NEW Xbox Series X Exclusive Games LEAKS | Insider Hints At Xbox Games Coming To E3 | Xbox & Ps5 News

A well known insider talks about 5 new AAA Xbox Series X games that might be announced at E3 this year. These exclusive Xbox games could make this years event that much more exciting.

While Sony’s Ps5 continues to showcase some amazing games, Xbox is trying to show they have massive AAA games as well.

Microsoft and Sony are continuing to compete for the next generation title, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X both have some amazing games coming.

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    1. @Zeno Russell how many PS exclusives are coming 2021 and beyond where is your storage expansion lmaoooooo oh and a lot of articles have said games look better on the series x and also I’m also lmaoooooo at you dumb ponies wasting money on 1080p 60fps exclusives let alone fake 4k console let me know when you have a 4k 120fps exclusive lmaoooooo cause if you don’t stfu lmaoooooo

    2. @Zeno Russell fool the Medium runs at 1440p and 4k when it’s on full screen which is 90% of the game and the frames run 30-40fps. Now when that 10% when it transition to split screen to show both dimensions it drops to that 900p and can go down to the 24fps. This doesn’t happen everytime but sometimes throughtout the split-screen. The split-screen is rarely used between both cutscene and gameplay when trying to figure a small puzzle. It’s not even a quarter of the game. So nice try with the lies

    3. @Zeno Russell Since you want to talk resolution what’s up with returnal 1080p and it’s numerous issues. How about HFW you praising that’s 1080p and 30fps? Let’s not forget the 7 hours it takes to beat the bum Spiderman game yall praise. What happened to destruction All Stars and Godfall. Last I heard ponies don’t want to talk about those and cover its tracks 🤣

    4. @Zeno Russell Playstation 5 is more like last gen. It doesn’t have the hardware capabilities as the Xbox does. You comparing a low bud The Medium game. If your hardware is so good why can’t you put ps5 games on external drives. Why you need Microsoft for cloud service? Why most of your games so far can’t maintain much less touch 60 fps. Xbox E3 2021 is next month is really going to show its AAA that’s more high budget than the Medium so what you gonna say then. Get that trash HFW off Xbox page. The ground doesn’t even connect with the character. Heck her hair doesn’t connect. It goes right through her shoulder. You ponies or bums praising your kiddie games.

  1. If it’s like the last couple of years, Xbox will show again why they make the best games in the business and the first AAAA, plus Microsoft has brought SEGA

    1. I don’t understand everyone saying Forza horizon 5 gonna release this fall when the game hasn’t even been confirmed.. 🤔 I personally think Forza Motorsport will release this fall and FH5 will release fall 2022

    1. What are you smoking? How is psychonauts 2 Forza horizon 5 halo infinite Starfield hellblade 2 Avowed state of decay Fable Indiana Jones and perfect dark not amazing games.

  2. I heard kojima pitched a new game to Sony and got turned down with death stranding not doing amazingly well and took it to microsoft and they said yes

  3. I don’t know. I just want them to give us something now to play. Doesn’t have to be huge. Just give me something new. Anything. I want a Forza Motorsports. If they have it ready I’ll be so happy

    1. It’s possible Psychonauts 2 might be shadow dropped at E3 since the page for pre-loading the game became available only weeks ago, suggesting a release is imminent. There’s tons of other exclusives coming too though like Scorn, The Gunk, Warhammer 40k: Darktide and CrossfireX that should be out this year which will be cool to see.

  4. I’ll be happy with any game that Xbox shows since Sony can only do last gen 1080p 30fps horizon forbidden west and ratchet Sony is a total disappointment imagine Halo infinite was a 1080p 30fps game I wouldn’t be happy but I’m glad Xbox isn’t a last gen console like Sony’s kiddystation 5 1080p 30fps console Jim Ryan we don’t believe in doing next gen on the failstation 5 only for PC gamers next gen Sony gamers accept trash just wait for PC version for 4k 60fps and higher Sony games

  5. they need to show game play I do not care how many games they show we need game play cause at this point I’m getting super annoyed not seen anything

  6. Here’s to hoping for a great E3! Currently just started up Maneater again, that game is actually really unique and it’s about to get new dlc sometime this summer. Can’t wait for that to drop!

