Microsoft Is Buying Studio To Keep It Away From Sony! Xbox Is Getting Better And PS5 Worse!

Microsoft has been very savvy when it comes to their pickups, now they seem to want to take one away from Sony and that could be a big problem for the PlayStation 5 going forward! I’ve seen some upset Sony fans already, and this could potentially be HUGE for Xbox Series X!

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  1. no source no evidence no proof microsoft aint buying nothing Xbox owners are bored with nothing to play. HFW is absolutely killing it this year a total masterpiece Microsoft desperate attempt at buying studios aint gonna help them either.

    1. @1 last comeback they did not have concrete tease dates last year, but still managed to release more games and more highly rated games than PlayStation.

      Most of the games PlayStation are releasing this year are multiplats!

    1. @1 last comeback so how comes they released more games than PlayStation last year? And will most prob release more games this year than PlayStation.

      Whsts the excuse going to be ehen xbox are releasing more exclusives every year than PlayStation. I bet it will be » oh, it’s because you bought your success» or something like thst!

      This is the last thing ponies cling on too, the exclusives, but now that will be out of the window soon as all their games go multiplat!

      Basically, PlayStation is copying xbox’s success. Why? Because they know it’s working!

    2. @1 last comeback they did not release a AAA for 8 bloody months! Before horizon forbidden west, the ladt AAA game was in June! So obviously not all year round!

    1. @White Knight 5 Xbox ,= 39 studios, 40,000 employees —> Halo 343 ultimate infinite edition, Forza copy and paste 5
      Sony = 5 studios, 350 employees —-> sifu, god of war Ragnarok, spiderman 2, wolverine, forespoken, horizon forbidden West, final fantasy 17, Grand Turismo 7, Tokyo ghostwire, deathloop, stray, PSVR2 horizon call of the mountain.

    1. @ADP what I said. You can’t blame a game on faulty play. That is on the player for not playing it how it’s designed. You can’t play it how you want then complain because you’re not advancing when you’re not taking advantage of what you have

    2. @White Knight 5
      İts confirmed🤣
      SOYNY one and done overpriced bullshit is untouchable🤮
      Who are you as a gamer with all consoles to have an opinion🤦🏻‍♂️
      God in heaven help those ponies

  2. yeah and thats the issue ms is a 2trillion dollar company they can aford to lose money i think its time ms and xbox split up make it a fair fight how is a 2 tril company going head to head with a 129 billion dollar company a fair fight and what makes it worst is ms is hiding behind xbox acting like sony is the higher company the fact xbox has acess to 2 trillion dollars yet is still in 3rd place says alot about xbox

  3. Why would a Xbox owner be jealous of HFW??? There are numerous games that are better on GamePass. Ponies haven’t had a major release since Summer 2021 so they are thirsty for anything to play. The first thing they say is how pretty the game looks. Any food will look great to you if you’ve been starving since last summer. Lol. They had to make it look pretty because there is no real gameplay. A bunch of cutscenes along with running and shooting arrows at robots. What do you think shooting a wooden arrow can actually do against a gigantic robotic beast??? Lol.

    I guess the Ponies are in a fantasy like the games they love to defend. 😂🤣

  4. I know xbox fan are happy phil spencer buy studio. Oh well xbox win I shouldn’t buy playstation 5. Sony loss wolfenstein, doom, dishonored, crash bandicoot, Tony hawks, srypo and more games. I’ve done with playstation. I’m not going to buy xbox.. I notice they said sony will bankruptcy. That true.

    1. @Taner Calik nope I find out now I was wrong. Xbox still winner Xbox will buy ubisoft soon and then Xbox buy studio too. So I will sell all playstation and games. You can laugh at me anytime or you can insult me anytime.

  5. I love how these Ponies talk so confidently about what Xbox is doing and don’t really have a clue because they don’t play on the platform. Lol.

    1. What kind of logic is that? You don’t have to have said product to see what its doing. People can see xbox isn’t doing anything to get games out and not showing anything to suggest games will be out this year. There’s nothing to fall back on

    2. @ElCamaronPesado to experience that people would have to actually spend money for it to be put in games. That costs money for r and d. Xbox isn’t making money to cover it

  6. KingScotto, Creepy Chris J Are Very Jealous Of Series X/S Success. Also They Can’t Handle The Truth, That Horizon Forbidden West Has Flopped. To Become The Game Of The Year, Negative Reviews/Full of Bugs.🤣👍

  7. It’s Saturday night. So here’s a fun drinking game.

    Watch any Crapgamer video and take a shot every time he says

    “For me personally”
    “Uhh you know”
    “With that being said”
    “And things like that”

    Then scroll to the comments and take more shots every time..

    1LC says anything ridiculous and stupid.

    Chris J mentions Xbox and his rig in the same comment..

    You’re welcome, have fun 😂😂

    1. @Dark Mysteries Sony already won the console war this generation! You sound like the fan boy! The studios Xbox bought were on the way down, meaning Cheap. What is the point if all the talent is gone? Maybe starfield will be good. Most Bethesda IP’s has been milked to death. I don’t think Microsoft will be able to manage all these new studios.

      Sony on the other hand is buying talent. Bungie, 1 billion is to keep talent working for Sony.

    2. @Valorous Vigilante games were declining before Microsoft bought them so that’s not saying much. Don’t have hopes on starfield because of past lackluster games

    1. Technically the next one is supposed to be out in June with redfall but nothing has been shown. Rumblings of it getting delayed. If that happens the next game would be Starfield

    1. @ElCamaronPesado imagine ps3 shutting down when it’s decades old that no one really uses. Vita that no one really uses to justify running it

    2. White Knight don’t stress about PlayStation fanboys, just let it wash over you like water. If they can’t handle the truth that’s their problem not yours.

