Hitting Masters With The ORIGINAL Xbox Controller! | Apex Legends

We’re back with the final part of the original Xbox controller series! Some great highlights from Platinum and Diamond in this video, and we finally hit Masters at the end! This was such an incredibly fun challenge for me and i’ve planned a lot more content like this to come soon. Already started working on the Gamecube controller version of this series so those will be coming to the channel very soon! Love y’all, Enjoy the frags, and be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy the content!

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Video/Thumbnail/Animation/Music produced by: https://twitter.com/DreamweaveArt

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  1. Get it bro. I can’t say I know how you feel but I do feel you bro. Things get fuckin wacky and weird when your runnin on fumes bro I know that much. Sober or not sober no sleep things get a little weird lol. Keep up the greatness man keep streaming stay up bro I love you man love your videos I watch em all I love watching you bro I’m your biggest fan if you had merch and I had money I’d buy it all lol. Good night I’m out! Lol

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