Far Cry 6 MORE New gameplay trailer reaction. In this video we take a look at the all new gameplay reveal of Far Cry 6 on the PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. This video also showcases the world of Yara, new weapons, chartacters and much more!

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    1. simping means you obsess over somebody and do everything for them just for them to like you, yall just throw out the word if anybody talks good about a girl because people like you wanna fit in with idiots

    2. @Dennis becase men have had a mountain of male focused games since the dawn of video games. Sure their have been a few female lead games or games where gender hasn’t really mattered, but as a whole there’s a massive imbalance. The men having the choice for both it’s a cool feature, for women it’s finally having consistent inclusiveness 🙂

  1. Idky there using the same gun sounds from FC5 the AK sounds the same the minigun sounds like the MG42 for some reason and even the explosions sound the same

  2. Seems like these days ubisoft just gives two characters to play u with… having options is good but man I really miss some character driven stories not just choose male or female …

  3. Why do people have a problem with Far Cry being more of the same? Horizon Forbidden West is more of the same. Dying Light 2 is more of the same. That is how franchises work. If Far Cry will substantially change its gameplay loop, it will lose its identity. The new Far Cry has enough new things going for it like : They are introducing new gameplay mechanics like social stealth, homemade weapons, backpacks that can shoot missile. More traversal options like horse and customisable cars, destructible environments.

  4. I gotta say Hollow, I found you randomly and you are definitely my goto “gamer” and I just found out you were a millionaire “YouTuber”….. I forget sometimes that’s the reality of the today we live in… shocking, really. I just hope you appreciate the fans and the people that you don’t have the time to reply too more than the hustle 😎

  5. I swear to god out of all far cry games I’ve played or seen this one has the most unique weapons systems like you literally having a Macarena disk gun or a machine gun with an engine of a motorcycle in your hand or having a magnum 44 with grenade shells

  6. The fact that you can chose a character is dumb. Should have been just like every other Far cry game where you play as some guy. The only game that is possible to be a girl is Far Cry New Dawn. You could choose a girl in FC5 but it was confirmed in FCND that it was a guy.

  7. I need actual gameplay. Not short clips or any scripted bullocks. Atm the enemies don’t shoot back, some of the weapons look cool, snipers look like fun. I need textures and overall more gameplay.

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