Huge detail ignored about Xbox Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase|Xbox has no games narrative is dead!

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101 ответ к «Huge detail ignored about Xbox Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase|Xbox has no games narrative is dead!»

  1. You bring up a good point dirt. Xbox is on fire right now and anyone that says anything negative about Xbox just don’t like Xbox and we just need to ignore them to be honest. Congratulations on 4K too bro! How do I become a channel member without PC?

    1. Yeah, that number might narrow after the rumoured PS July event.

      You can’t argue with 23 studios though. PS are kind of screwed when their winning streak hits a dud or two. Thing with Game Pass is that the risk is reduced. You don’t have to pay 70 quid for a game that could turn out to be a dud, short or just not worth 70.

    2. @3adir no… Even taking the 25 games Sony is making in total, Xbox still has more..

      *Playstation 5 doesn’t even have more games confirmed….*

      *Lists of confirmed exclusive (timed and pure) titles for each platform, and general link for every known title at the time of the article:*

      Exclusive to Xbox (ecosystem) — releasing in 2021:

      Adios – 2021

      The Artful Escape – 2021

      The Ascent – 2021

      The Big Con – 2021

      CrossfireX – 2021

      Dead Static Drive – 2021

      Echo Generation – 2021

      ExoMecha – 2021

      Exo One – 2021

      The Gunk – 2021

      Halo Infinite – 2021

      The Last Stop – 2021

      Lake – 2021

      Little Witch in the Woods – 2021

      The Medium – January 28

      Microsoft Flight Simulator – Summer 2021

      Psychonauts 2 – 2021

      RPG Time – 2021

      Sable – 2021

      Scorn – 2021

      She Dreams Elsewhere – 2021

      Shredders – 2021

      Song of Iron – 2021

      Tunic – 2021

      Twelve Minutes – 2021

      Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy – 2021

      Warhammer 40K: Darktide – 2021

      Way to the Woods – 2021

      The Wild at Heart – 2021

      The Yakuza Remastered Collection – January 28 / Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – March 25

      Xbox confirmed Exclusive list.

      *22 Independent games are launching on Xbox Game Pass day and date.*

      Art of the Rally — Funselektor Labs Inc. (cloud and console)

      Astria Ascending — Plug in Digital, Artisan Studios (cloud and console)

      Backbone — Raw Fury, EggNut (cloud and console)

      Boyfriend Dungeon — Kitfox Games (console and PC)

      Craftopia — Pocketpair (console and PC)

      Dead Static Drive — Team Fanclub (console and PC)

      Edge of Eternity — Dear Villagers, Midgar Studio (cloud and console)

      Hello Neighbor 2 — tinyBuild Games, Dynamic Pixels, Gearbox Software (cloud and console)

      Library of Ruina — Project Moon (cloud and console)

      Little Witch in the Woods — SKT, Sunny Side Up (cloud and console)

      Moonglow Bay — Coatsink Software, Bunnyhug (cloud and console)

      Narita Boy — Team17, Studio Koba (cloud and console)

      Nobody Saves the World — Drinkbox Studios (cloud and console)

      Omno — Studio Inkyfox (cloud and console)

      Recompile — Dear Villagers, Phigames (cloud, console and PC)

      Sable — Raw Fury, Shedworks (console and PC)

      She Dreams Elsewhere — Studio Zevere (console and PC)

      S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 — GSC Game World (cloud and console

      The Ascent — Curve Digital, Neon Giant (cloud, console and PC) (Mentioned above)

      Undungeon — tinyBuild Games, Laughing Machines (cloud, console and PC)

      Way to the Woods — One Pixel Dog (cloud and console)

      The Wild at Heart — Humble Bundle, Moonlight Kids (console)

      [email protected] Games;

      Still to come:

      Project Mara
      Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga
      Project Dark
      Forza Horizon 5
      Bright Memory Infinite

      And all unannounced Zenimax/Bethesda games.

