MASSIVE Competitor For XBOX Game Pass | Elden Ring NEGATIVITY Does It DESERVE IT

MASSIVE Competitor For XBOX Game Pass | Elden Ring NEGATIVITY Does It DESERVE IT

MASSIVE Competitor For XBOX Game Pass : 0:00
Elden Ring NEGATIVITY Does It DESERVE IT: 6:35

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PlayStation plans 3 Spartacus tiers for as much as $16 per month

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    1. just wait fanboys defending why day 1 release has no value cause ps subscriptions Won’t provide that.
      Unless sony launch subscriptions on pc It wont truly compete with gamepass. Right now sonys best bet is to partner up with steam for pc subscriptions service.
      Sony needs some catch-up to do.and they choose a worst time to do it when Microsoft is Pouring money onto Game pass. Yesterday i saw dbz frighting game on gp.last month i saw mortal kombat. Launch like this feels like gift.
      No hype, advertising just quality product. It seems i only need 2 or 3 game to own each year, & different genre would be covered by gp.

    2. Yep it runs smooth on my SeriesX also. VRR is a great feature to have.

      I would have probably never gave Elden Ring a shot if it wasn’t for Gamepass. I tried out Mortal Shell through Gamepass because I never played a souls type game. I enjoyed it enough to go ahead and buy Elden Ring.

  1. Sony is so stupid… the service will never be great without day one game and all first party games

    why in the fuck is Sony so scared to let more people rent their games… they have this stupid fan boy mentality that they think their games are so great but yet they end up on sale for $10

    why sell it for ten vs rent it to someone for $15…I don’t get the problem here why are they so stubborn… it’s it because they are Japanese and 2 trillion usd in debt… who knows

  2. Sounds like they are just restructuring their PS store and still makes me wonder if they are going to charge for alot of updates and any day 1 games which I am very skeptical about…i can see some updates maybe free….but this is Sony and their bottom line is $$$ over customers and I could not see them matching gamepass..time will tell but I cannot really see that happening. 😏

  3. Same price. Pretty much same tiers.. Only one has big AAA and 1st party releases day 1.. Nah the comp isnt massive, its pretty underwhelming tbh..

    1. There’s massive issues on the PC Port, and it’s not that great right now on PC for Elden Ring. I have it on PC, I can run it fine, but others cannot…

  4. Xbox has the win:
    -Day AAA games including Bethesda and Activision
    -Play on cellphone, tablet, pc, xbox
    — 3rd party day 1 games
    — Sony games MLB The Show🤣

    1. But it’s a deal for the PlayStation users because PS Now and Plus added together is $20 a month. Now it’s $16 and they get the benefits of both services.

      They honestly should have just matched the price of Gamepass Ultimate for the higher tier though. And keep the second tier at $13.

  5. My one little issue I’m not sure if its a bug, or supposed to be a thing to encourage you to make sure you dont die again befor you grab your grace; but I lost a grave site with a bunch of grace in it. This because I thought it would stay there while I tried a few times to clear a wolf cave. I did it but when I went back down, the grave spot was gone. So I dont know if there’s a limit to active grave spots, or even if its just one. If that’s the case it should pool the lost grace or better yet create some sort of challenge where you go fight a mini boss to get it all back.

    1. I’ve noticed that the grave sites don’t always appear exactly where I’ve died. I had a grave site appear right beside the grace camp site I respawned at.

      But if you die before grabbing the previous grave site then it goes away. I got side tracked when going to my grave site and was killed in a under ground area and lost about 3,000 runes.

  6. Elden Ring is a great game….but it is overrated at 97.

    The game appears to have issues on both consoles and PC, affecting FPS amongst others. The game seems to have received relatively little optimisation. XBXS appears to be the best option as VRR, ALLM, etc give it the smoother performance even with a slightly lower FPS with the best PS option is play PS4 on a PS5.

