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  1. The gameplay video of Muzzle Flash must have been playing on a modded Xbox 360 as you can install a file that unlocks a lot more games on the 360’s backwards compatibility

  2. Next to my ps2, which ive been collecting for 20+ years, now ive started to hunt down xbox360 exclusive titles (or console (ps3/xbox360 era) that seem interesting to me as of now im going through destroy all humans path of the furion. That game scored so bad overall and it genuinely blows my mind why. Its pure entertainment, from the moment you start its mayhem -powerfantasy bliss. A B-game through and through, I love it (and for the longest time ive been praising ninety nine nights (1). That game is horrible at the start and one of the best (true) hack n slash games (no dmc or batonetta isnt hack n slash) towards the end (when you’re leveled and geared etc)). Awesome to see some obscure stuff for the xbox that i never had.

  3. The smt nine online aspect never actually came out. They canceled the multiplayer and released only the single player part, so you didn’t miss out on much

  4. one of my fav bits about ur vids is that you show / make cool art so when i watch the video im like «nice i got some cool art to look at»

  5. That Rent-a-Hero game looks sooooo cozy! I really need to play some of these Chulip-style games sometimes, I always love em in your videos. I wish that they had ports or be backwards compat on modern consoles, but I guess they just didn’t sell enough to justify the publishers to do so :/

  6. What’s the name of the song that starts at 32:01? And your videos are of the highest tier quality making each break in the videos to play some awesome music and giving me chills, it’s like no other content on here.

  7. The skill style and sense-of-humor (triple S BABY) that went into this [whole channel] leave me in awe. Take my fanboy admiration and deep respect you weirdo DJ/VJ/MC weeb, because I am having my dick blown away on the reg.

  8. Man i really love your channel you talk about things other people dont do it , and you use a very interesting presentation , really i am glad you share this , i always want to heard opinions about these little things , weird games , rare gems , and very curius era games , my favorite video of ps3/360 era game or asthetic i love because i think the same (english is not my native language)

  9. Rent a Hero sounds like the best video game I never heard about before. It mind-blogs my mind how many obscure, yet great games are out here without me knowing about them.

    1. It does sound pretty nifty, though in my case I was at least tangentially aware of it because Rent-a-Hero is one of many odd characters in SEGA’s _Fighters Megamix._

  10. Innocent Tears is one of the most 2000s VN anime wallpaper lookin things and I like it.

    And Rent-A-Hero sounds amazing. I love Yakuza’s side storys and enjoyed Gravity Rush 2’s side stories, so the fact that the charming ‘side’ stories are the focus appeals to me greatly. I wonder if Yakuza 7’s Part time hero quests are a reference to that?

  11. Thortastic video. I love the hugebox and have tons of memories with goofy japanese games like Phantom Crash, So seeing a sample of what didnt reach us was fun.

  12. Man I wish I was more aware of the video games that came on the OG Xbox, I got it as a kid but didn’t like that it was heavily marketed as an edgy “shoot shoot, racing cars”-console so I mostly played sonic and other license video games… totally missed out on weird classics like Voodoo Vince, Psychonauts etc… Xbox games were also crazy expensive too so I played mostly the same stuff until it was time for the 360 to come… thank you for this video!

  13. One of the many reasons I love the Mountain Dew powered machine. Some really weird and cool games on it. Raze’s Hell, Voodoo Vince, Phantom Dust, Blinx, etc..

  14. Muzzle Flash’s Picture in Picture style scopes are actually pretty similar to how they worked in the Delta Force series of games. Raycevick did a video on pre-Modern Warfare military shooters that you might be into as there is much jank to be found.

  15. I hope that you can finally make a video about Otogi. You talked about wanting to play it years ago, and now you have this sweet Xbox. Looking forward to it 🙂

  16. Its interesting that the OG Xbox had alot of weird experimental games. It definetly feels like they didn’t really know what they wanted to do with it.

  17. I like your content, but a thing you always do that just rubs me the wrong way
    Is whenever you talk about a woman, feminine character or even an object referred to as She/her you call them a bitch.

  18. If Dino Crisis 3 released on Playstation, thr series would’ve still be alive, no matter how bad the game is. I mean, I would’ve bought it and hated it but sale is sale.

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