My First Time Ever Playing Halo 5 | Halo 5: Guardians | Osiris | Xbox Series X | Full Playthrough

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I cant wait to experience halo 5 for the first time! It’s such a beloved series by so many people and I cant wait to kick ass as the ever badass Master Chief.

We are back with Halo 5. Ill be diving in and completing the game as well. I hope you all enjoy me playing Halo 5.

Halo 5: Guardians is a 2015 first-person shooter video game developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. The fifth mainline entry and tenth overall in the Halo series, it was released worldwide on October 27, 2015

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a compilation of first-person shooter video games in the Halo series, originally released in November 2014 for the Xbox One, and later on Microsoft Windows through 2019 and 2020. The enhanced version was released for the Xbox Series X|S in November 2020

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Halo 5 published by Microsoft
Developed by Bungie Studios
All rights reserved.


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  1. The Journey Continues!
    I am back with more Halo! It is time for Halo 5!! 💚
    Thank you all so much for watching!
    As always leave a Like, Comment, Subscribe, and have a good day 😊💚

    1. @Gamerjoob After you finish Halo, you should check out Titanfall 2’s story. You don’t have to worry about Titanfall 1’s story because it didn’t have one.

    2. Just saying this the guns are all important so use plasma for energy shield drop or other energy weapons then use magnum dmr or carbine for headshot or light rifle

  2. if you’re interested in reacting to Halo Wars, I’ve made a short list:
    Halo Wars 1 (before Halo CE)
    «Movie»: watch?v=gFNLP2n5mjQ
    Halo Wars 2 (after Halo 5)
    Trailer: watch?v=kjN1eWhzPeA
    «Movie»: watch?v=-_kBz50zKJ8

  3. Halo Wars (mainly 2) connects with Infinite much better than Guardians. Recommend to watch both game cutscenes. Cannot wait for your final verdict on this game!

  4. I am a adicted to halo 5 guardians i really love the game but rip my xbox one and you need to press that button on the left thumbstick the looking down arrow

  5. The elites, jackals and grunts can now speak English, as well as the new promethean enemy, the soldiers. In halo 4, they stripped the elites and grunts of that ability, and the soldiers speak in l337 (leet) speak. The jackals have never spoken English. The grunts also got their old voice actor back, lead writer for Halos CE, 2, 3, ODST, and Reach: Joseph Staten

  6. I am not going to give my opinion about the game, since I would like to know at the end of this new episode what you think of the story: 3

    I remember when Halo 5 came out hahaha
    I was just in high school :00

  7. Several of the promethean weapons have changed stats. The light rifle always fires one bolt, the suppressors rounds can track targets, the boltshot has a three round burst and can track targets, the scattershot can bounce of surfaces towards enemies, the binary fires short beams, and the incineration cannon runs on a battery, has a 2 round burst, and a charged up shot similar to its Halo 4 incarnation projectile

  8. Divisive is right, when it comes to Halo 5. Personally, I enjoyed it, but I’m very aware of it’s weak points. For starters, they pushed a lot of characters that no one had ever heard of, unless you read the books, played spartan ops, watched the shorts/movies, etc. That left a lot of folk coming into this feeling very out of the loop, which is just the surface of the rough writing in this game.

    On a technical level, though, I thought it was really solid. The multiplayer especially was pretty strong, and the controls were really tight. Not to mention Forge mode being available to everyone on both Xbox AND PC made for the constant introduction of custom maps and game modes, helping it feel fresh rather than stale as time went on. To me, it showed that 343 is still learning as a studio. They’re finding their stride, and I’m optimistic about their narrative abilities. I understand folks who feel sort of jaded with the studio or the franchise, but I’m going to play Halo Infinite with an open mind.

    1. 31:43 after halo 3 ending the arbiter went back home and ruled like arbiters used to be before the covenant, a year later jul mdama opposed the arbiter creating this remnant faction of the covenant and started their civil war against the arbiter

  9. The halo 5 pistol is actually the second best pistol in the entire series, and is the best precision weapon in the game, save for the sniper rifle, beam rifle, and binary rifle.

