Microsoft REVEALS STUNNING Xbox Series X Gameplay & New Xbox E3 2021 Details | Next Gen Updates!

Microsoft Officially REVEALS STUNNING New Xbox Series X Gameplay, Next generation Xbox Games & New 2021 Xbox E3 Details | New Next Gen Updates Announced And Amazing gameplay Reveled!
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Welcom to my channel. Here I cover both Xbox Series X and PS5. Ps5 games, xbox series x games, xbox series s, new xbox exclusives xbox event, the occassional game review and much more. I guess you could say that i just cover videogames, tech news and leaks on the latest games info.
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

75 ответов к «Microsoft REVEALS STUNNING Xbox Series X Gameplay & New Xbox E3 2021 Details | Next Gen Updates!»

    1. @Illest Cat n Nebraska No, they didn’t. They showed a montage of video and art work, renderings.. things like that, but it at least gives you an idea of what they are likely targeting presentation-wise, for the final product.

  1. Great video Dealer, & I agree Ninja Theory can pull off some of the most amazing graphics ever for sure, but I really hope they concentrate on the gameplay, & make that much better than the first. FH5 another stunning looking game that is sure to drop jaws as usual. Xbox is competing like never before, ok well at least not since the 360 days, but damn does it feel good to have them flexing a bit!

  2. Love your channel bro, keep up the great work you need to show other content creators how to do it, fantastic my brother, stay blessed and focused on greatness which your knocking on the door already in my opinion.

  3. I’m calling it now Hellblade 2 is going up against God of War.

    MS has something in most other genres (FPS, RPG, Action Co-op, Racing) but it lacks that blockbuster 3rd person narrative style that Sony does so well.

    Hellblade 2 is going to set a bar on the Xbox platform in that genre.

  4. they need to work on forza/psycho nuts/halo games cuh thy don’t look next gen there’s pop ins on forza as hell but hell blade look real lol

  5. hey DEALER i’m saying it NOW NINJA THEORY add 100+ Devs to their TEAM they are Naughty Dog/Insomniac Level & Forza Tech in FABLE let’s WAIT and get JAW DROPPED!

  6. I think what we are getting in hell blade 2 is open world game and not a linear title. I also think we will see a lot more combat and love that idea.
    That said, Xbox has so many studios they have no reason or need to rush it.

    As for forza it doesn’t meet Ray tracing. It’s engine looks amazing

  7. There isn’t enough likes and views on this come on people dealer the og. We can do better. Thank you for all you do for us xbox fans dealer.

  8. Xbox : We announced 30 games. 27 are on Gamepass almost 20 are exclusives.
    PS: «Xbox still doesn’t have any games. No AAA first party exclusives.» 🤣🤣🤣
    PS: «Bethesda makes horrible games.»

  9. Why do producers feel the need to make everything overtly orange and teal? What is wrong with naturally coloured environments that they must be filtered in such a grotesque manner?

  10. It was a little disappointing..but I’ll guarantee you one thing, this Battlefield game will have more multiplayer content than any multiplayer game ever made!!any Call of Duty any anything… there’s also two more experiences they didn’t reveal yet. Hazard Zone and the creation from Dice LA this game is going to be super flushed out.. only 9%to 19% of people ever actually finish a Call of Duty or Battlefield campaign!!.And it cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make and tons of time!! all the battlefield veterans we have been screaming for this so I am excited!!.. if you’re a battlefield veteran you understand nd love this move!!the campaigns were never good anyway!! Holy shit I can’t wait to play this battlefield campaign said no one ever!! No one else can create this scale with this much content!! I do not agree with the price hike that’s an Electronic Arts thing,just like it’s an Activision thing.. but if Activision could do it with no can EA and I’m all for it.. not the price hike lol the tons of content droppinh 1 plyr nd the biggest best multiplayer game ever.. you know what I mean!

