INCREDIBLE Xbox Series X | Phil Spencer Speaks On Brand New 2021 Xbox Games & Xbox Game Pass Critics

INCREDIBLE New Xbox Series X Features Now Possible After Microsoft Upgrade | New Games For Xbox Are Coming And Phil Spencer Speaks On Brand New 2021 Xbox Games And Even Adresses The Xbox Game Pass Critics And Nay Sayers With Hard Facts
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Welcom to my channel. Here I cover both Xbox Series X and PS5. Ps5 games, xbox series x games, xbox series s, new xbox exclusives xbox event, the occassional game review and much more. I guess you could say that i just cover videogames, tech news and leaks on the latest games info.
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

74 ответа к «INCREDIBLE Xbox Series X | Phil Spencer Speaks On Brand New 2021 Xbox Games & Xbox Game Pass Critics»

    1. @Yellow Flash I don’t remember if they said what they had planned. I remember it being reported that when they sold Fallout to Bethesda, inXile they retained the rights to make a game by a certain date, which they missed, and Bethesda wouldn’t extend it.

    2. Why did @IGN cut Phil’s answer to the question «is Elder Scrolls 6 xbox exclusive?» If he said he not ready to talk about it why edit it out? Only thing that seems plausible is he said xbox isn’t keeping big game like that exclusive and then asked ign to cut the answer to prevent backlash from xbox gamers

  1. But, Dealer there is something gooey on the handrail and it looks good. Why can’t we lick it?

    All jokes aside great little info vid, but what was the game playing at the end of the video?

  2. Am a ponie but can’t lie Xbox game pass best value around all my best for my xbots friends am happy Xbox doing great this generation hope I can get a series x to join all those nice perks…

    1. More of this on both sides! For sure! Every time Sony or MS does something to raise the bar, it’s good for all of us! We all need to remember that.

  3. I wouldn’t care if Game Pass was the biggest loss leader MS had. They’re still giving me the greatest gaming deal around. I’ll let the Trillion dollar company worry about the bills, I’ll just continue to reap the rewards. I don’t get why people concern troll with, «I’m not sure it’s sustainable». Let MS worry about that, and just enjoy what they’re giving you.

  4. Look when it comes to game pass i believe its value for money to the right person

    It completely 100% dependent on whats being offerd .. if u do not like bathesda games or ea games .. u dont like fps games and u sure as hell dont like indie games

    And u just want big Aaa titles why buy game pass

    But if u love all of that and wanna play some of these games in there because i do believe there is SOMETHING for everyone in there its like a freaking blockbusters in there for games then its definitely worth the money

    If they could secure a deal with ubisoft…the service would double in amount of subscribers i truly believe that

    Sony exclusives are amazing however the like of assassin’s creed splinter cell division ghost recon farcry imagine all that shit DAY ONE
    and u get ea shit as well

    It would be more than a home run ut would be quite frankly over powerd but believe thats what it would take

    The more aaa games go in that library the more money they make every single month

    And for the people that think its not a good investment to do what xbox have done

    U will change ur mind 1 day

    Imagine everysingle user or ur console purchasing a game each month and the profit gos directly to urself

    For xbox its a gold.mine its basically just easy money

    But again the GP is only worth the value it offers

  5. That was an awesome video I agree with you game pass is amazing I can’t imagine anything being bad about game pass except for the people that don’t have game pass because the room rule about game pass is that we talk about game pass.

  6. The amount of money you can save with game pass is actually a shit Ton when you think about how expensive this hobby actually is. Shit is a great idea

  7. it sounded like you were saying the second AAA UE game iNeXile is working on is Outer Worlds 2, but maybe you were using vague speech that I am misinterpreting. Whether an iNeXile developed Fallout ends up being like Outer Worlds 2 or Starfield doesn’t matter. Besides, we’re getting some fantasy RPGs from Xbox that may also overlap each other in style and gameplay.

  8. I played Doom on my phone with Xcloud today and there was almost zero lag. Only a few times did it slow down ever so slightly. Amazing thanks Phil.

  9. I became a huge fan of Xbox just recently with my new Xbox series x and to be honest I haven’t purchased a single game just yet. I have been playing some games off the gold pass but that’s it for now. I haven’t been blown away yet with any new games. Whereas the ps5 with the ratchet and some others have been amazing and a good purchase.

  10. LOVE what XBOX/MS is doing especially Gamepass & XCLOUD but at 3:45 and after he did mention about supporting the 360? I’ve got 2 of them but don’t use, but if I can play games on a tablet,cell why not on a 360? I just found that weird. Is it because the android Pie and up? They need to make it more clearer when they say PLAY ANYWHERE. DEALER thanks for the upload

  11. They are doing it the right way. I love how the focus is still the console and saying that’s the best way to play. I’ve found that with GamePass Ultimate, I’m enjoying being able to jump into a game on the go. Doesn’t replace my console, but it’s a great way to keep playing something when you’re somewhere else!

  12. FOLLOW MATT SWIDER ON TWITTER. Setup notifications from him. He gets alerts super fast when retailers get restocked, its not some sketchy dude selling them himself. Four days after I started following his tweets, I was able to get one for MSRP. Retailers like BestBuy are adding a timer to the «add to cart» function that lets regular people get the consoles into their cart as long as you don’t refresh your page (which I’m assuming is what bots do)

  13. When is GTA 6 coming out? I’m usually a patient person, but I’m start of getting tired of not knowing if we will get a new gta. Gta 5 release date was Sep 17 2013

  14. Microsoft was caught working with the NSA to spy on American citizens despite it being illegal You tools keep on supporting them though. Seems like it is doing the country a lot of good.

  15. I always cringe a little when you call a game trash. I guess I just know how much work goes into making a game and I think it’s disrespectful to the people who make them. I enjoy Outriders, but I don’t think you have to as well, but I think there’s enough negativity in the community and stuff like that could be omitted. I like what you do and the content you make, but I just wanted throw in some feedback.

  16. I had a Xbox one at launch all my mates had PS4 and they all tried to get me to buy a PS4. Looking back now I’m so glad I stuck with Xbox and my advise now is sell your PS and upgrade to Xbox. It’s an upgrade

  17. Ive always been an Xbox fan and still am, but I picked up a PS5 and series X and to be 100% honest games look better to me on PlayStation. Some of the same games too. But game pass is unbeatable.

  18. Microsoft is killing it and Sony as a company seen it coming there fanboys didn’t now its complain complain before it was its over for xbox I don’t want them to obliterate playstation but I do want them to stomp a mud hole in them.

  19. You know what, gamepass gave me the opportunity to purchase the games that I really like. Games that I would like to collect. Lol it’s like Netflix for gaming.

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