  10. I love Halo 5’s gameplay (and therefore, I reeeaaally love the multiplayer). It’s the best designed game in the series, in terms of gameplay. In my opinion, of course. The Halo fanbase has been in a weird place as the series has lost popularity, along with evolving its regular shooting formula. Some people don’t like sprinting or grabbing ledges or that every gun in Halo 5 has some kind of zoom. But I think almost every new mechanic was able to make me feel more like a super soldier than in any previous Halo. Some of the stuff I’ve done in multiplayer blows my mind.

    On the subject of gameplay, I’d suggest not being afraid to use every weapon. Pretty much everything in this game is useful. The Suppressor, Boltshot, and Scattershot have new projectile behaviors to make them better, zooming helps almost every single weapon in some way, and there are some weapons you might not normally pick up that will be very helpful in certain spots. So I recommend experimenting with different things and see how they feel in this game.

    This might be the hardest of the games. Yeah, you’re on Easy and you’ll have squadmates to pick you up most of the time, but it will help to try to get used to the new abilities. If you need to get to a higher vantage point, don’t forget you can clamber. Thrust is a VERY useful tool in gaining the upper hand — for example, you can bait a Hunter into charging you, thrust out of the way, and get a clear shot at the back if you time it well. I don’t like Spartan Charge and Ground Pound (mostly in multiplayer) but it’s another fun way to deal with enemies in campaign. And the game didn’t tell you this, but you can also slide by pressing crouch while sprinting…and also that zooming in midair will allow you to hover in place for a moment to get off some extra shots.

    I hope that wasn’t too much information. I’m looking forward to seeing you play through this. As much as I love this game, I don’t like the story. I played it once when it came out and then never again. So it’s nice to go through it this way and get my memory refreshed.

  11. Love the opening cinematic with Team Osiris really nice way to get into the game. I was surprised when I first saw Buck as a Spartan I believe the novel Halo New Blood explains how he joined the program though I haven’t read it. The Grunts are funny in this game I think you’ll enjoy that 😂

  12. You touched on a specific philosophical idea, Jade 🤓

    In Halo, shipboard A.I. constructs like Cortana and Roland are created by mapping the neurons / synapses of a donor brain taken from a dead human (except Cortana was created from a clone of Halsey’s brain) — and using that virtual framework as a basis for the A.I.’s consciousness… so the underpinning debate is whether or not beings like Cortana and Roland are UNSC hardware, or actual lifeforms on equal footing with the squishy meatbags they work for

  13. Leaving behind an Energy Sword for a Carbine… That´s the first time I see something like that haha. Loving the Gameplay!! All the love from México

  14. Guess I’ll keep the theme of commenting on your Halo vids by saying this is the most controversial Halo game. The gameplay in my opinion was fine, but story wise, it’s easy to see why it fell flat. The multiplayer was pretty fun tho to be fair. The best part of this game is being able to see Blue Team for the first time in one of the games. Kelly, Fred and Linda were great to have alongside Chief and I can only hope they will appear in Halo Infinite. Also, they made Kelly and Linda thicc and I appreciate that. Also to give some context on why Buck is now a Spartan 4, (SPOILER) the New Blood novel shows that during a mission gone wrong, the Rookie that you play as in Halo 3: ODST was killed by an insurrectionist after Mickey failed to save him. Dutch retired, and Romeo and Buck became Spartan 4’s after Jun (from Halo Reach) invited them to join the program. Sadly Jun also shared with Buck that had the Rookie survived, he also would have been invited to become a Spartan 4

  15. Im still pissed off at how they killed of Jul being the supreme leader of the covenant you’d think he deserves a boss battle or at least not die that easily 🗿

  16. It’s always great seeing people play through the Halo series with fresh eyes. Although this is by far the most divisive game in the franchise, there are a lot of things that still make the game enjoyable. And even though the advanced movement is one of those things that divide fans, I think it can still be fun to mix and match different moves while fighting, you just have to get the hang of it.