  11. Straight to the black market then as the normal version is impossible to buy this one will be absolutely impossible to buy anywhere LEGAL ANYWAY

  12. What i can’t believe is Battlefield is $70 for the regular version on Ps5 and 59.99 on xbox series x, forget siny and there 70 dollar prices!!!

  13. Another awesome video. You’re such an amazing member of the Xbox community. Love love the funny banter. When do you get your own action figure?

  14. Can’t wait for hellblade. When they said it was set in Iceland I was even more excited. They can take as long as they need to make it amazing.

  15. Dealer love the vids but I have to say. I can’t stand the background music!! It honestly makes me want to turn off your vids. Can you change it back to the old music or to something else? Other than that keep up the great work.

    1. @cMARVEL360 I remember it being a city map with Chinese letters on rooftops with the apache and Chinese transport helicopter and I also remember the ground to air missile launcher was devastating in it also, it was all me and my friend played until we picked up the full game

    2. @Martin “Crozzley83” Crossley

      LOL! Yes Bro! I remember that map! The Bridge Map and both sides were basically identical 😂.

      Man! That’s also when ‘Battlefield Moments ‘ became a thing! Also when I wished I was able to record game play.

      I had this one time I snuck in to the enemey Chinese base, killed a couple of guys running around… Planted c4 on their Heli, and 1 tank… Waited for people to take them and blew the up! LOL!!!!

      Back in the day…. All the way up until today… My top games on Xbox Live were Battlefield and HALO!!!!

      Hey, if you care too, I have some super old BF4 footage on my channel check them out if you like.

      I even have one explaining how awesome Kinect was in BF4 on Xbox One.

    3. @cMARVEL360 When Battlefield came out on the OG Xbox I was too stuck into Halo 2 cause pretty much everybody had that game when it came out, I mean I had friends that bought the OG Xbox and put broadband online for when halo 2 was released. So that’s how I never got Battlefield until 360. Yeah I I’ll take a look

    4. @Martin “Crozzley83” Crossley

      Yes dude!!!!! I didn’t get Xbox Live until 2005, but Halo 2 was the reason why I asked for Internet in the home.

      You can also add me on Xbox Live if you like,or I can add you. My GT is the exact same as my YouTube name.

  16. This generation has reinvigorated my enjoyment and hype for gaming as a whole. I’m so excited to see what’s to come with all this amazing content already announced within A YEAR OF LAUNCH

  17. With the camera angles in fixed positions while driving around you don’t actually need ray traced reflections during gameplay. SSR/high res cube maps are perfectly fine. You cannot tell the difference due to the camera angle being locked.

  18. Wud up Dealer. Great video as always. Thanks for helping me get through the day when a lot of stuff is going to shit in my life. Appreciate Man!

  19. I’ll happily wait for Hellblade 2 if it’s going to be the dogs dangles of a game. There’s a few games I’m over hyped for, this is one of them. Forza Horizon 5 will keep me busy for a long time, it’s crazy how good it looks. It is overwhelming how good the graphics are in games in the near future on the XSX.

    I really want to see more of Scorn, Avowed, Forza Motorsport & Starfield.

  20. Every day Microsoft fails at producing more xbox series x’s they lose a console gamer to PC. Im sick of waiting so im buying a pc tomorrow and will likely never return to consoles.

  21. How is this stunning??? Xbox is only popular for halo! And ps5 has god of war,demon souls, bloodborne! Then xbox halo thats all! Not much to have

  22. wish we could BUY THE DAM THING! Ive lost my interest almost entirely in video games at this point, I play 360 games here and there. or original XBOX games. The new games kinda suck balls, keep putting lipstick on the pig though, you have a great voice.

  23. I really hope the rumors are still true of Microsoft buying all of WB and getting the rights to Batman and all of DC comics that will be the icing on the cake and they need no other studios after that

  24. For some odd reason, I’m looking forward to Flight Sim the most. I just can’t fathom how this could look this good while playing. The best part? Game Pass title.

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