    Still a great game but it does deserve the negativity and it is overrated. Maybe it’ll be better when it is optimised for the various platforms but that’ll be later

    1. @CAK Nelson FROM Software themselves have commented on some of the various technical issues affecting the game. You can believe I haven’t played the game if that makes you more comfortable but if a game has technical issues, then it doesn’t deserve a 97.

      It IS overrated.

    2. Doesn’t a 10 means a game’s damn near perfect with very little to improve upon?
      Graphics, game element, resolution, frame rate, next gen features, playability. Which of these areas is this game unparallel without blemish? It would have to be all of these areas to be a true 10 out of 10.

  7. I’m looking forward to elden ring but I need to wait…..I have a massive backlog but elder will get added someday! The game sounds tough though and it could be an exercise of futility we shall see.

    1. It is hard. This is my first time playing Souls genre and I found out real quick how easy the games I’ve been playing actually are.

      Farming enemies to level up seems to be helping with not dying so much. And exploring the surrounding structures can be rewarding also.

  8. Fromsoft games are so overrated. I’ve been playing Elden Ring since launch and honestly I don’t know why people love these games so much. Controls are clunky as all hell and that’s where the difficulty comes from. This game is 85-90 AT BEST especially when their games are ALWAYS riddled with bugs and technical issues but fromsoft gets away with it while Bethesda gets trashed :/

  9. While Game Pass offers Day 1 access to subscribers, Sony’s top tier will give EA like 10-hour game trials.

    Funny thing is ponies will gladly except being given Select/3 grade butcher scraps while Sony tells them it’s Japanese Kobe. They deserve one another.

  10. I own both systems and coming from PS only ill only be getting gamepass this Spartacus sounds a joke charging you for backward compatible lol and not giving games day 1.

  11. I really wish that people would stop pushing this narrative that «Sparticus» is supposed to be a «competitor» to Xbox GamePass.

    It is too different for that to be the case. It’s far more similar to the subscription service Nintendo has. So if anything, this would be a «competitor» to Nintendo’s service. Not Xbox’s. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. I don’t think the Playstation game pass is going to be all that successful. Not only because Sony doesn’t seem to be going into it wholeheartedly like Xbox has, but the Ponies are all over twitter saying that Sony fans don’t even want it. They’ve been brainwashed so badly, that they would rather shell out $70 for every game, than copy the game pass model, or anything for that matter, from Xbox.

    1. cause ps exclusives does not fit the subscription Model, neither sony can invest like third party games on subscription. So they have to brainwash loyalist while they figure out the model.

  13. I just hope the reviewers are this lenient when Starfield comes out.

    As a pure RPG ER is a 9, the bugs, hard starting difficulty, and zero hand holding make this an 8.

    1. Hand holding was never a thing in these games honestly you get little nudges or hints at story otherwise the choice of direction is up to the player

  14. I’m about 8hrs into Elden Ring on Xbox series x. Haven’t had any issues. I’m also on a tv with VRR. Even in the rain which was the biggest frame drops I have yet to experience it. I’m not usually into these types of games but so far I’m digging it.

  15. I’m having network connection issue on Xbox. My multiplayer connection and internet is good but I still can’t login for the online features of Elden Ring.

    I have a 4K 29inch monitor with AMD Freesync and Elden Ring feels smooth with VRR enabled.

    This is my first Souls type game so it’s been a lot of dying and learning more about the style of gameplay it is. But I’m enjoying it very much.

    1. Servers are dying I’ve had issues with multilplayer on pc since release too my fiance gets dced within like 30s of summoning quite a bit and I had a couple issues with server connection sadly not an Internet issue for me too as my net is stable and testing with other games too I not had issues. Just a lot of traffic so servers are struggling

  16. Look im not paying 16 dollars a month for a game trial. Game trials should be free to see i would like to purchase the game. I will not support this bootleg Gamepass

  17. Wait. PS+ Essential, if it’s just current PS+ perks… isn’t that doubling the price of PS+?
    Oh boy, if PlayStation goes through with that, I wonder if the Fanboys will react…

  18. I think when it comes to Spartacus compare to Nintendo service it doesn’t look to bad but it doesn’t look that good compared to game pass

  19. The only benefits which Spartacus has is the inclusion of older games, and game previews for first party titles. And for the older games, you’re still renting access to older titles which you may already own.