  17. Just a fun little thing but if you play Halo 5 Co-op each player in your team gets to choose what character they want to play as, one has to be the main storyline character but it’s pretty cool because each has a different spawn loadout

  18. @Gamerjoob u can slide and sprint in the mission along the way also u can do those moves when u jump off the cliff and hold one of the buttons and use it to kill a small area for ground pounding

  19. Kelly was always the fastest out of the Spartan IIs
    Fred was good with knives and second only to chief with leadership skills
    Linda was always the quiet one and was the best sniper out of all the Spartans.
    To give you a good idea of how good she actually was Linda once took down the pilot of a banshee while hanging upside down and holding her sniper rifle one handed as the covenant aircraft was flying at high speed

  20. I despise Halo 5 because… well, spoilers. You’ll get there. But even I have to admit, that opening scene with Locke and his team still gives me chills. And I love the contrast between their big dramatic entrance and Blue Team casually blowing all the Covies out the airlock. Style vs substance, youth vs experience.

    Fun fact: if you look through the window before you have the big Hunter fight, you can see them in their worm form from Halo Nightfall!

  21. Cmon give me a lightrifle. What a relatable feeling. Also, When fighting tough enemies, use the noob combo where you take off their shields with a charged plasma pistol and tap them with a precision weapon like a lightrifle or DMR

  22. TBH Jade you get to PICK YOUR SPARTAN b4 each mission..dunno IF you saw / noticed that? You can also pick if you like HALO 3, HALO 4 OR the Halo 5 controls in the SETTING screen

  23. There was like maybe COUPLE MISSONS you play as MASTER CHIEF…the rest of the campaign you play Lock…wish there was MORE CHIEF missions tbh Jade *shrug*

  24. i like having the subtitles on TBH so you can actaully see what each character is saying …I do like the graphics for H5 the characters do look so real like they did in the Halo 4 campaign :-O :-O

  25. One thing you should know about this game in particular, (aside from changing your control scheme to recon for a better experience) is that you can actually order your squad to do just about anything you can do yourself by simply pointing at the thing you want them to do and pressing ‘up’ on the d-pad, say you see a big weapon that you don’t want to use yourself, you can order one of your squad mates to pick it up instead, or you want them to focus on a particular enemy in combat, same method, just for future reference, I’d strongly recommend using this feature as much as possible.

    I really hope you’re enjoying this one so far by the way, I know it’s not incredibly well regarded, but I have a lot of fondness for Halo 5 personally

  26. welcome to halo 5 the game to this day that i dont care what people say halo 5 was a test to see how people would react if they killed chief in halo 6 if people liked lock chief woulda been dead in hallo 5 but we didnt which imo saved the chief

    everyone hated on 343 for screwing over chief in halo 5 the disrespect to our hero after halo 6 343 should lose halo microsoft should give it to someone else

  27. And so it begins! Jade-117 is back at it! Glad you’re enjoying Halo 5 so far, Jade! 😊 No doubt, this game get’s a lot of hate, most of which is very unnecessary. Albeit, I can see where some people are coming from. Nonetheless, I think it’s a good game overall! So excited for you to experience Halo 5’s Campaign! 👍