      And we haven’t heard everything from Xbox’s other 5 studios…

      Sony Exclusive List 2021;

      Destruction AllStars
      Deathloop (1-year exclusivity on PS5)
      God of War: Ragnarok
      Gran Tourismo 7
      Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
      Horizon Forbidden West
      Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Xbox planned to release sometime after release)
      Solar Ash (limited time exclusive)
      Stray (limited time exclusive)
      GhostWire: Tokyo (Timed comes to Xbox)


      Source for all Games coming to both consoles, and PC:

    3. @3adir PS4 was LITERALLY called the Indie Station for the first four years. And it took Sony over SEVEN years to deliver the very disappointing TLOU2. So Ponys need to Shut up about Games being shown well ahead of release time. Microsoft showed. Immediate future of Games, mid tier release of games AND long term plans of for games. All areas covered. Very well done by Microsoft.

  2. The thing ponies are still trying to argue is the »quality» narrative.
    As they themselves cannot describe the quality part of the Sony exclusives.

  3. The narrative will always change bro. It will go from «Xbox has no games» to «Xbox has no AAA production and quality games» — games like TLOU, Uncharted, God of War, HZD, Spiderman, etc. Forza looks to be the only game from Xbox that will have AAA production and quality. I’m really excited for Starfield, but Bethesda Game Studios have never really had that production and quality, like the PlayStation games I mentioned above or RDR 2 for any Xbox fanboys that get upset because I’m praising Sony/PlayStation. That’s going to be the new narrative I reckon.

  4. Well, technically, it still doesn’t have the games. But put that to one side and what is more important is, once these games do eventually come out that have to be better than what we’ve been used to. Xbox 1st party output has generally been mediocre. There’s no point have two or three times the mediocrity. Back to having games, many of the games shown are years away. I was shocked when Ninja Theory said they’re working on a small chunk of Hellblade 2 before they go in to full production! That sounds like a game that is years away when I thought it was just around the corner. Very frustrating.

    1. Which is crazy. I thought Hellblade would be much further along. Oh well, things are what things are. I was surprised Redfall is next summer. Huh, a game that just got announced is hitting in a year? Cool, I guess.

  5. Xbox one fat was bad. But the newer editions were much better and if you got your hands on the one x, I thought that system was incredible when I first got it. Held onto it for so long until l got a series x. And now my brother has the one x cause I gave it to him, and he says it looks good on his 4k tv. It’s an impressive machine before the series x

    1. @Mhárinhu yeah great joke halo infinite looks amazing and your saying it looks trash it’s just your opinion bud not a fact and xbox has more exclusive release dates right now, why don’t you go cry somewhere else you sad pony troll

    2. @🇸🇦susleyvis ibanez 🇸🇦
      Halo Infinite looks amazing???
      Forza Horizon 5 looks amazing, Halo Infinite looks generic has fuck….
      I don’t know which one it’s better from what I saw.
      Halo Infinite or Call of Duty Cold War.

      About the dates… that’s all you guys have for years now, fucking DATES, no fucking 1st party games, but DATES and controllers.

    3. @🇸🇦susleyvis ibanez 🇸🇦 Mhárinhu cant think for himself he comes from Sony pony echo chamber of knowledge he’s a lost cause. Clearly hates xbox

    4. @Mhárinhu yes meanwhile I’m on a Xbox centric channel and I also watch other centric channel what’s your point? I like to watch podcasts and interact with people. I don’t go over to PS channels and start stupid nonsense like what your doing why does the hate cut so deep. I had to point out what a gamer I was because you put me in this category of I don’t know the value of a game and thinking I’m just a game pass gamer that don’t buy games remember you fanboys think all exactly the same and have the same opinions I even knew you would come back with a fact sheet 😂 it’s that predictable. it’s always funny people who have these opinions towards Xbox and hate always come from the Sony side and no one else why is that? as I said insecure, I like my consoles but you clearly worship your picece of plastic and hate anything Xbox and anything it does.