  7. Now is not the time to temper expectations. Love Game Pass….but, it’s time for Xbox to flex their muscle and show what the console can do.

  8. I feel carrot muncher could be turned from the dark side. If we could only get a minute to stop dealer grooming him for his things we can’t talk about.

  9. Hardball? Are you serious? Did you not watch Horizon forbidden west yesterday or see ANY of the games Sony have been dropping? I feel sad for Xbox considering anticipation won’t put a controller in my hand!! I’m getting so tired hearing the excuse covid held them back considering THE WORLD not just Xbox have been dealing with it but yet SONY dropping mad bombs on XBOX! WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR , WAIT TIL E3 AND COVID GREAT EXCUSES FOR XBOX 😆🤣😂… first 2 was the story of ALL last gen!

  10. I want them to show some amazing gameplay running on Xbox Series X.
    Hellblade 2 Gameplay need to be shown, Playstation already has showed Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay.

  11. Even though Xbox has a lot more and way better features and offers a lot more for your money than PlayStation does, it’s such a bummer that Xbox no longer has console exclusive games the way it did before 2017.

    1. @Shameer 2405

      Death Stranding wasn’t made by Sony, the same way it happened with Street Fighter V.

      Quantic Dream is not a company owned by Sony, so those games while published by Sony, could also be ported to PC. And even then, all of them were released way later than they did on PS3 and PS4. Heavy Rain came out in 2010 for the PS3, released on PC in 2019. It was exclusive for almost a decade… that same thing happened to Halo 1 & Anniversary, 3, 4, ODST and Reach on PC. Didn’t matter if those were ported to PC, because they were console exclusives for years. Most for over a decade.

      PS Now has some PlayStation titles that can be played on PC, but none are exclusives available at the same time on PlayStation 4/5 and PC. How hard is for you to understand that?

    2. @Athéna All you have to do is read what Jim Ryan said, you can believe whatever you want but he has already confirmed that putting games on PC is very profitable and that they will be adding a lot more. As far as Xbox goes we already have a lot of games coming and some in the next few months. MS has more games coming in 2021 than the PS5 does according to an article put out by the verge. MS has something like 23 studios and some of those studios have multiple teams that are making games.

    3. @Shameer 2405 If Xbox games are going to be available on PC at some point, is it too much to ask for if they could, at least, be timed exclusives the same way the games both you and I listed?
      Such thing happened with Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One back in 2015, when Microsoft cared about Xbox exclusive games. It remained an exclusive for a whole year.
      Ninja Gaiden (2004), Ninja Gaiden Black (2005) and Ninja Gaiden 2 (2008) have never been released on anything else but the consoles they were made for, at least, not in their original forms (both Sigma games are nothing like the originals).
      Halo 1 was released on PC, but that happened 2 years after the original came out on Xbox. Fable 1 and 3 were later available on PC, but the second one has remained a 360 exclusive.

      FFVII Remake is a PlayStation exclusive, and even while later will be released for both Xbox and PC as the new Integrade version or as a new one with the first two episodes; it would have remained a PlayStation exclusive for over 20 months by then.

      Like those there are many many many examples I could list, and then again I ask… is it too much to ask for Xbox to give us exclusives of any sort even if timed? Even Nintendo does that! (e.g. Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection).

    4. @Athéna Funny you now point out that those games aren’t made by Sony studios, and yet you point out games like helldivers and predator hunting grounds as `Sony games ʼ in you’re other comment. You’re previously mentioned statement is in fact correct. Despite the studio not being owned by Sony, the ip themselves is published /owned by Sony, so they can do whatever the hell they want with it. The statement «So those games while published by Sony, can be ported over to pc ʼʼ can apply to 1st party aswell, and it has been/currently happening. Also, street fighter 5 wasn’t published by Sony. Way later? Games like horizon, detroit, days gone, etc were on pc by 1-3 years with games like helldivers being on pc by end of that year.

