Metro Exodus — Xbox Series X|S Launch Trailer

Metro Exodus is out now for Xbox Series X|S — discover the most immersive experience out there with the power of Xbox. Submerge yourself in the characters, story, environments and action as you and your crew fight to survive and thrive in post-apocalyptic Russia.

The update will be free for all existing owners of Metro Exodus, utilizing Smart Delivery, and alongside this the Metro Exodus Complete Edition will launch in a physical package for Xbox One & Xbox Series X, including both story expansions, The Two Colonels and Sam’s Story.

There has never been a better time to enter the Metro.

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  1. дизлайк за английский, в отличии от сталкера или атомик харт, этим не хватило яиц на русскоязычный трейлер

  2. If go on gsmeranx latest video about E3 and Bethesda there’s so many ponies getting so defensive and now talking about how exclusives are bad😂.

    I have both consoles but cmon on both consoles you have the players and then the ponies. Just makes me laugh

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