  6. Wait til E3 ponies, keep that same energy, Xbox has no games is dead now it’s ponies have no games, should we push that narrative or be nice🤔🤔🤔

  7. I agree xbox has a games and I don’t agree to people say xbox has no games…but don’t talk about xbox has exlusive…why you asked? I know Microsoft put their games on pc and cloud…I don’t count cloud service as platform because there is a looong way for cloud service to be good enough for all gamers in the world because most gamers in the world dosnt have good internet connections and this is a fact….even with good internet connection you have bad inpute lag and low resolution….so for pc perspective because you can play all Xbox games on pc you can’t call those games xbox exlusive…I don’t talk about what xbox does is good or bad I talk about they say their games are exclusive but you can play them on pc…exlusive mean you can play the games only in one platform…and when you count pc as a gaming platform so those xbox games cant count as exlusive for xbox…so the truth is xbox has many games right now but non of this games are exlusive to xbox because of the pc platform…I know xbox fans gone angry at me but this is a fact…

  8. Narratives like «They can’t be exclusive if they’re on PC also.»

    Trying to explain what the xbox ecosystem is to a pony is like trying to flog a dead horse… or pony… excuse the pun. Seriously though, half of ’em can’t seem to comprehend that xbox have a slew of exclusive titles coming that’s going to completely outmatch anything Sony can produce, the other half still think that every Bethesda game incoming will be a timed exclusive.

    Thick as shit, the lot of them…

    1. @RuckBogers75
      A game can’t be exclusive to a system if it’s launched on multiples systems.
      That’s a fact. So, don’t be dumb.

      But, what is important to “consoles wars” it’s console exclusives.

      Like Halo or Forza, and Horizon Zero Dawn or Death Stranding.

      All this games were launched on PC, but they are console exclusives.

      “Titles coming that’s going to completely outmatch anything Sony can produce”

      What are you smoking? That shit must be fucking amazing or you’re dreaming.

      What make you believe in that nonsense🤔🤔!!

    2. @RuckBogers75 Tell me, one game better running on Xbox Series X…

      You don’t have none, 0, niente, nada…. 7 months after releasing a new console and it’s a black hole 1st party releases…
      Even BugSnacks it’s better than anything you guys have for this console because Xbox doesn’t have nothing to show… nothing.

    1. The games are a.. lol nobody talks about any of those games Returnal trash looks like a ps4 games don’t look like it’s complete and Miles Morales don’t see any difference than the last spider man game it’s like a dlc and Dark Souls didn’t mk sense remaking it and Ratchet and Clank too over hype it looks good but your just moving side to side shooting few different guns all day that’s about it it gets boring at a point same stuff all over and only games I’m really looking forward to is GOW AND Ghost of Tsushima2 there best games ever hands down

  9. Xbox has no games ????
    Let me correct this a little bit.

    XBOX has no 70$ exclusives, which are broken and buggy.

    *cough* Returnal *cough* Ratchet and Clank *cough*

  10. I completely disagree, XBOX had a Great 2013, also, the XBOX One had better Exclusives.

    Halo Infinite Gameplay last July, was the best Gameplay we’ve ever seen.

    Look at what’s going on now: PS5 owners do not have Sh*t to play.

    Who’s in the best position:
    *The XBOX Division!*

  11. Because of Xcloud the “Generations” thing with Xbox is going to be pretty irrelevant. You’ll be able to play all pure next gen games on Xbox One through Xcloud streaming. They can’t say you can’t play those games on Xbox One, because you will be able to through Xcloud. Once they have Xcloud up and running for use on Xbox One later this year or early next year they’ll likely phase out versions built specifically for Xbox One of all their games.

