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  1. Another great video, starting to collect ps2 and ps3, massive gow fan as you know also did you know Afro samurai soundtrack was by rza from wu-tang clan? If you need a home for some duplicates let me know buddy 👍, keep up the good work

    1. Yes mate, just another reason to get started on that game… I definitely intend to play Afro Samurai this year! As soon as those videos wrapped I packed amd boxed all the PS3 games up, but when I unpack I’ll go through duplicates and decide what’s worth taking TO CEX the others I’ll happily send out to you guys 👊🏻

  2. The PS3 is my favourite system ever it has a great library (probably why I am attempting to collect the lot) some awesome games in there mate. Uncharted Series and The Last of Us are standouts on the system and for a proper hidden gem Enslaved Odyssey to the West is brilliant. Great video and great collection.

    1. @Retro Ghetto 1445 Games in the library mate so its a pretty sizeable collection lol. Like you said they are fairly cheap at the minute so I am taking advantage of that.

  3. Nice collection. I was always an Xbox person growing up so only got into Sony consoles with the PS3 but now loving the exclusive games. God of war and uncharted series being big favourites. Gran turismo and wipeout in the racing category are fantastic and in VR they are awesome 👍😀

    1. It really is! As soon as I saw it, I went on a hunt for one, there is a version of it with a slip cover too, but I believe that was a U.S exclusive…. thanks for watching mate 👊🏻

  4. Yeah man, buzz games are real good fun, good with friends and booze lol
    You have some cracking special editions and steel tins, the soul calibur one is really nice.
    Bioshock games are brilliant, i think ypu will like em, not too long and the stories are among the best.
    Would like to recommend 2 more games for ya, binary domain and spec ops the line, both are fantastic.
    Nice video mate, cheers for the shout too 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestions mate, keep em coming! I took tour advice mate… you’ll see that on Weds pick ups video. Appreciate the support as always Sir 👊🏻

  5. nice collection man. I love the fight night series, I still can’t believe there wasn’t any good boxing games for the ps4/xbone era. Finally, someone else who loves sleeping dogs! I love that game, probably finished it like 3-4 times, the remastered versions on the ps4/xbone are pretty cool as well, especially the definitive edition with the art book with it. I probably got the ps3 just for Uncharted 1 back in the day, love that series. If you like the n64 wrestling games you will probably like day of reckoning 1 and 2 on the gamecube, it’s a mix of the n64 and ps2 good wrestling games. That God of war collection is sick! Check out the steel book of beyond two souls as well, if you like heavy rain, you will like that game. I remember when moving to Canada from England, I left my ps3 stuff at my parents house, and then they moved and threw it all away haha so I just started recollecting for the system, so it will be fun picking up all the titles again.

    1. Thanks mate, appreciate the suggestions I’ll take a look! And yes mate Sleeping Dogs was so good… I need to re visit that game! Thanks for watching 👊🏻

  6. Love the video mate, 50 cent blood in the sand is actually a pretty good game and I really rate it. Lego marvel games are the best as they have an open world aspect to them

    1. Thanks Action Jackson! I’m so glad you found these videos and hope you are keeping well Sir. Yh Blood in the sand is one I am aiming to play through this year for sure 👊🏻

  7. Funny one the ps3 it’s actually not that far behind the ps4 in my opinion in terms of graphics when it comes to fighting games and all your fun stuff. Biggest game I remember on it was res 5. Good system👍

    1. Absolutely mate, 100% agree… when I play PS2 games, they feel «old» the camera angles are hit and miss and thr controls are often annoying, but the PS3 has stood the test of time really well, that and 360 are both still very playable by today’s standards! Thanks for watching Mike, appreciate it 👊🏻

    1. I dont actually own it! …. I know, I know… but the figure you get with it is terrible. I have the SFV collectors edition as the Ryu statue I’m that is awesome. Thanks for watching mate 👊🏻

  8. Im a ps3 and og xbox collector, love seeing ps3 getting love! Ps3 exclusives will get expensive due to it being virtually impossible to emulate them. Thanks brotha keep the vids comming👍

    1. Thanks man, yes mate…. which I thought was productive….. but I keep getting the desire to play games that I have already boxed 📦😒

  9. Great vid, I love my PS3, I’ve got a PS3 slim now, had a phat back in the day (well 2 of them, as the first failed, they were so unreliable!!) the slim is a lovely machine, quiet, compact, smart looking. I have a very modest amount of games at the moment, all of which I have played or want to play. I love how it is cheap as well. Couple of recommends mate: Crysis series, Dead Space (love that series, gutted its not made a return), The Saboteur, Brothers in Arms, GodFather, Wolfenstein. Half life 2 is a fantastic game.

    1. Thanks Lee, yeah a real power house, that definitely still holds up today! I liked the 360 too, I think it is as close as Microsoft have come to matching a playstation console. Appreciate you watching good Sir 👊🏻

  10. I can imagine those buzz games being quite fun. As long as any arguments don’t start 🤣
    Lost planet games are cool, but a bit clunky for modern gaming.. but we’ll worth a go.
    Ducktales 👌👌 I totally missed out with that game by about a week.
    People say auras wrath is a bit like an interactive movie, but its more like a devil may cry style action game. Try it again.
    Awesome collection quite a few I wouldn’t mind for my collection… off to ebay it is 🤣

    1. Thanks Eddie, 😄 it’s usually you costing me money, as you will see on today’s pick ups video 😏. Yeah Buzz would cause se serious arguments with my family at Xmas 😄

  11. I used to have the same obsession with ps3. It really is one of the best systems for collectors because it is cheap and there were soooo many good games. Watching this video made my wallet tremble.

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