      But to the main point of you’re comments, why is it so bad a game is on pc? It gives more people a chance to play it and you stated it reduces a reason to use a console but it doesn’t since they are people who can’t afford pcs/want a console or they just prefer console and with something like the x, the console is affordable for the specs you’re getting. And again,them going to pc is console exclusivity

    5. @Charles M.

      Even if the entire PS3 library were to be ported to PC…all of those PS3 would’ve been remained PlayStation exclusive titles for many years. The same can’t be said for any single Xbox Series X|S released to date.

      No one cares about old-gen ports on PC, games that can even be emulated today. All what I’m saying and asking for, is to have Xbox exclusive titles only available for the Series X|S, even if they’re timed-console-only-exclusives.

    1. @J Dizzle
      To be honest, I would’ve wanted it to be only on PS5, but before the initial gameplay reveal many people thought it would greatly suffer like Halo Infinite did.

      Much of the way it looked was blamed on the fact it is cross-gen, had it not had the major backlash it did it would’ve launched holiday 2020 in that state.

      So yes, the HFW gameplay reveal which is also a *cross-gen* game, was an impressive showing, and judging by the reactions so far, don’t need any biases to downplay it lol.

    2. @mutalix halo infinite was not going to ship that way. They showed that halo gameplay cause ppl really wanted an update as to whats going on with it. This is why I say that ppl need to stop bugging MS about showing games when those games simply aren’t ready. Let the devs do their jobs and when they feel it’s ready to be shown then they’ll show it. Simple as that

  12. I dont know anyone who plays forza. No one is like » I need to buy an Xbox series x to play forza!!» Forza is not a system selling game.

    1. @Jonathan Gomez ok fanboy nobody was comparing anything, I was correcting your idiotic ass statement.. Obviously you know nobody playing Forza cause you dont play Xbox 🙄.. & im almost positive in 2 years the sales on a live game continued unlike & miles isnt the highest selling exclusive P4 spiderman was which 20m as of THIS year.. Your comparing a series which arent a big number halo series sold 81m copys & skyrim ALONE sold 150m

    2. It garnered 2 million sales in one week, with those numbers rising to 10 million as of June 2019. These numbers also established Forza Horizon 4 as the best-selling game in the franchise.

  13. I kind of doubt Kojima is working on an Xbox title since he is now using the Decima engine and it appeared to be a long term relationship with gorilla games in terms of use of their engine. I could be wrong but I just don’t think they are going to throw out all the work they did for the decima engine and it seemed they wanted to continue to use it in the future. It seems doubtful Sony would allow one of their studios engines end up on the Xbox. I could be wrong though.

    1. Idk one thing xbox is good at now is creative freedom.. They tend to give company’s their IPs back & allow studios to be free even when they own them.. If they could offer a engine like whatever Tango uses for Evil within or outright give him his OWN engine under some circumstance (which we seen xbox will spend without return from things like scalebound)

  14. Off topic, but Kinja Deals has 140 days of Game Pass Ultimate for $22.99! You can buy up to ten 14 day GPU subs for $2.30 each. The purchased GPU codes will only last until 5/31/21 so don’t buy more than you can use. My buddy bought it twice (two separate transactions of ten codes each) to extend his GPU sub from August 2023 to May 27, 2024. I bought ten codes and am good until May 22, 2024.

    Remember, you can only have three years of GPU so use a date calculator to plan your purchases.

    1. I’ve been asking the same thing bro at least Xcloud Timdog admit that HZD FW looks good on crossfire,been waiting on Dealer Fraud and Colteastwood even Dee bitch but I guess I’ll be waiting for a long time.👊🏽

  15. It’s crazy how none of this matters after seeing horizon forbidden west.. everything is starting to come to light.. next Gen will be on ps5.. watch.

  16. I knew they were going to play off the pandemic!! Haven’t dropped anything in years smh.. y’all can continue to wait for bs if You want!

  17. Y’all really expect Microsoft to have next Gen gameplay ready for us but couldn’t get last Gen right? You think there going to skip a Gen and be great? 🤣🤣🤣

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