Now of course if you abuse it, it may look very suspicious, this is just part of rockstars programing that alot of us take advantage of, and it does not alter the game, unlike an actual glitch. Its the same concept for the wheel spin in the casino. So i wouldnt be worried about the b2b stuff

  2. It won’t be too many people that won’t be able to transfer because rockstar needs people to migrate otherwise it was a huge waste of time and money because almost everyone has done some kind of glitch or workaround.

    Most people don’t need to worry, it’s going to mostly target people who are made a lot of money or ranks really fast, but even then they are going to miss a lot of people.

  3. I have a year one PC account and I’ve been cheating in the game ever since I could and haven’t been banned. I wonder if I can transfer all of my hacked cars and outfits. R* isn’t good with detecting things.

  4. I’m sweating with 157 million in my bank account, I don’t think I did anything wrong but just seems like they wouldn’t be happy about it either.

  5. I hope they do. … I’m good that’s y ion do glitches it’ll bite u then or later hope it was fun being a lvl 3000 for a few weeks or those hundreds of millions or billions but I’ll be on ps5 with 12,000,000 and lvl 280 on day one

  6. Lol that’s what y’all get for cheating …. All them «rockstar don’t cares»‘s don’t mean crap anymore lol have fun stuck on the PS4 version stuck in a lobby with all the cheaters tryna kill each other in god mode habahahahahahaha

  7. Illegitimate progress would also include buying shark cards too right? You didn’t «earn» the money you bought it but I bet that would be excluded from this.
    I have not ever done anything that was even close to cheating.

  8. This will be one of the stupidest business moves Rockstar will do 🤣😅😂🤣😅😂 already console shortages that’ll keep popularity down then ya gonna reset or screw 35 to 45% of the few that are gonna be actually able to get on 🤣😅😂🤣ruch boy tryhard shark cards isn’t cheating 🤣😅😂🤣😅😂I can already tell all the expanded and enhanced version is gonna be is for the rich boy tryhards that don’t wanna play with the peasants……I dare ya Rockstar I will dedicate my channel to roasting the shit out this outdated old over scammed game …while laughing trolling roasting every single YouTuber who promotes this garbage

  9. All these popstar rp glitchers are fucked. Lmao. I bet they put that glitch in the game on purpose to catch people that cheat. I’ve never used any type of glitches. I’m a legitimate level 719.

  10. I don’t think you guys understand how bad this is. The reason this is so vague is because their migration system is faulty. If you do glitches or not your account could be flagged. And they do not have any customer service anymore, so if that happens you’re fucked. Anyone saying “they deserve it” you aren’t safe either. “Illegitimate progress” and “insufficient progress “ cover all grounds. When this game comes out player transferring will be fucked at random. This effects everyone. Let’s hope it isn’t as bad as it could be. This “career builder” looks like damage control for this exact situation.

  11. What about smaller glitches, people are not worry cuz they thought it’s just gonna be level 8000 who’ll get stopped, but what if glitch to change colors for stock wheels, crew colors car “glitches”, unscratched as being illegitimate. Or speed glitch for you car, and merge glitch.. even tho you don’t do give cars to friends, or something simple like changing iFruit app glitch so you can rename your number plate… they are in fact glitches and are illegitimate. And we can already see from that iFruit app glitch, that you can’t have any “modded” car in one garage because it will be detected.

    Now is 2022 and their glitch detection system could be better, especially when you’re gonna transfer an account to the next gen console, they might want a clean slate on their new, improved and upgraded game play…

  12. I wasnt worried about it till i watched this video
    i wonder how soon i can buy a sub with 1 mill in the bank from start… im sure ill be backj to $500 mill a lot quicker than the 1st time thru

  13. Lol there ain’t gonna be nobody on Gta5 next Gen then. Only little timmys with their shark cards. I only dupe glitched on my account and still have Issi’s to sell😂 I tried the RP Glitch too from the Popstar contract mission but it took to long to setup because the missions Franklin gave you were random. I gained about 5 levels and stopped. If I can’t migrate screw it. Most of my friends are on PS4 anyway.

  14. Naw i disagree. This is a great move. Cheaters need to be obliterated and removed from the community. They will be forced to buy a career mode account, R* gets paid, and they will learn their lesson when it comes to cheating.

    I have always hated cheaters and kept myself clean of it as a sense of pride and competitiveness. Imagine GTA without cheating, or even better, with no Oppressors?

    1. I have yet to meet a player who has not cheated at all, even if it’s something minor like skipping cool down timers for missions. I find it impossible that any player, including yourself, over the 9 year life of the game, has not done something that puts them under the category of the third bullet point, however minor. Even if only once or twice.

      People will not be ‘forced to buy career mode account’ they just won’t buy any of it, out of fear of being unable to transfer progress.

      From a business standpoint it’s bad practice since even if the cheater’s themselves don’t buy shark cards, they attract interest of thier friends to the game who will.

      I was going to buy the story mode counterpart as well but now iv seen this I will have to wait and see if my character will migrate first and if not, they won’t be getting the sale.

  15. Glad I made my millions the legit way(selling coke, meth and guns. Making faking cash and running an illegal import/export business) im everything but legit hahaha

  16. I know I’m late to this party. Wtf is Rockstar thinking!? It’s… It’s… It’s got damn brilliant!👏🏻 I’m glad Rockstar is taking action. It’s a good thing GTA 5 Online for Sony is free. I’m sick and tired of seeing rank 8,000 on PS4. Look I use to cheat, hell I use to mod my GTA5 character back on PS3. Sadly on PS4 I had to start over and I’ve been a good noodle since 3 weeks ago lol. I did the rank glitch and only ranked up 3 levels. Look I’ll keep y’all in touch if I make it over. However I do feel bad for the people that get caught. The new sessions are going to be lonely as fuck and MK2 free!🤣

    1. @AdenCarrollツ Oh please I highly doubt it.😅 However if I do somehow get the alert⚠️ I’ll gladly let you know first and foremost!🤭

  17. Iv been playing gtao since the start and have done multiple glitches during my time including that garage money glitch a while where you could get 2 mill every 30 seconds plus the horse track glitch when the casino came out and luckily got saved from the ban wipe/character rest on both and now I’m wondering after playing this game for almost 9 years will this be the end of my character if I get hit with this. This would also be 80-95% of the player base if I had to guess that would get wiped and maybe 20% or less of those people that got wiped would actually make a new character.

    1. I got a 3 bill dns bounty on ps3 and car sales over 778 mill. Transferred over to ps4 no problem I had digizani put money in my account 3 times just before Cayo don’t know how they do it but they do, so now I’m thinking that’s it for me, oh well plenty of other games out there 😂


  19. I switched from ps4 to series s on december so i should not be worried about it i have moded outfits like jogger duffle bag nothing else hope they wont ban me for that

  20. Someone please answer!!!
    I’ve done the bogdan problem glitch many times without doing the setups. Does that count as illegitimate progress?

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