  12. Is it just me or did Xbox just strategically reposition themselves for success? Here is what I mean. In the beginning, Xbox announced to everyone that they would continue to support last gen consoles for the next two years while Sony announced their commitment to next gen only. The one detail at the time that no one accounted for, was ‘how’ Microsoft planned to continue support of last gen consoles. Fast forward to today. We now have a major console shortage, and most players can’t get consoles. Sony (who is dependent on console sales), has had to reverse their stance on next gen only games. They are now making their first party games cross gen. This action alone leaves Sony in a difficult situation. They are now committed to producing cross gen games for the next two years. This will greatly hinder them from releasing next gen only titles for now. At the same time, look at Xbox. They attend E3 and its there that they reveal that all their first-party games will be next gen only. However, they reveal this quietly and without fanfare.

    Xbox then announces that they plan to continue support of last gen by way of cloud streaming. By waiting to announce ‘how’ they planned to support last gen consoles, they tactically pivoted themselves into the best position. This seems like a well thought out strategy. It leaves Sony in a weak position (which Xbox appeared to be in the beginning), while also raising Xbox to the stronger position. Xbox gained the most in this move. They gained goodwill for their honesty about last gen support, and goodwill for not leaving their player base behind. They also gain goodwill for fully supporting next gen. I swear this seems like a chess move.

  13. They’re doing everything right. Twenty three studios working on 30+ games, transparency, a ton of new releases in the coming months (Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, the Ascent, 12 Minutes, Scorn, the Gunk, etc), value with Game Pass, and they’re giving their fans more options to play all this stuff between PC, Xcloud, and Series consoles.

    1. @Sony Only So, you’re still thinking this is the Xbox with 5 studios. It’s funny that yall think all 23 studios will make 60 metacritic games lol. That my friend, is called fear. You’re scared because you know things are changing. Go ahead and admit it.

    2. @Dirt Griggity you ar the Dumest person on the Planet xbox Never wone aneding they ar in the last plays EU hat them Amerika hats them and asia to you cant change shit about dat

    3. No I think that under Microsoft those studios will decline it’s a proven track record when looking at what happened with Rare and Lionhead we also can look at Ninja Theory so far make the excuse “it was in development before Microsoft purchased them” all you like fact is Bleeding edge is their worst rated game in history and Grounded if they had the balls to actually announce it as a real game not early access no doubt would be obsidians worst game too.

  14. First of all, I watched it like 5 times too. Lol Once on my own, then the rest through other peoples reaction videos. Secondly, gaming is all about never giving up. Xbox was close to being down and out. But now they are roaring back by learning from their mistakes and leaning on their strengths. Compete by playing your your way. Be you, boo😊

  15. I can’t explain how happy I am to see how xbox turned everything around they already gave us the most powerful console and now they’re gonna give us the better games

  16. I’m glad I have a console which has first party games which are way more diverse than just sp third person story focus games which are done after you beat them. No replay value, no real mp modes is just a turn off, especially when they are 70 dollars 💵

  17. None of xboxes games at least none of their exclusives are even coming out this year gamepass is all they’ve got right now and a lot of games they got PlayStation also has lol I agree it’s impressive what they are doing I think gamepass is great but please elaborate on how it’s dead? A few short months 🤣 I like Xbox don’t get me wrong I’ve got one and I have a PS5 and a switch I love gaming and don’t care for the console wars ideology but seriously I don’t understand why or how the Xbox fanboys can say they’ve got games and in a few months it will all change most of those games don’t even have release dates and aren’t even advertised for this year.

  18. MarlonGaming is hurting too. Along with saltiest gaming, crapgamer, king thrash,MBG, and all those other ponies. I hope they get some mental help.

  19. I usually end up with all the consoles but I find I don’t need a ps5 any time soon I’m having fun playing my Series X .So I’ll worry about a ps5 later because only exclusive I cared about was God Of War but now it’s gonna be on ps4 soooo….

  20. You spittin 📠📠📠📠👀👀👀👀😎😎😎

    Also you get mad points for the Mass Appeal instrumental!

    Some of these young bulls will never know.

  21. To be specific Matt booty said 1-2 years. And by the end of this year that one year will be up. And Xbox will have cloud gaming support on console. So everyone with an Xbox one will be able to play the new generation games without having to buy the console

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