New Digital Foundry Comparison Gives PS5 MASSIVE Win Over Xbox, And Fanboys Aren’t Having It!

Digital Foundry gave out some very interesting news regarding the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. And I Have to admit, even I was stunned by what was shared! Sony must have really done their homework because the PS5 is absolutely crushing it at this current time! And Xbox fans aren’t happy about this AT ALL!

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64 ответа к «New Digital Foundry Comparison Gives PS5 MASSIVE Win Over Xbox, And Fanboys Aren’t Having It!»

  1. Ps1= The Start of a Legendary Company
    Ps2= Most sold Console on gaming history
    Ps3> 360
    Ps4= Most successful Console ever
    Ps5= Fastest Selling Console + The xbox destroyer

    1. @STRESSA odd…. they may have happened but according games industry biz UK that Xbox is playing catchup to ps5 sales. And this month unseated PS5 for second place due to PS5 not getting enough consoles to UK, infact the PS4 sold more in the UK than PS5 in April

    1. @Ivan Exell Lbots «»Re8 runs better on Xbox»» «»»»»»If its runs better»»»»»» then why it sold like 20% on xbox vs 80%on Ps5 🤭 as always the xbox community Capping about games they are not gonna buy or play at all

  2. Sure xbox can reach 120 on BC yet still old games so games many people already played on their time when the game released but again buying a next gen console to play a lot of old games and no good exclusive New games suck.Maybe Halo this year maybe starfield in 2022 the lacking of new games is kind of weird.

  3. Idk how many times professionals have to tell people when the ps5 uses legacy coding it will only boost the frames and usually only 60fps but sony also has other coding that allows for more which is what we are ststting to see its why some games go higher and better resolution and sometimes not it also came down to the developers and how much work they want to put into it legacy coding is an easy way out but sony is optimizing other coding obviously to make it easier on developers people keep thinking oh Xbox needs tools rhen why is it that developers keep saying the ps5 has some things that will surprise you and they need to get used to developing for it and that it’s actually very advance and rhey have to do things differently then the ps4 see and then legacy coding comes into play and it is like the ps4 at that point making it easier bur as we see soon we won’t see legacy coding much as sony/playstation explained that was really only meant for games that can’t be fully optimized for the ps5 as we see finally other coding is being used we actually had a few games tease it before this tho

    1. @1 last comeback And that is toxicity in a nutshell. Because people are being jerks, I can be a jerk too and say PS is beyond reproach. Again wow…

  4. Crap ist just saying in this Video: a random guy on twitter is upset coz of the only 4 enhanced Games from Sony, xbox has over 100 enhaced Game.
    A Fanboy aswer: Yeah but FPS Boost Games are Xbox One Games not like the PS4 Pro enhaced Games for PS5.

    Xbox Series X: FPS Boost from Xbox one X Games if enhaced available for that Game. (66 RN)
    Xbox Series S: FPS Boost from Xbox One Games.

    Best sources crap.

    1. @mgpdevil at least I have the opportunity to play new games and not frame boosted old games and believing that’s next gen. Plus I seem to saving to cloud, dont understand what you are saying.

    2. Tha toooooooooooolssssssss!!!!!!!!!
      But actually FSR might be coming to xbox soon the only problem for them the tools are coming to sony as well.

  5. While both these consoles having back compat for playing older titles and being able to boost select titles is great and all. What really matters is the next gen games and which platform is delivering the high quality first party bangers most frequently and consistently.

    Most hardcore gamers have already played the vast majority of last gen games that were worth playing

    1. yea, MS has fps boost to show for it’s last 2 years of development while Sony has TLoU2, Ghost of Tsushima, Demon Souls, Miles Morales, Reternal and I’m sure I’m missing some. I’ll take the games. Although pestering Sony to do both, as long as it doesn’t slow game development, might be called for.

  6. Tbh ion think Microsoft cares about the hardware like that anymore there moving toward subscriptions service Its already rumor of Sony doing a PlayStation plus video pass for movie subscriptions service and that might be the future of gaming in my opinion

    1. @1 last comeback not really because rn Microsoft is making money monthly off gamepass and there putting that money into buying big 3rd party games to release into the service and there first party studios yea they haven’t released a game yet but once they do then the numbers will rise and they’ll be making even more money and puting that money right back into make triple A games Sony already has the games imagine if they made a service like that and released the new god of war or ghost of Tashima on there service they would make hella money and they can put that money into making another sequel or new ips

    2. @lk eli lol they really aren’t. There’s a difference between revenue and profit. Profit is what’s left after all expenses are paid. Microsoft is paying for that. That money isn’t coming from xbox. You will never see anything high quality with such a low sub fee. Devs will lose too much money. Microsoft won’t be able to keep it going without a change

    3. @1 last comeback devs won’t loose money if your a 3rd party developer that company will be pay you to put it in there service if Microsoft went to rockstar and said we want gta 6 day and date and rockstar said we want 2 billion to put on the service the company will pay them and that’s how the devs make there money plus the people that are paying for the game full price

    4. @lk eli they will because you can’t predict what gamepass will do. Microsoft can’t keep giving money away based on no profit and low sub fees

    5. Well makes sense, PS+ will be a Sony picture exclusive. Will it work? Maybe. They’re going down the route as the PS3, they made blu ray a priority the cheapest Blu-ray player in it’s time hence why it sold the most.
      On demand is popular these days so it’s a good idea for them to use sell PS+ with Sony picture movies up their subscriptions count more $$$.

    1. Debunked but if there was a 30 fps mode it would be high ray tracing native 4k option. Likely upscaled to 4K 60 fps is what players will choose. FSR is coming out soon.

    1. @Magic Lion Mike Naw you don’t get it, I don’t hate Crapp. I just think this particular vid is boring. I don’t think Crapp even cares about this topic cause he sounded bored asf also.

    2. @Meta Character because it’s the truth or what. He is shedding light on the lies xbox fanboys like to twist to fit their narrative about backwards compatibility

  7. Lmao the ps4 pro enhancements on nearly every single enhanced game for pro and one x

    Were inferior, and were 1440p or under and not 4k

    So it’s obviously gona be easier to keep those enhancements rater than native 4k etc like one x

    But this is a massive win omg, how will xbox recover, guess we will find out in your next console war fanning video praising microsoft

  8. Nintendo for portability and Nintendo games, Xbox for Gamepass third party games and first party (whenever they release any) and PlayStation for Sony’s top notch first party games. This is the way it is and the way it should be. No fanboy here..

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