    Context and Thoughts:
    0:51 Hahaha you’re Master Chief impression, lol! 😂 I love it!
    1:17 The Didact’s storyline is continued in the Novels and ends before Halo 5. (In the novel «Halo: Escalation» I definitely recommend it, by the way!)
    2:02 The first scene with Halsey takes place during Halo: Reach, when Halsey is getting The Package (Cortana Fragment) ready for Noble Team. (So no, not a new version of Cortana, sadly 😢)
    7:12 Say what you will about Halo 5’s Campaign, but no one can deny how awesome the Setting is in each mission. Just look at the dogfights and battles going on around you! Definitely a plus of the game!
    8:12 Also, you can change the control scheme to the classic Halo Controls in the settings. That will definitely make it easier for you, since that’s what you’re used to. I recommend it, personally.
    9:39 The Promethean Soldiers are a new Promethean enemy. In Halo 5, the Knights are more of heavy infantry, while the Soldiers are Standard, and the Crawlers are Light Infantry.
    10:12 The Suppressor acts more like a Needler now in Halo 5, compared to it’s Assault Rifle-esque Halo 4 counterpart. Much more useful this time around! Most of the Promethean weapons were changed from Halo 4. I like Halo 5’s Promethean weapons more, personally. (Except the Light Rifle and Binary Rifle)
    14:30 That’s a Covenant Kraken. Similar to a Scarab, except more like a giant squid-like vehicle.. They were commonly used early on in the Human-Covenant War, but are now considered outdated. No doubt the Storm Covenant salvaged them from old Covenant ships.
    15:56 Yes, it is a little choppy. It’s because when enemies become distant to the player, they move in 30 FPS as opposed to 60 FPS. 343 did this to ensure stable performance. Definitely something I disliked about this game. It can be very immersion breaking and distracting. I was hoping it would be changed for the Series X, but I guess not.
    19:55 Yes, much like they’re Covenant Empire predecessors, the Storm Covenant use religion to gain followers. Jul ‘Mdama’s faction is one of a few rogue Covenant factions that broke the truce with the Humans.
    20:30 Actually, this is referring to the Forerunner Guardians, which you’ll learn more of throughout the Campaign. 😊
    20:47 28:18 Hahaha, Jade never change! 😂
    21:03 You can press up on the D-Pad to give your Fireteam orders, like attacking a target or going to a location. Very useful in big firefights. 👍
    22:54 One thing I love about Halsey! She’s not afraid to share her mind!
    25:48 BLUE TEAM! I remember being so happy to finally see them make an appearance in a Halo game.
    30:10 Nice throw, Jade! 👍
    30:51 Prowlers are ONI ships that are used for various secret operations. Complete with cloaking abilities and slip-space capabilities.
    31:35 Yes, the Arbiter from Halo 2 and 3. He has his own Covenant faction, called the «Swords of Sanghelios», which formed shortly after the truce with the Humans. Jul ‘Mdama’s faction, the «Storm Covenant» has been at constant war with them since their uprising. You’ll learn more about them throughout the Campaign.
    32:22 Hahaha I love the BONK! 😂
    38:53 This scene is very important, as Cortana has gained access to the Domain, or the «Forerunner Catalogue of All Things». She now has access to all the Forerunner technology in the galaxy. Very scary, indeed.
    45:32 Yes, I definitely recommend enabling subtitles. 😊 There’s a lot of important in-game dialogue that can easily be missed without them.
    46:20 You can see the Lekgolo worms forming back into the Hunter here. I love 343’s attention to detail with the Hunters in this game.
    54:06 OH NO JADE! Hahaha! 😂 Also, you can press Y to switch to Banshee Bombs.
    56:35 Hahaha, nice one! Lol!
    1:06:35 Halsey told Lasky and Fireteam Osiris about Cortana, and sent them to investigate, as her presence could mean potential danger. (Since she has access to the Domain) Also, I love how supportive Blue Team have always been with each other. 343 really nailed it with their relationship. 👍
    1:10:08 I love this scene with Buck and Locke. Buck knows John and has served with him before, so hunting him down is very troubling for him personally.

    Also, don’t forget about all you’re new abilities, Jade! You can now Spartan Charge (sprint and melee), Ground Pound (Jump and hold melee in the air), give your squad orders (up on the D-pad), and use your thrusters (depending on the control scheme). Climbing on ledges (clambering) is now possible as well. And in Halo 5, you can aim in with ALL weapons, even melee. I definitely recommend switching your controls to the classic Halo control scheme via your settings. It will make things much easier since you’re used to the way the other games play. You’re doing great so far! 👍 Keep it up!

    ICONIC vid, as always, Jade! 😊 I’m glad you’re enjoying Halo 5’s campaign thus far. It’ll be good to hear your thoughts and opinions on this game! I think it gets more hate than it deserves, personally. So hyped for Episode 2! As always, love the content! 💙 And keep up the great work! 👍 You’re killing it, as always! ❤️ — Spartan

  28. Finally some Halo 5. I was waiting for it from long time. And obviously your work is great on it but can you plz enable the subtitles next time because English is not my native language so I don’t have to face difficulty in understanding the dialogues and enjoy the walkthroughs.

  29. 2 fun facts

    1:07:01 Court Martial is a military term in which soldiers are sent to a military court to be reprimanded according to their government’s and military’s law. This usually results in a discharge (usually dishonorable) from the military, but considering that if the UNSC were to court-martial 4 S-II’s, one of them being the literal savior of humanity, it would make absolutely no sense for the UNSC to do so.

    1:09:54 If we remember back to Halo 3: ODST, the game ended with Buck and Dare rekindling their relationship. If you look to Buck’s left chest, right next to his knife, you can see a heart with the letter V in it, resembling the continuity of their relationship about 5 years since ODST.

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