Huge Xbox E3 2021 News — Xbox OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase

Xbox and Bethesda officially announced today that the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will be on June 13th at 10AM PT. What new exclusive games announcements can we expect for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

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86 ответов к «Huge Xbox E3 2021 News — Xbox OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase»

  1. I think the 2002, 2003, 2004 thing is reference to the 20yr anniversary.
    Half arc white rings also relate to Starfield, not only the planet.

    1. Not gonna hear anything on that until later this year or early next year. Sony has an additional 6 months of exclusivity when they release the Intergrade version.

  2. Just rename it as the «Bethesda Box» and be done with it…. sure hope Bethesda steps their game up big time to live up to this hype…. not holding my breath.

    1. There’s 3 shown tbf. The entire picture is a wheel complete with a rim and tire. Bottom left planet is Starfield and then Halo ofc.

    1. They’re brothers-in-arms now, under the same parent company. So both having something to show is less of a rivalry and more of a 1-2-punch from Xbox

  3. I like how Xbox doesn’t waste time with the dead beat fanboys. Instead, they’re just professional and at the end, it’ll be 🤫

  4. Is there really a lot to talk about?? Tell me something I haven’t read… instead of reading other people’s words to me and guessing on what ifs.

  5. Why are people expecting Forza Horizon 5, rather than Motorsport 8? Aren’t we due for Motorsport? Plus Playground are working on Fable. Either way, I’m super excited for all things Xbox. 💚💚💚

    1. Playground has 2 teams. One on Forza Horizon and one on Fable. Some studios have more than 1 team. Hell, Obsidian has 4 teams with a different number if developers for each one!

  6. The Bethesda acquisition was the deciding factor for me to move up my adoption of the Series X. Two months later, I have not regretted ONE day of that decision. I am a very happy Xbox owner/player.

  7. Man I have everything but a series x I have elite series 1 and 2 , Xbox wireless headset , 4K ultra HD TV , 3 years worth of gamepass I just need that series X….

  8. Guess the numbers in green is about 20 year of xbox.. Was hoping it was 001, 002 etc.. As cutting tenth in Forza Motorsport… 😪

  9. I just don’t want to see a Déjà vu of last E3. I was fine with Hollow but we need the best and if they need more time with this pandemic, take it.

  10. I don’t think MS is going to be buying another studio this year. Instead I expect a number of deals with 3rd parties for exclusives (full or timed) to round out 2021 and go into 2022. Sure they have all these studios but how close they are to new stuff we just don’t know. You’ll have to make some deals for content to fill in the gaps for now.

  11. Halo Infinite Gameplay
    Everwild Gameplay
    Stalker2 Gameplay
    Hellblade2 Gameplay
    CrossfireX Gameplay
    Indiana Jones World Premier
    Avowed Gameplay
    InXile new title World Premier
    State of Decay3 Gameplay
    Starfield Gameplay
    Mechawarrior5 update port release date
    Excomecha Release date
    Forza Horizon World Premier
    Forza Motorsport Gameplay
    Scorn Release Date
    The Gunk Release Date

  12. My only major complaint about Xbox’s game shows last year was when they talked up gameplay trailers, I think they even called it something like The Game Play event or some bull shit. That show ended up having absolutely no game play in that entire show haha

  13. I am hyped as its e3 time but xbox has let me down for years now and every year I am like it will be better next year I just hope that this year will be the year for xbox to announce some hard hitters

    1. @Naom Darth I admit they have alot of rpg titles in the works which is going in the right direction mature looking games i just hope they don’t try pushing multiplayer in all of them just because of gamepass doesn’t mean it has to be multiplayer heavy game my two favourite games of last gen was ryse and quantum break both games are very underrated

    2. @DGCmondo UK I have same concerns but Phil admitted in an interview that Xbox lacks quality single player exclusives and Bethesda acquisition was one of the reasons to compensate that. A couple of live service multiplayer games are good but we don’t want almost every game to be multiplayer focused.

  14. Lower the expectations people. Xbox always fails to make grrat impression. Xbox always undersells itself. They can’t built hype like sony does .

  15. Jeff Grub now saying no Avowed, he already said no Hellblade 2, and we already know Everwild, SoD3, Perfect Dark, Fable and InXile’s next game are “years away”… Sounds like there will be nothing at this show.

  16. I expect we’ll see a good 10 minutes of Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay and a little segment to show the updates they’ve made to the campaign graphics. Expect to see gameplay of Wolfenstein 3, Stalker 2 and Forza Horizon 5.

  17. Can you imagine if right at the end, they say «oh and before we go, one more thing… we’ve acquired Sega» *mic drop* the crowd goes wild

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