    Hopefully, Sony will be releasing new games to Spartacus when they launch, will have a comparable selection of games for current and previous generation console to PC Game Pass, and will include some of their PC titles. I doubt that Sony will be matching Microsoft when it comes to playing through IOS and Android devices, but whatever gaps Sony leaves for their $16 service to Microsoft’s $15 service, the more that Sony’s lead will shrink. I hope Sony does a good job of offering comparable value, because their competition will benefit the players.

  20. Heya Plume. Good vid man.

    I’ve said this a lot on many vids and in many tweets. But XBox’s issue with 3rd party will always be because these studios are dealing with execs and investors that always makes them rush stuff out the door. Under the notion that they can always just patch it later. So long as they can get some profit.

    Which is sickening. But little nothing we can do as its just business. Thats why I always tell people to «vote with their wallets» than just rolling over and taking that crap! But I digress. As thats another topic for another time.

    The big issue with 3rd parties for the XBox platform is that too many of thees devs favor the PS5’s devkit over the XBox GDK. As the PS5’s sdk is nothing more than the PS4 pro’s. Its much more familiar. Than the XB GDK which requires a bit more time to fully understand and utilize.

    And with execs who are always favoring profit and keeping investors happy. It become near impossible for these teams to get the time needed to really wrap their brains around it. Which has been leading to the performance gaps we’ve been seeing out the gate until a patch comes out. Which even then is still never utilizing the systems full capabilities.

    Even so, many of these devs are actually building the games for the PS4 and 5. And then porting THOSE over to PC and XBox! Which also leads to now even making PC look bad.

    I think that ultimately even though Series X/S were meant to be «the best» places to play 3rd party. It was an oversight on Microsoft expecting these studios to be able to put in the effort and time to make use of those tools for that. As they’d rather favor parity and keeping a schedule. Which means that we really wont see what the X and S are truly capable of unless the game is from either 1st or 2nd party studios. Which is 1 of the biggest reasons(along with Covid) for the long ridiculous wait to see anything thats fully current gen.

    This brings us to the next glaring issue with these performance issues. As many of these devs. Especially many of the Japanese studios like From. Are still stuck on dated engines from last gen. And are either too cheap or lacking time to fully rebuild and improve their own tools.

    So until these guys step into the current gen. Or embrace the idea of leasing out UE5 or Unity. They will forever be stuck in 2012-2020.

    As for Spartacus. I really cant see a point getting into it. The whole thing to me is a joke and just Sony doing something for the sake of it to keep investors from panicking and losing their marbles. Just reading all those tiers off just really feels like there was no real thought placed inti it.

    Im sure with that rabid fanbase it’ll be just fine. Question is, «for how long»? Considering how many of them rarely re-sub for PSNow. And what content there is thats there to keep them in and entice more to join. Its going to be a slow crawl finding its legs to walk on. And with the laack of no «day and date». Plus charging folks for demos. While in the near future MS will be doing this for FREE via XCloud. Really puts a huge «?» on this thing to me.

    But I guess thats why Sony and most of the Japanese devs get along so well. Its not because they are both Japanese. Its because they are all comfortable still stuck in last gen. With dated tech and thinking.

  21. Ok, so the monthly games are available in all tiers. I initially thought it was only going to be added to the $16 tier, but its good to see that wasn’t the case.

    I like that they are combining them so that they are different tiers.

  22. Let’s see…should I Subscribe to something that I already own the games?. I wonder if MLB will be on Spartacus , lol. Games like GOW etc. I’ll buy anyways. There is only maybe 2 a year.

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