Legal Document Suggests Xbox Game Pass is Coming to the Switch? | E3 Week Just Got Bigger |News Dose

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0:00 Intro

0:52 Hollow Knight Silksong will miss E3

2:20 Nintendo Switch Online May Games Revealed

4:45 Zelda Skyward Sword HD Amiibo Sparks Controversy

6:20 Summer Game Fest Event Revealed

8:05 Xbox and Nintendo Redacted Negotiations Surface Online

11:17 The Last of Us Part II PS5 Update

12:31 Poll of the Day


‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ will not be showcased at this year’s E3

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103 ответа к «Legal Document Suggests Xbox Game Pass is Coming to the Switch? | E3 Week Just Got Bigger |News Dose»

  1. Overall I believe that putting game pass on switch would be amasingly succesfull but i doubt they would want this to happen as I can not imagine many people will pick up a swirch for this reqson when yhry have a phone. Rather I would like to see them negotiate ip that will be on there platforms. Like xbox will get the next donkey kong game while nintendo get banjo kazooie

    1. The switch already has a huge player base and being able to have gamepass would add major major value to the console. Halo, Gears, Forza on switch sounds incredible.

    2. The point is not to make people buy a switch to get game pass.. the point is to have the millions of people that have a switch buy Game pass

    3. Well yeah I know all that I don’t believe I said that game pass on switch would not be succesfull rather is it in Nintendo best interest? Would Nintendo lose sales gain sales of first party games from this? What would there cut of game pass revenue be?There is a lot to consider here so simply exchanging ip between xbox and nintendo sounds much more plausible to me.

  2. Isn’t that old? Phil Spencer said Nintendo wouldn’t let them fiddle with the backend because you would need to sign into Xbox on your switch.

    1. Not directly, but he did say that if they were to put gamepass on another console, that you would need to be connected to you xbox/Microsoft account… Implying that it was not as simple as just dropping it on… But he never said they were not working towards it.

    2. @Nick Stark yeah, I mean we are used to double log in/sign in from Microsoft account to whatever publishers account like EA/Square Enix or whatever..

  3. I dunno how gamepass on switch would work as it would need a strong Internet connection and the switch is notorious for bad Internet connection

    1. It would use Xbox cloud. And we know Nintendo is improving their online… I think they’re either slowly using Xbox’s online or learning to mimic it

  4. #jaywood2010 these poor title choices are not worth my money and this hasn’t been for months now. This is why I cancelled my Nintendo Online Subscription. Nintendo need to redesign their Online experience and their eShop. They both are terrible to use and makes me want to buy physical games over digital.

    1. @William McLelland Xbox has no Games worth buying Series X! Everything can be played everywhere else and better lol no exclusives 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Farees starfield of buggy broken games? Who cares? More bugs than Gameplay! Lol loser just like crackdown 3 lol 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  5. You’re my favorite YouTube channel bro, I’ll be here when you get to 100k subscribers and beyond, your ability to stay on top of all the gaming news is absolutely outstanding. Thank you for the daily news dose !

  6. Ms and Nintendo can do a deal where Nintendo gets a cut from each monthly subscription that is sold to switch users. That’s a cut every month. Win win for both parties. Xbox get more subs and Nintendo gets more money and keeps their user more locked in.

    1. @Judah Returns Bugthesda? Fallout77, young blood 2 rage 3 old buggy broken games! Pointless Series X Pointless because it has No Games worth playing!

    2. @MojaveKnight17 ok I can see you’re not trying to have a discussion, you’re just punching the air screaming “Xbox sucks!!” like a toddler.

  7. Hey Jay if a PS4 game you own gets a PS5 remaster/release you can get your PS4 game upgraded for free. The Witcher 3 is getting a PS5 release later this year so if you own the PS4 game you’ll be able to have that upgraded to PS5 quality for free.

    1. This isn’t guaranteed. It’s up to the developer if they want to allow free upgrades. For instance Control, Spiderman and GTAV aren’t free upgrades.

