Massive Company Wants Gamepass On Their Store | Xbox Needs To Go After It

Xbox needs help in the PC market when it comes to gamepass and this might be there way of getting it if they find a way to work something out!

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19 ответов к «Massive Company Wants Gamepass On Their Store | Xbox Needs To Go After It»

    1. @Iskinder Bucari Exactly the ease of access if it were incorporated onto Steam would definitely significantly boost the subscription numbers

    2. @Lord XBoss

      25 Million subscribers?

      That’s an *easy* 50 Million right there. *Especially* once you measure it over a year’s time. Because by the time that gets announced and implemented, it would likely be 2023 or close to it. So that’s after Season 2 of Halo Infinite, a few more new exclusive releases, and on either the eve of the Starfield release or shortly afterwards.

      Also after Microsoft gives a glimpse of what’s to come in 2023; games like Hellblade 2 and currently unannounced titles? Microsoft could *easily* gain 50 Million GamePass Steam Edition subscribers over the course of a year.

      That would be an incredible leap forward in a very short amount of time.

    3. @Lord XBoss
      *Yes.* And in a *ridiculously* short amount of time, too.

      I have this theory that after the GamePass subscription numbers reach a certain point, that Xbox’s pay-to-play-online service would come to an end. Online gaming on Xbox would become free, Game With Gold would become like… «Games With GamePass» or something, and people with time on a Gold subscription would be converted to the base GamePass entry for the remainder of their Gold service with the option to either continue the service, continue and upgrade, or end the service and just enjoy free online gaming on the console.

      I have absolutely *nothing* to point to that can support this theory of mine, but if I am right? A move like this would *swiftly* prove it to us all.

    4. @Iskinder Bucari OH! definitely I just said 25million thinking short term and with Gamepass exactly how it is now 🤷‍♂️ With all the Games XBOX has already announced and the amount of 1st party studios I agree Gamepass could hit some serious big numbers 👍What’s the potential subs on Steam? it’s way up there

    5. @Lord XBoss
      Over 60 Million user *per day.*
      Over 120 Million users *per month.*
      And well over *1 Billion users* total. (Steam reached 1 Billion users back in April 2019. Can’t find an exact current number, but it’s safe to bet that there are more than a Billion now for sure.)

      That is a metric shit-ton of gamers, man!

  1. Yooo… of they do that? If they get that *done for real?!* The number of GamePass subscribers would *SKYROCKET!!* Damn-near *instantly,* too.

  2. PC gamer here. I would love for GP to come to PC because Steam is where I spend most of my gaming time. If GP came to Steam I would imagine the GP numbers would grow quite a bit, as like you say there are a lot of PC gamers that stay on Steam.

    I guess it Depends if Microsoft wants to share the Game Pass revenue with Steam who would probably want a 30% cut.

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