Microsoft’s Xbox/Bethesda E3 showcase was pretty good this year. Halo infinite multiplayer got everyone hyped!
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    1. @Juan Solo It’s only an influx of marketing to casuals. Then yea like I said mofos who dont have access to anything else or choose to limit themselves. And u also forget why because they are buggy customizable fun not because of its base merits. Long gone are the days of research and playing a complete game in the console market. Bethesda is popular just because they dont inforce too much restrictions on the modding community. But take advantage. I never said these franchises didn’t have their own following but its dwarfed no matter how u try to defend it. FF14 is better than skyrim, pso2 is better than skyrim Aion the list can go on with mid evil fantasy genre. U have crazy die hards who will buy a game multiple times just too 🤯 it’s alot behind it but no that bethesda market is very fluffy if u want can make a bet and see how things turn out in the next 2 years. Gaming foresight for actual gamers not casuals following media he say she say oooo wow spectacle.

    2. @Juan Solo Real fallout fans are waiting on Obsidian not Bethesda, elderscrolls I hope for my friends that do like it its worth the wait… starfield…. still isn’t complete enough to warrant attention yes im a scifi buffer as well but if its not on point you call a spade a spade.

    3. @Hidden Monk dude wtf are you talking about, how ff14 was better than Skyrim, ask around for people that have played both and you’ll which one is more popular, Skyrim easily has sold around 30million copies to this day. Skyrim isn’t popular because of people buying it twice, if that was the case, games like gta 5 would sold just because of people buying it twice. Nah dude, I do see your point but it doesn’t make much sense taking in consideration the actual data. It’s okay if you don’t like Bethesda games, but their games are so popular around the community and with Xbox acquiring them and taking then generation of games it is kinda of a big deal, it would be like if Sony bought Activison and all the next COD were Ps exclusives, that too would be such a big deal.

    4. @Hidden Monk you can’t talk shit about the classic that was Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas sure has a better story and could be argued that it’s better than 3 but that’s doesn’t mean it’s shit, Fallout 3 it’s game that was so well received by the community and for some it even better than New Vegas. Fallout 4 may not have a great story, the dialogue it’s garbage, but gameplay wise it’s way more fun, the base game had really good side quests, build mode and the DLC like Far harbor and Nuka World in my opinion are some of the most iconic DLC in the whole franchise.

  1. Good thing that I stopped caring about pvp multiplayer games a long time ago halo infinite is to me another boring shooter that tries so hard to be destiny even though it existed before destiny

  2. I bought my Xbox in 2018 fully knowing that it would be worth the wait for halo infinite and that it would blow everything that came out on PS five in the meantime out of the water

  3. Then there’s Nintendo fans crying their eyes out «This is what netcode that was made by people paid in money, not chickens looks like»

  4. People were only hyped because of the free multiplayer. The game still doesn’t look that good. Not getting my hopes up. Bout to be another cyberpunk situation lol.

  5. Even though I have a PS5 I really enjoy playing halo on my PC and according to me the play station and the Xbox should not be fighting for who is the best. Both console have great games showcasing and representing their console and both companies are doing the same thing, satisfying their fans and users every new game that is released. Thank u and have a great day 😄

  6. They said we can play halo on PC tho so imo thats a L for xbox because I can keep avoiding that shit lmao got a PC and a PS5? no point in getting an xbox

    1. OK maybe by that time The last of us 2 gets a 40 metascore 😁 i have to say Horizon 2 loons good but its a walking simulator combat looks outdated

    2. @Dovahkiin You’re talking like Sony fans defend that game, we shit talk that game enough as it is boy, so you got any other ammo or are you gonna stand down?

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