    3. @Ben Shadbolt yeah he’s real stressed that he’s in every Xbox vs playstation video stirring crap up and dissing playstation in every comment section

    1. Xbox has now 33 studios with over 15 thousand developers churning out half baked shitcakes of games. They weren’t kidding when they said Gamepass is the Netflix of gaming lmaoooooo

    1. @1 last comeback maybe the story will draw me in more. Maybe I’ll discover a new mechanic I’ve not encountered yet that I might like. Idk. But so far the game isn’t really blowing my mind yet

    2. @Necro Punk something actually wrong with the game that’s a consistent problem is criticism. Saying it’s the same when it’s clearly not isn’t criticism. There’s a difference

    3. @I build your house Neither have I. HFW was too rich for my blood does Jim Ryan think I can sell my blood on the black market and still play that game at $70.

    4. @1 last comeback» not really as you haven’t played it», From the clown who pans every single Xbox game and has played none of them 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Here’s a thing, Microsoft isn’t buying company’s out, they’re buying them to support more games on Xbox, not trying to keep game franchises away from Sony. In a article after Microsoft bought out Activision Blizzard, a spokesperson said in a interview that they’re not buying them companies to lure Sony customers to switch to Xbox, they want to keep it equal and also said that after the deal deadline that any future games after the deal still will be on all platforms, not just Xbox.


    2. 2 things here. Microsoft can not buy anything since they are being watched by the government. Nintendo laughed when Microsoft tried to buy them

  9. Elden Ring is coming to GamePass next week!!! Now that’s a REAL RPG. No cartoon graphics with prehistoric robots. Lol. Can’t wait!!!

    1. @1 last comeback yet you call playable games buggy all the time so which is it and you’re still here damage controlling instead of playing HFW do you even have a PS

    2. @Azaia Monota here’s the difference. Those games issues are more wide spread than the exaggerated ps issues. It’s just throwing the argument out on false information. Yes ps5 since launch

    1. @1 last comeback Every 1st party game, since PS5 launched, Sony released has been bricking systems with game breaking bugs. But you keep on ignoring it or downplaying it.

  10. Honestly I own a series x and am disappointed Microsoft can’t keep up with Sony. Where’s our horizon? Our Spider-Man? Feeling left out.

  11. Microsoft could go buy every publisher and studio that are still independent and Sony will still beat them, Sony will develop studios from the ground up with quality exclusives and hiring top talent and delivering the best AAA experiences. Insomniac put out more exclusives in 6 months than all of Microsoft studios in more than 4yrs and most of Sony’s studios are working on 3 or 4 projects simultaneously so the hits will keep coming. Only thing Xbox has is Game Pass and sooner or later it will have to pay for itself and stop losing money.

    1. Last gen is over pony🐴
      weakstation has no games
      And ponies don’t buy games
      Thats why every game on the peasantstation is flopping
      Just deal with it like a grown sony pony
      Accept the Xbox😎domination and your pain will end promise🤣

    2. @Taner Calik ps is the only one with the games and only ones buying games. Ps5 can’t be found. There is no xbox domination with game problems

    3. No Xbox games in the top 10 sales figures, it’s either Sony or Nintendo. Sony made more money from their games last financial year than Xbox and Nintendo combined. The only way Microsoft can win is to buy everything and even then Sony probably will still beat them, as quality beats quantity, and there’s absolutely no quality on Xbox

    4. Crap just hates Sony full stop, always waxing lyrical about Xbox and Game Pass, but like most YouTubers is getting free stuff and probably a few back handers for promoting crap

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    1. Thanks for his contact info,I was waiting for this, and it has been a year’s I was looking for this opportunity I’ll text him right away thanks

    1. @Azaia Monota 70b for games that are still multiplat. Think about that. Keyword being Microsoft. He said xbox. Xbox has made revenue not profit

    2. @1 last comeback Yet in reality Xbox continues to make billions of dollars in profits every year no matter how much you say they don’t just look at their NPDs for gaming and you can see just how much they make it’s not that hard to find if you just stop fanboying for 2 minutes

  13. Ponies don’t realize that without Xbox most devs would have little incentive to spend time downgrading their games for a single lone console for a tiny niche market I mean why hold your game back for a single system it would make no sense it would be a better move to drop PS and not be held back by an underpowered lone console

    1. @1 last comeback You clearly aren’t reading anything I’m saying because your responses have zero correlation to what I’m saying so just be quiet and go play your stupid dinosaur game would ya

    2. @Azaia Monota actually it does. Your words were ps should be dropped and ps would be dead weight holding back the industry. That doesn’t make sense when ps5 can’t be found.

    3. I don’t think 1 Last Comeback even sleeps he’s literally just up all night every night arguing with people which explains pretty much everything as to why he is the way he is 🤣🤣

    4. @1 last comeback see you didn’t read what I said thanks for proving my point you ignored 99% of what I said and just focused on PS would be dropped without reading the rest of the comment

  14. You clearly don’t have your information correct microsoft can’t just buy a Japanese studio they can create one just like bethesda they didn’t buy that studio they created it get your facts correct

  15. They already tried to buy Nintendo lol glad it never happened.
    Square would sell to Microsoft easily it’s all about the cash. If they drop a 8 billion offer watch studios start jumping

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