Microsoft SHOCKS Xbox Owners Everywhere With HUGE Announcement! A Surprise PS5 Can’t Do!

The year might have just started, but Microsoft is making sure Xbox owners are surprised and happy!
It’s awesome to see the company start off a year the way that they ended it, and that’s by giving gamers a surprise out of nowhere!


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56 ответов к «Microsoft SHOCKS Xbox Owners Everywhere With HUGE Announcement! A Surprise PS5 Can’t Do!»

    1. @White Knight 5 takes the away the point of leveling when people can just buy what they want and be way higher than you without doing anything. No incentive to play thar game or games

    2. @1 last comeback Be way higher because they can buy cosmetics 😂😂😂
      Halo for example is all about player skill, everyone starts the game with
      the same weapon and an equal playing field. Unlike other multiplats where you can upgrade your weapons and have an advantage over players who play it less.

    1. @K1ZZL3 critical acclaim didn’t stop 80% of people playing it already. No massive seller. No lies. Just not making a game bigger than it is

    2. @1 last comeback Using that logic I guess God of War is a flop because 80% of people no longer play it. Do you see how stupid console war logic makes you look 1 Last Fart Stain?

    3. @K1ZZL3 Just like when Xbox paid journalists to come out and say Evolved was the best acclaimed game ever made on Xbox back in like 2014? 🤣

  1. 2022!! Happy New Year Xbox Gamers!! Sony Radicals can bend over for Sony!

    It’s going to be an absolutely phenomenal year for NEXT GEN Series Xboxes!!

    PS5? Yeah right. That oversized heatsink is stuck in LAST GEN. 🤣

    1. @Azaia Monota again about halo. Other games aren’t relevant here. It crashed and burned because people way overhyped the game and had a major decline after a month.

    2. @Artist Gamer Those games are down aswell. Content creators have ditched all those games.

      Fortnite is milked dry.
      Apex is another BR shooter.
      Warzone is done for.
      Destiny 2 is lastgen.
      Sea of thieves who?

      You’re not really making any points here, besides proving that Halo Limited lost a lot of players. It has nothing going for it and content later won’t save it.

  2. Been watching The Book Of Boba Fett on Disney plus. I love how Fett escaped the bowels of the Sarlaac in the very first episode. I’m only a few minutes in and it’s already turning out to be a cool series. I can’t wait for the Obi Wan Kenobi series coming.

    Game wise this year looks to be stacked on both Xbox and Playstation. On one end, God of War and Horizon, GT7 and on the other, Redfall, Starfield, Stalker 2, Scorn, the beautiful Tunic along with a stacked gamepass year.

    1. The Star Wars series are better than the movies. TV has been generally better than movies. There’s much more time for evolving story arcs and character development. A 2 to 3 hour window to tell a story isn’t enough anymore.

  3. i know your videos are low effort, but given there’s an achievement for playing as oddjob, yes crap i imagine there will be multiplayer included

    1. @kevin mitnick jr. Uncharted is lame. Nathan Drake as a character is an airhead. I don’t see how people hype that franchise to the level they do

    2. At the time it was a landmark game for console fps and a rightful classic.
      How well it’s aged is another matter, but I am certainly looking forward to playing it again.

  4. „Hellblade is a masterpiece….a showcase for the Paystation”
    -Sony ponies
    —MS bought Ninja Theory—
    „Hellblade is mediocre and have no gameplay RIP”
    —Sony ponies🤡👈

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