It’s OVER! Xbox Is Going To DISMANTLE PlayStation At E3

It’s OVER, SNOY fanboys. How does it feel? As E3 2021 rears its head in just a couple of weeks, WORLD CLASS exposes the reality of the situation on how XBOX is going to DISMANTLE PlayStation at E3 and beyond!

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    1. Doubt it. I used oculus and played Alex and I wasn’t impressed. I had psvr and said it sucked. People said oh psvr sucks, you have to try computer vr and to me it wasn’t much better so I doubt ps5 vr will be good. Give it 5+ yrs before vr gets better.

    1. @The Unoriginal Hacks how is the medium? You wanna say Sony ONLY has walking simulator games when there is only 2 maybe 3 tops and that is including death stranded that no one really cared about. The SX on the other hand has games from 15+ years ago, let that sink in for a sec. Oh and don’t bring up about power for the lunchbox when the lunchbox lasts only 4-6 years if even that.

  1. How does this live stream have comments? Previous live streams by him did not have comments on.. I myself prefer it kept on. Not telling u what to do. Just curious…

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