  8. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen for the Xboxs sake… and I know what most people say but those people are blinded by the sells of Xbox during a pandemic where people don’t have much to do

  9. 13 or $16 for a toy that’s still expensive for that let alone $25 they’re crazy they can keep those amiibos I can see like 2 or $3 even $5 hell I would even go 7

  10. What a surprise, Nintendo continues down the dark path ripping off their customers. First they’re charging full $60 for a Wii game at 1080p and now they’re pay-walling an actual improvement that should be available for everyone. Can you imagine if EA and Bioware tried this shite with Mass Effect Legendary? This is BS, but because its Nintendo it’ll probably sell 10 million by the end of the year, I’m so sick of Nintendo.

  11. Nintendo wouldn’t put game pass on switch. What they would do is cut a deal for cloud service so they can stream purchases that the switch couldn’t handle.

  12. Do I actually think that the game Pass and/or xCloud will come to the Nintendo Switch?

    Honestly… at first, no. Absolutely not.

    Not because I didn’t want it to, but because I just didn’t see it as any kind of possibility.

    *But now, though?!*

    Yeah… I do.

    I think that doing so would greatly boost the amount of Nintendo Switches that are being sold. More specifically, I think that if Nintendo *does* have a «Nintendo Switch Pro» coming out, making the xCloud and Game Pass available for the newer console would drastically increase Nintendo Switch and Switch «Pro» sales. And it could potentially make the Switch a primary console for casual gamers. Nintendo and Xbox exclusives on a single console?! At home *and* on the go?! That would be a hard thing to pass up for casual gamers.

    Add a large percentage cut of GamePass subscribers to Nintendo and one would have an amazing opportunity at their feet.

    I still think that this is more wishful thinking than a probability, but still… I now think it is possible. Even if just a little now.

  13. Nintendo already said No to Gamepass. There’s no way Nintendo is going to let Microsoft throw out their own Store in the Garbage. Nintendo Fans won’t even look in the direction of the Nintendo Store is Xbox Game Pass came on the Nintendo Platform! LOL! 🤣

    Gamertag: BloodOath77

    1. I’m confused. I buy Nintendo specifically to get their games that Xbox doesn’t have. That wouldn’t change with gamepass going to switch. If anything, over 80% of switch sales are exclusives, so they would make more money off of third party non-exclusives by getting a cut of Switch GPU subs every month. And consistent revenue is important for companies. It just has to be done correctly. Switch getting Xbox cloud support and also online, marketed as Nintendo, would be a big collaboration.

  14. Phil Spencer stating that Nintendo isn’t interested in a full Xbox experience shows that Nintendo and Microsoft negotiated but something went wrong. Game Pass won’t do well on the Nintendo Switch since gatekeeping Nintendo fanboys won’t want it.

  15. Maybe on my deathbed they’ll release a new Pokemon game on Xbox. At that point, the world will have been in complete peace for multiple years, and I can finally rest easy
    True unity and ultimate progress

  16. Also can we all take a moment to laugh at the idea of a skyward sword HD remaster…in 2021? Like 14yrs after the widespread adoption of HD and the standard is for 4k remasters…

    I know hardware limitations but its still funny. Also is it full HD or 720p? 😄😄😄

    1. Very unlikely. It would be more of xbox breaking into the Japan market. I’d love to play mario games in 60fps 4k on my series x though.

  17. Fuck, I just realized that hadn’t subscribed to you and I watch your videos religiously. Subscribed, and what you do is marvelous. Sorry didn’t do it way earlier.

  18. Game Pass on NS will probably have Nintendo games on it. Like EA Plays, you get Nintendo Plays. I can’t wait to hear what is going to happen

  19. I believe game pass will make it on the switch. There are several xbox games that have ported to the switch in which you can get the achivements and have them added to you xbox gamerscore. I believe this is how this partnership started. Besides the achivement community is known to help in increasing sales. Its a win win as more people who have the dormant switch will begin to utilize it.

  20. I really don’t hope that game pass comes to the Nintendo switch because that would mean that all xbox exclusive would be coming to the switch
    Which means that they wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of the xbox series s/x if it has to run on the switch as well
    So x cloud is the only way I can see it happening

  21. Game Pass has shown to improve sales not cannibalize them. That’s a myth perpetrated by ignorant people . Do research if you want to be informative .

  22. Sony : we’ll lock a lot more exclusives so that you’ll buy our PS5..

    Microsoft : Xbox ok? Here PC, another one for Android, iOS tomorrow, Switch? We’ll try. Ok TV too, what? On the fridge? Ok ok. Your microwave too?

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