Minecraft Bedrock: ANCIENT DEBRIS Tunnel Bore Tutorial! MCPE Xbox PC Ps4

Welcome to another Minecraft Bedrock Edition tutorial! Today I show you a simple tunnel bore for mining ancient debris and netherite in Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This tunnel bore can also work in the overworld with minimal changes:) Overall this mining machine should help you find tons of ancient debris easily! I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did consider leaving a like or maybe share it around😋

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Minecraft Bedrock: How To Get ANCIENT DEBRIS! The Fastest And Easiest Method!

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0:00 Overview
4:07 Design Specifics
6:54 Tutorial Start, Single Bore
11:39 Tutorial, Multiple Bores!
15:24 Fixing a Stuck Tunnel Bore

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4 slime blocks (could be honey)
2 piston
1 sticky piston
1 trapped chest or target block
1 observer

7 slabs
4 slime blocks (could be honey)
2 observers
2 pistons
2 blocks
2 ancient debris
1 sticky piston
1 dispenser
1 anvil
1 redstone block

Lots of TNT and additional slime blocks (could be honey), observers and pistons to connect the bores together.
You may also need buttons, buckets, a bow, fire resistance potions, and of course something to mine the debris:)

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87 ответов к «Minecraft Bedrock: ANCIENT DEBRIS Tunnel Bore Tutorial! MCPE Xbox PC Ps4»

  1. Thanks for watching all! 😀 I hope this tunnel bore serves you well and gets you a ton of ancient debris and netherite 😊Lemme know if you know how to make a bore that only shoots every other time, or every 3rd time etc! Would love to play around with that, and it would save SO much tnt!

    1. U could just use a flying double piston extender module that activates once every 2 blocks and pushes 2 blocks and attach that to a observer to send a pulse to the dispencer only when it is next to the dispencer and not behind (during the times when the flying machine moves but doesnt activate double piston extender while pushing dispencer forwards)

    2. Maybe you could make a piston tape of anvils and one gravel where only the gravel will transmit a redstone signal. Well, if ever they fix gravity blocks breaking for no reason.

  2. I just love redstone building like it’s just so cool to me and as a follower of Minecraft redstone channels I’ve seen many come and go but to name the absolute god tiers of MCBE redstone YouTubers then it has to be (in no specific order)
    JCPlayz (Awesome beginner and simple redstone builds)
    Fed X Gaming (An absolute legend with so much to offer in redstone category, even has actual building tips)
    And of course Silentwisperer (The modern day redstone mcbe god with more complex stuff and I’m loving it)

  3. Don’t know if this interests you at all man, but I’ve come up with a fairly basic auto honey bottle farm on bedrock, if you’re up for giving it a look.

    Ill definitely be using this build in my realm

  4. I built your expert guardian farm on all of the left outlets, guardians spawn between trap door and sticky piston and spill out, did not activate portal, they seem to get through trap door, if i make it a right outlet it works fine

  5. I could so use this, but I honestly dont know how many more builds ill be willing to do. Minecraft is changing the world gen so much and my primary world has like no chunks un-rendered within a 6,000 block radius. Having to start over or essentially never have my world updated kinda discourages me, like how 1.16 fucked me by making me go 1,000 blocks at minimum to access any of that content (including netherite generation). This is nothing at the video mostly just reminded me of my frustrations with mojang uwu

    1. ice highway or portal glitch can get you out 1000 in the nether super quick, you could even just leave everything behind and start over-ish like 8k blocks out so you still have it all without having to start over completely

      if you want you can even use chunkbase once it updates to the new version to find where the new mountain biomes are, or even just a cool spot to travel to in the meantime

  6. How about filling half the dispenser with junk block (netherake etc) Then half tnt. On average it would only use 1 tnt per 2 activations.

  7. I have a really fast way to get netherite.
    Get a pickaxe that can insta-mine netherack and have totems and/or fire res potions, then dig a 1 block wide tunnel with the best height for netherite at player head level (don’t remember what that is exactly). Once you have a several hundred block long tunnel (or whatever you think is good enough) look towards one of the walls at eye level and hold down the mine button while moving at the perfect speed to mine max range (experiment with your angle and speed until you find the one that works best). While the potions and totems are nice to have when doing this, they aren’t absolutely necessary and you could have fortune, mending, and unbreaking on the pick to repair it on the loads of nether gold and quartz veins you’ll come across. I also suggest not mining the gavel because there’s a good chance lave will flood from the top of the hole left by it.

  8. 6:36 why not add a hopper clock timer or just let the player control if he wants to dispense tnt I mean try it if the dispenser is already powered then why would it dispense tnt on moving

  9. So useful! I will be drippin in netherite!! Silent you are one of the players who inspired me to become a youtuber. I love your channel. BEST TUTORIALS!

  10. Hi I watched your iron farm video that you uploaded 3 weeks ago I used the tip that you told 1 they were spawning golem but now they are not spawning

  11. To make the 1 tnt every 2 or (2/3) block, best i can do right now is fill half or (2/3) dispenser out of undispenseable item. Its still has a flaw because randomness but its a bit more efficient in terms of tnt

  12. At 7:56 you could make it 1 wide tunnelbore by making the chest under it right? (Just change it to target blocks and you could interact with it)

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