Minecraft Bedrock: EASY Zombie / Skeleton / Spider EXP Farm! MCPE Xbox PC Switch

NEW Minecraft Bedrock Edition Tutorial! I show you how to build a NEW easy mob spawner farm! This farm works for zombies, skeletons, spiders, cave spiders and even silverfish! This is a great early game exp and loot farm! This farm automatically give you looting, and kills all the mobs for you so you don’t need to do anything:) If you liked this video drop a like and maybe subscribe! Thanks:)

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How do trident killers work?

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Materials list: Very Cheap!

8 slabs
5 signs
4 observers
4 pistons
4 droppers
2 stairs
2 chests
1 hopper
1 trident (with impaling 5 if you can get it, doesn’t matter though!)
1 lever
1 torch
1 slab/glass (for top of spawner)
Infinite water source

1 trapdoor/repeater (for spider/silverfish farms)
1-2 redstone lamps, redstone, glass & lever for an off light.

Music by Argofox: http://bit.ly/2vsxAF1​

#Minecraft​ #BedrockEdition​ #Tutorial
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87 ответов к «Minecraft Bedrock: EASY Zombie / Skeleton / Spider EXP Farm! MCPE Xbox PC Switch»

    1. Watch his iron farm and trading hall tutorial im building it rn and it is producing a lot of iron. If you need villagers then watch his tutorial on a villager breeder.

    2. Zombie spawner (if you like swapping the difficulty around, especially to peaceful mode) wait for zombie villager to spawn, minecart it and cure, Repeat. Same thing with zombifying villagers with zombie.

  1. Thanks for watching! Turns out its been like 2-3 years since i last made a tutorial on this type of farm :0 Hopefully it works out well for you 😊If your trident ever falls into the hopper, then you might need to us a hopper minecart under the trident killer floor to collect items. I never saw the trident fall in, so hopefully it doesn’t for you:) If you liked this video drop like and subscribe! 😀
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  2. This is amazing! I built your blaze farm like 3 days ago and I went afk overnight and now I have 150 levels. trident killers are OP. I fully maxed my armor. Thanks silent your videos make my day better.

    Edit: Most Minecraft YouTubers play Java. But people play bedrock so if you play bedrock it’s hard to find tutorials that work on bedrock. Silent is one of the only bedrock edition YouTubers that I personally trust. He makes high quality tutorials. Honestly I was thinking of quitting the game but making farms is my new favorite thing now.

    1. He’s just being objective. Overworld spawner farms are overall not worth it, but you can make one if you want to, and that’s why this tutorial exist.

    1. I mean, for drowned you can just drop them into a pool of water first, and for strays you can drop them into some powder snow. You’d need a couple of timers to funnel them out of the conversion chamber after they change, and then let in the next wave of mobs.

    2. I have a triple zombie spawner farm which drops them into one water logged cobweb. That gives just enough time for a drowned conversion and then drops into a trident killer.

  3. Just when you think there isn’t anything new about mob spawners……Along comes Silent.
    Now I have to go rebuild all my spawners to this better design. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  4. I always do the basic mob spawner grinder with the healing potions, but in 1.18.12 my mob spawner spawns like, 8-12 skeletons and then just stops, idk why

    1. They might not be low enough from the bottom of the spawner to reduce the mob cap…ive had this issue before, and lowering the floor can be helpful…i personally stick with the lift and drop method so they are 1 hit after the drop and usually the mob elevator takes mobs away long enough to spawn new mobs

  5. Hey Silent! 👋 It’s me again. Question of curiosity. On Java addition it’s possible to create something called End Of Light farms by blowing up gigantic areas then using sliced portals to teleport mobs instantly to the Nether giving you millions of drops. Since we can easily obtain portal blocks on Bedrock addition, is it possible to create something like this? If yes, would you consider making a tutorial on it?

  6. Amazing…i finally just found my first skeleton spawner after the update dropped, and then this comes out lol this update has made dungeons so extremely hard to find, and i managed to find one right above my stronghold, and this is perfect

  7. I need to build this… got a spider, cave spider, zombie and skeleton spawner all within 50 blocks of each other gonna be a nice big farm I think lol

  8. Just built a spider spawner farm recently and it hasn’t seemed to be the best so this is exactly what I need right now. Couldn’t have times it better SW!

  9. Looks like a little better exp delivery than my jerry-rigged system from your old spawner farm tutorial. Time to rebuild my skeleton spawner!
    Also: would any other trident killers work with this or only this one design? I think I’d have to move everything around anyways but just curious if I can reuse the design I already have. I’m using the cheaper one where the mobs get in minecarts and the tridents are on trapdoors that flip open and closed.

  10. I tested a diamond shaped blaze spawner farm and a more traditional square shaped 9×9 blaze spawner farm. The square shaped farm produced better rates. It is simpler to make as well. And yes it was in Bedrock edition!

  11. I love your content. Thank you for making bedrock edition tutorials, I only play bedrock edition. Also what texture packs do you use for the hoppers and other redstone stuff?

  12. Great. Now all I have to do is find a Skelly Spawner.

    Since Chunkbase doesnt look like it’s going to update its dungeon locator app any time soon, I’ve had to make a copy of my world and search in Creative.

    All I’ve managed to find is a bunch of stupid Zombie Spawners and a lone Spider Spawner.

    I also found a mineshaft with a room full of cobwebs and an empty spot that looks like a Spawner would have gone there. Do some Spawners just not generate when they are supposed to?

    1. Tridents? Yes, they despawn after 60 seconds. You need to pick them up or get the Loyalty enchantment for them to return automatically.

  13. Literally found my first spawner on a new server like five minutes before this came up in my recommended. How do you manage to be so timely?

  14. Thank You Silent I Can Finally Build A Silverfish farm I am finding it for centuries and my research completed I am going and building it just now my own silverfish farm thank you silent

  15. It’s nice seeing an updated tutorial on this XP farm. I’ve watched an older tutorial on this a couple years ago so it’s nice to see this. 🙂

  16. Hey silent love the vids can i ask you to make a new gardian farm bc i wanted to build one in my world but the farm just doesnt work anymore

  17. i recommend if you have a zombie farm, you should first drown all of them first and then kill them
    this is so armor will retain its *poor* durability than just breaking

  18. Does impaling 5 really makes a difference? I though it was only doing extra damage to water mobs.
    Also an elevator and 22 drop fall can be added for zombies and skeletons to make then 1 hit kill.

  19. Spawner farms are nice and all, but your general mob farm is SOOOOOO much BETTER for the overworld.
    Silentwisperer, I would like for you to see the modified version of your general mob farm that I designed. I think it is capable of dual or possibly quad density….with enough of a rework.
    How can I showcase it for you? Part of a much larger build….

  20. Dude loved the video:)
    Btw can you plz design a very fast gold and xp farm that uses the portal ticking mechanic using more than 1 portal plz
    That would be much appreciated 😁

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